10 Pantry Staples You Can Totally Freeze

A freezer can be a highly useful appliance in your kitchen. You probably already use it to store staples such as frozen veggies and ground beef. However, you may have wondered about other items. Can...

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Trader Joe's: Rancid Nuts??

maria lorraine
by maria lorraine 6 years ago

I buy sunflower seeds rather often, and use them in bread-baking, salads and for snacks. I've probably purchased at least five bags over the last 2 years that were rancid. Not horribly terribly...

Best price for nuts?

by bananie 10 years ago

I like to make a few batches of sugared or spiced nuts this time of year and am looking for good prices on nuts, specifically pecans. Saw them at Shaws for $10 a pound last night, and couldn't brin...

Create a nuts and seeds smoothie

by VeeK727 4 years ago

Hey Guys, I'm vegetarian and trying to add some nutrition to my diet and found out the nuts and seeds are a real powerhouse in a package. However I also found that eating them raw would not be very...

Chorizo, Chevre, ____?: How to Top This Canape ?

by opinionatedchef 4 years ago

In an attempt to cut down on carbos, i have developed a taste for a snack of thinly-sliced-on-the-diagonal Palacios (Spanish) chorizo(not the hot version), topped with a large mound of Chavrie (a s...

what dishes in spain typically contain nuts?

by moi 9 years ago

hi! i love CHOWHOUND! we are going to spain this summer and our son is allergic to nuts (tree nuts). Visiting madrid and barcelona. Trying to find out what dishes typically contain nuts (pine nuts,...

ISO Mixed salted nuts cookie

by roxlet 4 years ago

I have been unable to find the recipe for the mixed salted nuts cookie I made a while back. I have a zillion cookie recipes bookmarked on my computer, but of course I don't have the one I actually...

Your favorite junk food or guilty pleasure?

by mushroomaffairs 5 years ago

chocolate chip cookies (a weird two week craving) Snyders of Hanovers honey mustard pretzel bits -- me o my yo

Party mix OTHER than White Trash?

by jeanhall 8 years ago

Hey there, I want to make a fun (and yummy) "party mix" for guests to take home with them after my New Years Eve party. I don't want it to include cheerios or anything like that, and I'd even p...

*July 2009 COTM* SPICE: Nuts, Yogurt, and Cheese

foxy fairy
by foxy fairy 10 years ago

Our Chowhound July 2009 Cookbook of the Month is Spice: Flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean by Ana Sortun. Please post your full-length recipe reviews here for dishes from Chapter Twelve: N...

Dried fruit & nuts in bulk?

by kestral11 11 years ago

Hey - where does everyone like to get dried fruit and nuts in bulk in SF? Rainbow and the farmers market at the Ferry Building immediately come to mind, but I was hoping for a less expensive altern...

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