Norwalk Eats

by Fig Newton 9 years ago

I am working in Norwalk for a couple weeks and have been blown away by the number of great looking restaurants in the area. I honestly think that in the past few years I've only gone to Norwalk for...

Business lunch in/near Norwalk??

by josephnl 9 years ago

We need to have a small business lunch in or within 10-15 minutes of Norwalk. Food should be reasonably ok, but pleasant relatively quiet ambiance is more important. Where???

Lunch and dinner near Norwalk, Ca

by soccerfan80 10 years ago

I'm gonna be in LA/Norwalk for wedding in a few weeks, and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for meals in the area. I'll be in town Thursday through Sunday, but since it's for a wedding, I...

Need good eats in the Norwalk/Cerritos/Downey area

by attran99 10 years ago

We just moved back in the area after being gone for 7 years. I still feel familiar with the area, but now I can only think of chains :( when we get hungry. We like all types of cuisines, and are ...

Freeze dried blueberries near Norwalk/Downey/Cerritos

by attran99 10 years ago

I'm trying to make some blueberry cupcakes with a recipe my husband found online. The cream cheese frosting requires freeze dried blueberries. I've been to a few stores, and I can't seem to find ...

Norwalk & surrounding area help

by chris2269 11 years ago

Once again traveling with work and looking for some recs from the LA Board. Got some great recs last time for Encino, so I'll know you'll come through. Looking for ethnic restaurant recs. Al...

ISO Lunch spot around Norwalk courthouse (today!)

The Oracle
by The Oracle 11 years ago

I'm heading to the Norwalk courthouse today and need a quick lunch in the general area (I'll be going down the 605 from the 210 - anything chow-worthy in those environs? TIA!

Best Mexican in Downey, Santa Fe Springs, Norwalk, Whittier, La Habra?

by khoiberg 12 years ago

Looking for the best Mexican restaurants and/or taquerias in Downey, Santa Fe Springs, Norwalk, La Habra, Whittier, La Mirada? Sorry for the laundry list of cities but that's Southern CA - you g...

Much Beloved Thai "Renu Nakorn" Returns to Norwalk - Review with PHOTOS

by elmomonster 13 years ago

PHOTOS: http://elmomonster.blogspot.com/2008/11/renu-nakorn-norwalk.html If you've heard of Las Vegas's Lotus of Siam, then you should already know about Renu Nakorn in Norwalk. Lotus was Renu ...

Breakfast off of the 5 somewhere in Santa Fe Springs/Norwalk Area

by PDRyummers 13 years ago

We have friends who are driving home on Thanksgiving day and are looking for a place to meet them for breakfast off of the 5 around Santa Fe Springs/Norwalk area. Any suggestions of good restauran...

Upscale dining in Cerritos/Norwalk?

by sallybee 13 years ago

Hi there, My boss will be visiting Los Angeles next week, and needs to take a contact out for lunch in the Norwalk/Cerritos area. I did a search for dining options, and the restaurant that came...

REVIEW: Renu Nakorn, Norwalk

Das Ubergeek
by Das Ubergeek 13 years ago

It took a while. I always meant to go. I lived in the Valley, though. Norwalk was not in the cards. Not even for Thai food. And so I went to our Thai places in Sherman Way. And I went t...

Where to dine in Compton/Santa Fe Springs/Norwalk?

by cleanmyplate 13 years ago

A friend's in town for just one week, is kinda limited to the above areas (& environs), and is despairing of finding a decent mail. I KNOW there's gotta be some jewels in the vicinity... (I'v...

Renu Nakorn in Norwalk reopening soon

by pharmnerd 13 years ago

To quell any notion that this popular Thai restaurant shutdown for good, I can confirm that is not the case. The storefront sign is finally up, so should be open very soon, if not already (but the...

restaurants in norwalk

by tootie30 14 years ago

I have a friend coming in for business and is staying in Norwalk this week. I live in the South Bay and am not familiar with that area. Looking for Cal-American, Italian or seafood at any price poi...

Dinner in Norwalk

by ichbinkelsey 14 years ago

A friend of mine is in Norwalk for work, and I'm meeting him there for dinner tonight. He's from out of town, and I'm in Santa Monica so I don't know the Norwalk area at all. Any recommendations o...

Need to find a very nice restaurant in the Norwalk area

by Alx72 14 years ago

I will be gettiing married on December 14th and will be having a very small ceremony. My future wife and I will be getting married by court and would like to take our immediate family to a nice din...

Phoenix Chowhound travelling to Norwalk

Billy Bob
by Billy Bob 15 years ago

LA Hounds, My wife and I are travelling to Norwalk to visit our daughter for two days next week. We don't mind higher end places, but lean more towards the "hidden jewels" family run type o...

Anyone heard of CreAsian restaurant in Norwalk?

by yum 15 years ago

supposedly this place has awesome dumplings and better xiao long bao than dtf... anyone been???

HO HAO? near norwalk...

by yum 15 years ago

I'm not sure if I'm spelling it right but has anyone heard of ho hao in/near norwalk? It's a dumpling place with good...dumplings and xiao long bao.. anybody?