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Terra Delyssa Organic Tunisian Extra Virgin Olive Oil - New at Costco

by Flexitarian 6 years ago

I was going to post this in the Costco thread but I find that thread so unwieldy now to navigate with the 500+ posts. I just saw and bought this olive oil at the Downsview Costco last week. It w...

botulism from garlic in olive oil?

by Kalyov 8 years ago

I have heard that you can create botulism from putting garlic in olive oil. Is that just making garlic infused oil? Or does the same risk appear if I want to use it in a soup? This is the recipe...

2019/20 California olive oil harvest looking strong compared to dismal 2018/19 crop, says COOC

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

". . . 'We had a short crop in 2018 due to weather problems throughout the state, whereas we're hoping for four million gallons in the 2019 harvest . . . more than double what we had in 2018. . . "

California Olive Ranch EVOO

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 3 months ago

I'm still trying to replace TJ's "California Estate" extra virgin olive oil, which was my previous every day EVOO (per this thread: https://www.chowhound.com/post/replacing-trader-joes-california-e...

Rome market question

by jangita 4 months ago

We will be in Rome this week for the last leg of our 2 month adventure. I would like to bring home some dried porcini and small tins of olive oil. Any suggestions on where to buy those things? ...

Fairway Branded Olive Oil

by erica 4 months ago

I recommended their house brand in a thread years ago. I take this back. I was astounded today when I looked at their olive oil selections. The house brand, from many different regions, bears no...

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Fraud: Whole Foods, Rachel Ray, Safeway, Newman's Own, Colavita, Bertolli

maria lorraine
by maria lorraine 9 years ago

UC-Davis has just published an extensive report on the fraudulent labeling of extra-virgin olive oil. Imported olive oil has been known to often have fraudulent or misleading labels, now certain US...

Replacing Trader Joe's California Estate Olive Oil In My Life

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 9 months ago

I've been informed that Trader Joe's California Estate Olive Oil is discontinued, and that TJ's is searching for a new vendor. So the product will either disappear or change. Anyone know an EVOO...

Filippo berio olive oils

by Effex 7 months ago

I like cooking with olive oil but I doubt use extra virgin for cooking I use pure or light Filippi Berio from Costco. But recently someone told me these are highly processed and not healthy. Ca...

Is my Kirkland olive oil real?

by trolley 6 years ago

I know this has been a big topic for a while. I read about it and then sort of shelved the idea that my extra virgin olive oil is probably fake. I just recently met a nutritionist (brief chance enc...

Fried egg, crispy egg, soft egg?

by Chandler114 11 months ago

Sometimes when I go to make an egg, be it sunny side up or over easy/medium/hard, the egg is this beautiful, white, glossy oval. Almost like something out of a cartoon. (Then sometimes I can't make...

Olive oil

by shaebones 11 years ago

How long after opening a bottle does it start to taste bad and begin getting rancid?

Virgin Olive Oil from California?

by xvimbi 1 year ago

Hi, I am looking for virgin olive oil from California. I am not looking for EVOO, but one level down. Needs to be produced by mechanical means, not refined. I am trying to make a blend for general ...

All about Olives, Sonoma, Feb 15 (complimentary)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Feb 15, 1pm to 3pm Olive tree management class plus olive oil tasting. Complimentary, but RSVP Cook Vineyard Management Store 19626 Eighth St East Sonoma, CA https://www.facebook.com/Coo...

WaPo on "The Sommeliers of Everything"

by patsully 1 year ago

"Perhaps you are someone who thinks honey is just honey. Or tea is just tea. Or olive oil is just olive oil. Or water is just water. Or a cigar is just a cigar. Or mustard is just mustard. If so, y...

Olive oil dispenser for easy cooking

by madeliner 6 years ago

I buy semi large cans sometimes and they are a mess to use on a daily basis any recommendations ? I see rachaelray has one and it's cute but it looks too complicated plus it's stoneware ...

Hellmans Original vs Hellmans Olive Oil Version

by Bashful3 5 years ago

I really wanted to love the new mayo in town. Bought a jar; tried it out spread on a meat sandwich--very nice. I am known for my egg salad and chicken salad. Knew I would taste the differ...

Pesto chicken pasta disaster

by orlybabe 2 years ago

Hi, I like making chicken pesto pasta, but major disaster today - for the first time, I wanted to cook together the chicken, pesto and pasta, and after frying the chicken with some onions and garli...

Kirkland olive oil?

by Effex 5 years ago

Hello, so, we use a lot of olive oil, I buy the extra virgin (big plastic bottle) and their "pure" olive oil .... After reading an article about olive oils saying that companies mix other cheaper o...