CDMX and Oaxaca

by getgot211 1 year ago

Hello everyone, have a trip planned soon and will be in CDMX for a couple weeks with a weekend in Oaxaca. Plan on hitting a lot of familiar spots but also looking to try places I haven't been or ne...

Where to find Chile mije/mixe aka the Oaxacan pastilla in Mexico City?

by shescheeky 2 years ago

Hi, New husband and I are traveling to Mexico City in a few weeks. I'm an avid home cook and was hoping you kind and knowledgable folks would know where to find the elusive Chile mije/mixe aka th...

Recent recommendations for Oaxaca?

by Nyleve 3 years ago

Will be in Oaxaca for about a week around Dia de los Muertos. I've been scanning through posts for restaurant recommendations but there doesn't seem to be anything recent. Would love some suggestio...

Oaxaca trip report!

by indiefoodie 3 years ago

Thank you all for helping me plan a delicious trip to Oaxaca! Here are some of the places we tried: Restaurante Catedral: I had read a lot about their Sunday brunch but that wasn't an option for...

Oaxaca - mole paste storage?

by gordon wing 10 years ago

I recently brought some mole paste home from Oaxaca ........ will not be using it all soon. Should I freeze it for longer term storage ( 2-3 months ) or is it OK in the fridge ? TIA

2nd Annual Encuentro de Cocineras Tradicionales de Oaxaca

by cristina 3 years ago

It's short notice, but if you have the slightest chance of going to the city of Oaxaca from April 25-28 for this incredible food event, DO NOT MISS IT. Last year's event was marvelous, with 55 tra...

Oaxaca, Oaxaca Recs

by hotsauce 8 years ago

My girlfriend and I will be going to Oaxaca for 2 1/2 days and I want to make the most of the 5 lunch/dinner meals we'll have. Reviewing past posts the places I'm considering checking out are the f...

Puebla, Oaxaca & DF updates (esp. El Naranjo, Oaxaca)

by evsambista 15 years ago

First, thanks for the excellent recs on the boards. My wife and I are taking the week-long cooking class at Mesones Sacristia, and then splitting a week btw DF and Oaxaca. Any update on wheth...

Festival of Traditional Regional Cooks in Oaxaca

by cristina 4 years ago

The first Festival of Traditional Regional Cooks in Oaxaca will take place April 24 and 25 in the Plaza de la Danza, Oaxaca City. All 8 regions of Oaxaca will be represented, by more than 50 tradi...

New Year's Eve Dinner in Oaxaca

by rachel21321 5 years ago

My boyfriend and I will be in Oaxaca from 12/31/16-01/06/17 and are hoping to book a nice, romantic dinner for New Year's Eve. There are several options I have come across online, but I am having t...

Oaxaca City this December

by Lochina 5 years ago

Hi! Looking for recommendations for places to eat and drink, primarily casual/cheap but any higher-end standouts would be great too :) I've looked at the older threads but thought I'd start a new o...

La Biznaga still home away from home in Oaxaca

by postcardsfromsanantonio 5 years ago

It would be easy to simply blame it on the margaritas. They are a major magnet. We are absolutely convinced La Biznaga shakes up the best ones anywhere, and we begin every meal there with one. It’s...

Mexico city, Puebla, Oaxaca trip with food sensitivities

by Bluebirdmb 6 years ago

Wow I'm really confused about the new site, so I hope I'm doing this right. I'm posting for my parents because they're not very good with computers. They'll be spending two weeks in Mexico with...

Pop-up dinners (DF/Oaxaca)

by helenabk 6 years ago

Hi There, I am wondering if anyone knows of pop-up style dinners either in DF or Oaxaca. Any leads would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Oaxaca for dummies

by OakTownHound 15 years ago

It seems that things have calmed down, so we've changed are plans and the girlfriend and I will be going to Oaxaca in mid-January. There's a lot of overwhelming information about eating in Oaxac...

Our two favorites in Oaxaca

by postcardsfromsanantonio 7 years ago

In 2013, I posted major notes about restaurants in Oaxaca. We just returned from another month there, and I decided to mainly post photos on my blog. So here's our update: The Mister came acros...

Oaxaca Xmas

by RevrendAndy 7 years ago

We are going to be in Oaxaca for 3 nights beginning December 24. I have a list of restaurants gleaned from the hounds here including Los Dazantes, Origen, La Biznaga, and La Popular. Casa Oaxaca an...

Oaxaca: Restaurant La Coronita

by Anonimo 7 years ago

Yesterday, I learned for the first time of Restaurant La Coronita, in the Hotel Valle de Oaxaca, Oaxaca. It's on Av. Diaz Ordaz. In the booklet a friend lent us, the food is described as very tradi...

some fairly specific Oaxaca questions

by NedBeau 7 years ago

I'm in Oaxaca for the month of December on a kind of self-imposed writer's residency, eating as much street food as I can, and I already have several questions – really grateful for anyone's though...

Eating in Mexico City (and Oaxaca) during the Christmas Holidays

by montrealparisnyc 7 years ago

I am looking forward to eating my way through Mexico City from Dec. 28 to Jan. 4. To my dismay, however, I have just discovered that many restaurants will be closed during this period. We are en...