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New raspadas place opening in Oceanside

by septocaine_queen 14 years ago

There is a new raspadas place opening near my office. It is not open yet but from the photos outside, it doesn't look like smoothies but maybe a fruit slushie. I don't know what exactly they a...

Best Chow Best Doughnuts in Oceanside, CA

by awang429 14 years ago

Looking for a unique lunch, dinner place in Oceanside that reflects the essence of /Ocenaside southern CA . Also, I've never seen so many donuts shops (and I'm from the midwest!) WHich is the b...

North County San Diego - Oceanside Finds

by Kuisine 14 years ago

I just wanted to give a quick mention of 3 places I've been having a good time at recently, some of which are already known to the boards: 1. Fiesta Mexicana in the Stater Brother's center at E...

BBQ or Taco Caterer for Beach Party - Carlsbad/Oceanside

by amuffinmama 14 years ago

Hi- I'm hosting a birthday party for my husband on the beach in South Oceanside/ Carlsbad (North San Diego County). His favorites are BBQ (ribs, pulled pork, etc.) or Mexican (carne asada, carnita...

Oceanside dining suggestions?

by Sandy Eggo 15 years ago

I'm open to suggestions for decent places to eat in Oceanside. I'm familiar with most of San Diego having been raised here, and I just moved here from six years in Del Mar..so I know many of the "...

Kona Grill & Sushi (Oceanside) - Miss

by Kuisine 14 years ago

So, in driving up Douglas from Mission to the 76, we saw a sign that said "Kona Grill" (I missed the sushi part). We went there tonight expecting Hawaiian Barbecue, but found it was a grill and su...

Oceanside Recs?

by KathrynSK 18 years ago

Hi all, I'm visiting family in Oceanside over the holidays and would love to hear your recommendations for good lunch and dinner spots - mostly interested in cheap to moderate, but if there's som...

Oceanside - Why did Onami close?

by socalkal 15 years ago

We ate there three weeks ago and went today to find it closed. North County food is iffey at best. We are SO bummed.

East Coast Rippers in Carlsbad/Oceanside

by Victor Lieberman 15 years ago

Jimmi's Red Hots seems to be promoting themselves as a Chicago Dog or some East Coast "Red Hot" hot dog place,but for a hound like myself that has driven hours in New Jersey searching out the "fri...

Dinner spots for Vista, Oceanside or Carlsbad

by BHAppeal 15 years ago

Meeting some friends from Vista for dinner, and looking for nice places in Vista, Carlsbad or Oceanside. Thanks.

Dining in Oceanside?

by bkpurcell 15 years ago

Any recommendations for good restaurants in Oceanside? They also need to be fairly kid-friendly. The last post on the topic was from over a year ago, so thought I should check to see if there is ...

Oceanside Recs? (Sushi, Chinese?) & Mini Ruby's Report

by Kuisine 15 years ago

Hi all, I'm a newly ex-San Francisco Chowhound (just moved) and am visiting with family in Oceanside. Last time I was down here for an extended period of time I was (happily) directed to Cafe M...

Anniversary gift for my niece/Oceanside

by deltagirl 15 years ago

My niece, who is like a second daughter, and her husband will be celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary in a few months. As I did for my daughter and her husband, I'd like to give them a lavish...

Any good places for Chinese in Oceanside?

by Jo 15 years ago

The family is getting together for a belated Mother's Day celebration on Sunday. We're meeting just off the 5 & 76, so we're looking for a nice restaurant in that general area. Not looking for an...

Asian Food in Oceanside?

by Carolinagirl 15 years ago

I am going to be spending next week visiting my mother who lives in Ocean Hills which I think is in Oceanside, close to Vista. (Those of you who live in the area probably know better than I do!) ...

Food Reqs for Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas area

by Irish 16 years ago

Hi- I'm heading to San Diego in early Feb. I would like help finding good but not too expensive restaurants in the Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Encinitas area. We tend to be very casual people so no ...

Great Find In Oceanside

by torta basilica 18 years ago

We were starving after attending a funeral in Oceanside & I had spotted a mariscos restaurant on the corner of Oceanside Blvd. & Camelot on the way in. No atmosphere whatsoever, but the menu looke...

Valentine's Day dinner in Oceanside/San Diego

by Frank 16 years ago

That special day is fast approaching... Suggestions for a romantic dinner for two, moderately priced would be much appreciated. Live in Oceanside but I'm willing to drive down the coast a bit for a...

moderately priced good food btwn oc and oceanside

by sfglutton 16 years ago

Need to meet a friend about halfway beetween Oceanside and Neport Beach for dinner tonight. Looking for good food, not crazy expensive. Any ideas? Maybe in the San Clemente area? Open to cal-med cu...