We've got your ultimate guide to nonstick cookware, from health concerns to how to care for it and which brands to buy.

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What has your experience been with non-stick pots?

by Howard-2 16 years ago

About 2 years ago I bought one of those modern-day non-stick frying pans to try. I thought the one I got was of reasonable quality--it was nice and heavy, and not too cheap. For the first 2 m...

help--my calphalon pan is TOO non-stick

by susanb 17 years ago

My new Calphalon non-stick saute pan doesn't seem very useful. When I add a little oil, the oil beads up instead of coating the pan, and I can't saute anything. Is there something I should be doing...

nonstick pan refinishing

by amy3 17 years ago

Yesterday I learned about a company here in Portland that will do teflon recoating on fry pans, muffin trays, etc. (anything that's metal, I guess). This is very exciting since I have two calphal...

"Non-Stick" Roasting Pan

by Ian 17 years ago

Recently saw a very durable looking aluminum roasting pan at a local discount warehouse store, for a very reasonable price. The pan has a non-stick interior. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts ...

All-Clad nonstick in the oven?

by Akiko 18 years ago

Can I put my All-clad non stick stainless steel frying pan in the oven at or is that a no no?

ANOTHER non-stick question.....

by galleygirl 18 years ago

After reading the thread on non-stick pans, I realized I've been ill-advised to use Pam on mine....The much-dreaded sticky film has formed..Is there any way to get it off? dissolve it?? So far, all...

One good non-stick pan....

by Terry 18 years ago

I posted this after reading the thread about non-stick pans below--but I joined late and didn't get much of a response (tho, thanks to the one person who did). I guess my problem is I feel flimsy ...

Are nonstick pans better or just easier?

by saucyknave 18 years ago

How many experienced cooks find that using nonstick pots/pans is better/easier? This question assumes that you have good quality cookware - cast iron (including LC) or heavy bottom heavy copper, a...

non-stick frying pans

by Rachel Hope 20 years ago

More questions about holiday purchases. I was recently cooking at the house of some friends and they had a wonderful steel(?) frying pan without any funky coating which functioned as non-stick. I...

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