We've got your ultimate guide to nonstick cookware, from health concerns to how to care for it and which brands to buy.

Teflon, Ceramic, Anodized Aluminum: A Guide to Nonstick Cookware

Teflon, ceramic, anodized aluminum...if you are on the hunt for new nonstick cookware, you may be overwhelmed by the options. With nearly a dozen different varieties of pots and pans to choose from...

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Caphalon Professional Non-Stick

by cookric 14 years ago

I have several non-stick caphalon pans and the non-stick is coming off in some areas. What can I do, or do I need to throw them away. Hate to do this with a 12" pan, but, oh well! Thanks for a...

Why is all bakewear non-stick?

by rockandroller1 11 years ago

Is this a stupid question? Perhaps. I know my fellow 'hounds will put me in my place if so. I'm not much of a baker but growing up I remember my mom's pans not having any non-stick coating. I ...

"Green" nonstick pans?

by Dansky 11 years ago

I am seeing a lot of so-called "green" pans out there in various stores lately: Martha Stewart's EcoCook Fry Pan, Target's Green pans, HSN.com's GreenPan, etc., etc. I am also reading lots of g...

ISO non-toxic and non-stick pans in GTA

by vinotinto 11 years ago

With the growing number of articles telling us that teflon isn't safe, I've been thinking about throwing out my non-stick pan. I know...cast iron is the best replacement...but I've also heard that...

An interesting article about non-stick properties of certain pans

by MMRuth 12 years ago

An interesting article about non-stick properties of certain pans: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/08/dining/08curi.html?_r=1&ref=dining&oref=slogin

Non-stick coating on Calphalon

by AmblerGirl 12 years ago

I have a huge Calphalon One chef skillet that I have had for about 3 years. I use it all the time and am really careful with it (hand wash only, etc.). I just realized that my non sticlk coating ...

Service or product to remove non-stick coating?

by SLRossi 12 years ago

I have some great all-clad pots and pans that I for somereason bought with the non-stick coating. Now some 10-15 years later the coating is coming off. Is there some service/product to strip the ...

Warranties for non-stick cookware?

by CrazyOne 12 years ago

This has come up a couple times (even just today!) but I thought it really kind of deserved its own thread for discussing in general rather than cluttering people's specific questions that at least...

Heat Distribution - Stainless Steel vs Non-Stick

by JayGaudreau 12 years ago

A friend of mine told me that she is going to buy a new set of stainless steel pans because they distribute heat better than non-stick pans. This didn't really make sense to me. I thought that it...

Nonstick wok + high heat....

Bat Guano
by Bat Guano 12 years ago

OK, I've got a nonstick wok that I never use, but it has a nice pot-style handle, which is why I bought it. And I have an old iron wok with the two loop handles, and a nice outdoor propane burner a...

Non-Stick Baking sheet - Ruined??

by jujuthomas 13 years ago

Help! My husband used one of my non-stick baking sheets to roast some peppers in the oven. He sprayed the pan with non-stick spray before he put in under the broiler. the spray that was not under t...

High quality nonstick?

by takadi 12 years ago

What are some good brands or types of high quality nonstick pans out there? When I think of that, what immediately comes to mind is hard-anodized aluminum, but I heard the lining on those tends to ...

New Non-Stick..what size?

by erica 12 years ago

I just learned here about the Cookware and More sale on irregular AllClad. This is a good time for me to replace my old 10" Emeril AC non-stick. (I was not happy with the peformance of this pan, ...

Help~ Non-Stick/Anodized/Stainless/Cast Iron cookware for a NEWBIE!

by CAFELATTE 12 years ago

Not only am I a self-admitted non-chef, it is quiet obvious when I'm seen in the kitchen. So with that in mind, I would really like suggestions on mid-range cookware, please!!! (Currently I own a...

Lowfat without nonstick?

by Learning2cook 12 years ago

I am trying not to cook with any non-stick cookware to avoid teflon (unfortunately that means parting with george foreman). How do you still cook lowfat eggs and sautees without nonstick? I was a...

F non-stick... now what

by linguafood 12 years ago

At the risk of having my "CH membership" revoked, I'll admit that I've been doing most of my cooking with non-stick pans & pots. Yeah, I know, deglazing doesn't happen much with that kinda cookwar...

ISO One good non-stick saute pan w/ lid

by redgypsy 12 years ago

I'm hoping the 'hounds can help me find a good NS saute pan (or skillet) w/ a lid for a one-application type thing. I've been making my own potstickers and there is just no amount of oil one can p...

Why/when is cast-iron better than non-stick? [moved from Home Cooking]

by PapaSlurp 13 years ago

I'm new to cooking and my copy of "On Food and Cooking" hasn't arrived from Amazon yet. I've read many times a particular preparation calling for a "heavy cast iron skillet". For example, a few ...

Non-stick but not teflon?

by Olivia 12 years ago

I'd like to buy my brother a decent all-purpose frying pan for Christmas, maybe spend no more than $70. Can anyone recommend a particular brand of non-stick pan that is not teflon? I saw an ad ...

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