Friday Fish Fry: A History of the Delicious Tradition from Midwest to Northeast

Mardi Gras is almost here, which means Lent season is also fast approaching (Fat Tuesday is technically the last day before Lent kicks off). Growing up in a heavily Christian, Midwestern suburb, I’d...

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Breakfast/Brunch in Beachwood (Cleveland) on Sunday 20 September

by johnmart11 5 years ago

We are staying in Beachwood Saturday night after a show and want to meet up with a friend for a meal on Sunday morning. Any recommendations for good brunches near Beachwood. He is in Mayfield Hts a...

Feedback on Columbus choices

by maryclaire1 5 years ago

Hello, Great Lakes Chowhounds! I have an upcoming visit to Columbus, Ohio. I will have two dinners free. The other two will be group dinners with committee members, one at Lindey’s and one at ...

Kosher in Ohio??

by Diane in Bexley 12 years ago

Alas, after several incarnations (Martin's then Bexley Kosher Market), we will be without a kosher grocery store in Columbus. They are closing March 21, which is really bad timing as it is just as ...

oberlin for four years

by vinouspleasure 5 years ago

Hi, my son is starting at oberlin, I'm sure we'll be there at least 12 times over the next four years, any suggestions for chow? how about between cleveland an oberln? we like everything bu...

Los Angeles Area Hound Visiting Lancaster, Ohio

by JAB 5 years ago

Hi Great Lake Hounds. I'm going to be heading to Lancaster, OH in mid September. I've never been to the area and look to you for advice. Will probably have the grand kids in tow so, kid friendly fo...

OHIO (Sidney And Wapokaneta)

by syrup09 5 years ago

I just made my plans for my yearly trip. I'll Be hitting the cities of Sidney OH and Wapokaneta OH. Anyone out there have any recommendations for those two places?

Solon, Ohio

Becca Porter
by Becca Porter 5 years ago

My husband is flying into Ohio next week. He needs to take some people out to a nice business dinner. He'll also need a few more meals that week. He'll have a car. Any ideas?

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