Northern Ireland


One Day in Belfast UK

by PiecrustAndPasta 4 years ago

My family (two adults, two teen boys) will be in Belfast for a 24-hour period on a Friday in April. We are looking for dinner and pub suggestions. We will be spending the day touring so are looki...

Great British Menu (TV Series)

by outRIAAge 5 years ago

Looking at the number of YouTube views, this series is criminally-unknown in the States. The target is banquet cooking, and the entrants are all professional chefs, many of them with Michelin stars...

Best chocolate shop in all of Ireland / Northern Ireland?

by phillr 7 years ago

Hello, I'll be visiting Ireland + Northern Ireland and I'll be looking to buy a box of chocolates as a souvenir. So i'm looking for the very best chocolate shop ANYWHERE. I have a preference to...


by ChrisB 8 years ago

Any recommendations on restaurants in Belfast? I've seen Ginger Bistro and Mourne Seafood mentioned. Both look great and I think we'll go to one of the two. But I'd also like to know of some les...

2 nights in Belfast? where to eat

by weezy1074 9 years ago

We'll be taking the train into Belfast, arriving Friday evening (3/23) and leaving on Sunday midday. Question I post is where do you suggest as not to miss places? We have 2 small children, who...

Italian Groceries in Belfast?

by fragolina82 10 years ago

I will be moving to Belfast from Italy. Does anyone that is Italian or very familiar with Italian cuisine (lived in Italy or travelled there) that lives in Belfast and can tell me where I can purch...

Dining in Belfast

by nycrachel 10 years ago

We'll be in Belfast for four days. Any restaurant and/or pub suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

BELFAST: lo fi / vegetarian friendly lunch & local real ale pubs & quick dinner/large snack

by relizabeth 10 years ago

We are spending a day in Belfast next week. I'm looking for recommendations for a pleasant lunch and a decent speedy dinner/snack. My husband pretty much eats like a vegetarian, and I like a high v...

Suggestions for Belfast and Bushmills dining?

by BernieMSY 10 years ago

headed to Northern Ireland in June with three friends for a golf trip. I'm looking for restaurant and pub suggestions. (Trad music in the pubs a big plus). Thanks in advance

lunch recommendations in Belfast

by daves2009 11 years ago

I'm in Belfast this coming weekend and was hoping to take my friends (and their 2 young children) out for lunch. Do any chowhounders recommend somewhere relaxed but with really good food (perhaps a...

Belfast, Northern Ireland - Restaurants, Bed & Breakfasts, etc.

by eclaire 11 years ago

I'm planning a trip to Northern Ireland this September and wondered if anyone has suggestions for places to stay, places to eat and sights to see in Belfast, Dingle, Antrim and Derry. Also, I'm...

Northern Ireland Advice

by travelluver 11 years ago

An traveling to Northern Ireland in a few weeks and need some restaurant recommendations. I will be staying in Bambridge in County Down. Thanks for any and all advice!

need Northern Ireland recommendations

by luv2eatmeat 11 years ago

Hi. I will be in North Ireland - Port Rush and Port Stewart etc. in a few weeks and need some ideas on where and what to eat. Celebrating a buddies birthday, so need one fancy meal, the rest can ...

Dinner in Belfast & Dublin? - NOT Pub crawling, please

by drkenrich 11 years ago

My 86 year old mother, her 83 year old cousin, my 58 year old sister and I will be visiting Belfast and Dublin (& Kilkenny) in April, 2010. None of us drink alcohol or smoke so eateries based on th...

Ireland and Northern Ireland Good Eats Recommedations

by Sybaritic 12 years ago

Recently finished a 10 day trip around Ireland and Northern Ireland. Had hardly a bad meal in both countries, big emphasis on locally sourced, "Farm to Fork" cuisine. Tip when ordering: "Rocket" = ...

4 Days in Belfast

by Foodie Canuck 12 years ago

Hi Everyone, My wife and I will be taking our first trip to Belfast later this month. We're spending a day out at the Giant's Causeway and Bushmill Inn, but will be in central Belfast the other 3...

Review of St. George's Market, Belfast

by turtl_girl 12 years ago

I am an American hound in Ireland for the summer and wanted to put in a plug for St. George's Market in the Belfast city centre. There's a public market on Fridays and Saturdays that has a wide ra...


by aimeezing1 12 years ago

I will be in Belfast all of next week and am looking for recommendations for both lunch and dinner. Not too fussy -- will have some teenagers with us. Staying at Hilton Belfast - walking distance...

Northern Ireland - food to try

by DietStartsTomorrow 13 years ago

I have been checking out the posts on Ireland but would still really like some specific reccs on food to try in Northern Ireland, particluary Co Down and Armagh as I am visiting on a driving holida...

Belfast eats

by one_prairie_gal 13 years ago

I will be vacationing in Belfast and area, can sone one recommend nice casual fare as well as more elegant dinner. Thanks, One PG.