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How to make umami rich tonkotsu ramen?

by Mario123161 9 months ago

Hi, I've been trying so hard to make a really good tonkotsu ramen, my tonkotsu broth is great it is creamy and have t...


darrellwayne commented 3 days ago

Bing's Dumplings | Fremont

by Melanie Wong 19 days ago

Saturday night I noticed Bing's Dumplings when I pulled into the parking lot at Ranch 99 in Fremont. The place was qu...

hhc commented 9 days ago

How to make tsukemen broth creamy and thick?

by Chili_Junkie 2 years ago

Hello dear Chowhound community, I love ramen and make good ramen myself. (White tonkotsu for 13 hrs, marinate my o...


TsukemenApprentice commented 11 days ago


by pistachio peas 12 months ago

Use this thread to post reports on the following chapters from DINNER: PASTA & NOODLES (p. 175-205); and TOFU (& A...


BethNH commented 13 days ago

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Eating soba standing up?

by royalmilktea 19 days ago

I'm looking for a great tachigui-soba restaurant in Tokyo for a travel food article I'm working on. At a train stain ...

When did noodles become pasta?

by Wawsanham 6 years ago

I've always called all "pasta" noodles. I grew up refering to lasagna, spaghetti, spaetzle or other noodles as noo...


Cookerton commented 20 days ago

Favorite Asian Noodle Soups in NYC?

by chefdekoven 2 months ago

Hey guys I was wondering what some of peoples favorite Asian noodle soup dishes around the city? I am definitely a bi...

howdini commented 24 days ago

Cold sesame noodles

by elise 13 years ago

I still dream about the cold sesame noodles from the Hwa Yuan Szechuan Inn that used to be at 40 E. Broadway. Anyone...


small h commented 2 months ago

101 noodle express

by Discokill 4 years ago

Is there a consensus on which location in sgv is the best? Heading there for lunch today. Thanks!

My_Annoying_Opinions commented 2 months ago

Sama Uyghur Cuisine | Union City

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Almost two weeks ago, i enjoyed a quick bite at Sama Uyghur Cuisine in Union City, returning to the halal food of Wes...

Melanie Wong commented 2 months ago

Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle reopens at 40 Bowery

by vinouspleasure 3 months ago

Half a block from ny noodletown, same menu, bigger and (relatively) nicer space. Unfortunately, increased volume seem...


vinouspleasure commented 3 months ago

Konjiki Hototogisu Ramen

by Notorious P.I.G. 6 months ago

My ramen prayers have been answered. If this place is even half as good as the To...


LUV_TO_EAT commented 3 months ago

MSP: Chow Mein

by slexie74 10 years ago

Hi everyone~ I am looking for a good chow mein around town. I prefer chicken but, most importantly, a chow mein t...


ChancesR commented 4 months ago

Kosher Be the first to comment

Using Cooked Parve Noodle Kugel to Make a Sweet Dairy Kugel

by Boleslaw 4 months ago

I made a pan of parve noodle kugel with a pound of cooked bowtie noodles, 5 pounds of apple quarters and a half poun...

Soaking Rice Noodles for Pad Thai

by CindyJ 6 years ago

I've searched through several CH posts and read through several "authentic" Pad Thai recipes. I'm left confused abou...


GraftonReed commented 4 months ago

Chicken & Dashi Shoyu Ramen - 12 hours UMAMI BOMB!

by Chili_Junkie 5 months ago

What a fantastic broth combination this was. Was really excited to make this and prepper for a long time. after over ...

Chili_Junkie commented 4 months ago

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