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Why Shakshuka Is the All-Purpose Egg Dish You Absolutely Need in Your Life

If a truly perfect dish exists, it just might be shakshuka. Easy to make, totally flexible, both comforting and exciting to eat, healthy, inexpensive, and composed of ingredients you likely regularly...

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Middle Eastern or North African Restaurant Recommendations?

by lunchslut 9 years ago

We will be in Montreal late this week and are looking for a good Middle Eastern or North African restaurant recommendation...all of which are sadly lacking in Vancouver. What would you recommend?

North African: Chez Manelle and Souk

by hamster 9 years ago

I went to both of these places in the last week. Souk (Moroccan/Lebanese?) is definitely a higher-end experience, with higher prices, but I must say the food there was extremely enjoyable. Intere...

Anyone know anything about The North African Kitchen cookbook?

by LulusMom 11 years ago

I saw this at the library yesterday and couldn't resist (although I don't really have time right now to be looking at yet another cookbook) picking it up. Has anyone else seen it or cooked from it?...

North African Grocer - Baltimore/Central Maryland

by Roundwood 11 years ago

Can anyone suggest where I might purchase Merguez Sausage and/or harrisa. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

North African and Lebanese restaurants in Paris

by xigua 11 years ago

Hi chowhounders on the France Board! I have been browsing keenly on this board for my upcoming vacation in Paris and have a good number of reservations set up. I would love to eat some good cousco...

North African restaurants in Paris

by Lici 13 years ago

My finacee and I are heading to Paris for a week and (thanks in part to this website) have put together a pretty good list of restaurants to go to... but the one thing I'm dying to try is North Afr...

North African / Asian food in Brussels?

by Elchilango 12 years ago

Can any Belgian residents recommend North African or Asian restaurants in the Brussels area for my friends who have had it up to here with moules/frites chocolate and beer?

Indian/North African/Ethiopian/Mexican on East Side (not upper) for a large group

by nyuta 12 years ago

Hello, First time poster here. I am looking for a restaurant of one of the above cuisines, moderately priced (i.e. not the cheapest) for a low-key birthday party for about 25 people, ideally ...

North African Restaurants?

by holleygolitely 12 years ago

We were recently in Paris and had the most amazing meal at Wally Le Saharian. The dishes basically consisted of roasted lamb with cous-cous and different chicken tagines over cous-cous. Are there...

Cafe Baraka: North African Soul Food

by teezeetoo 12 years ago

snowy night, warm hands, warm heart in here. and very tummy-warming harissa, chickpea and tomato soup, and lamb chops with couscous. the flatbread with zatar and black sesame, warm and crispy, is...

New North African / French on Union and Columbia

by oolah 12 years ago

The restaurant that used to be Bouillabaisse 126 on Union between Columbia and Hicks is now a north african / french restaurant. I passed by it today but didn't get a chance to check out the menu. ...

North African in Phila. [Moved from Mid-Atlantic board]

by jbw 12 years ago

Did a bit of a search for a cous-cous near the Art Museum (not Tangerine), without success. Anyone have a name for me? Thanks.

North African in Phila.

by jbw 12 years ago

Can't remember the name of the restaurant (it's not Tangerine), but any suggestions for ordering would be welcome.

Maghreb / North African Pastry Shop

by mvhs 13 years ago

I'm looking for great fresh Maghreb pastries anywhere in the New York area. Moroccan, Tunisian, or Algerian, I don't have a specific preference. I don't have a specific type of pastry in mind eithe...

ISO North African side dishes aside from couscous

by coolbean98 13 years ago

I'm making the "Moroccan" meatloaf recipe in the Niman Ranch cookbook for some friends and would love some advice on side dishes to serve with this. It's got alot of strong flavors - pomegranate mo...

Moroccan or other north African?

by Anne H 13 years ago

We've decided we need to learn more about North African cuisine, starting with Moroccan. Where should we go? (storefront restaurants tend to be our favorites, we're not looking for particularly u...

North African cookbook recommendations?

by Anne H 13 years ago

My son made a very delicious spicy lamb and red pepper stew tonight, and we all agreed that we need to cook more North African food, and learn more about it. What I'd love is a cookbook that sur...

Middle Eastern/Moroccan/North African food in las Vegas

by Amy 14 years ago

Hi- I am new to the city and looking for suggestions for Middle Eastern/Moroccan/North African food. Specifically I am looking for a place that serves traditional tangines. Thanks!