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Commander's Kitchen Cookbook

by Rumcoconuts 17 years ago

I'm not sure if this is an appropriate post for a foodie's board, but here is some information on Jamie Shannon's new...


Tom Meglioranza commented 17 years ago

Parade Route Dining

by Food Maven 17 years ago

Can anyone help me with a quality eatery along the parade routes during February 23-27th? I know most all offer some ...


Large Man commented 17 years ago

Alex Patout's

by Scott L. 17 years ago

Hi: My wife and I will be in New Orleans this weekend; the last time we were there was about a decade ago, and we h...


Melanie Wong commented 17 years ago

Christmas Trip

by Helen R 17 years ago

Arrived Christmas Eve minus our friend's luggage - he in warm-up suit and walking shoes. Plans for dinner obviously ...


Sarah commented 17 years ago

January visit to New Orleans

by Scott L. 17 years ago

Hi all: My wife and I are planning a long weekend in New Orleans the first weekend in January. We haven't been the...


Sarah commented 17 years ago

Commander's Palace crunchies

by Tom Meglioranza 17 years ago

I had one of the best and most romantic meals of my life when I went to Commander's Palace with my girlfriend two yea...


Jason Perlow commented 17 years ago

need EARLY breakfast on Sunday

by Allison9090 17 years ago

Help! We're going to NOLA in Feb. Arriving FRI a.m. and leaving SUN. a.m. Our flight is late SUN. morning so I need ...


Sarah commented 17 years ago


by 90210 18 years ago

We visted N.O. last weekend and in addition to visiting a number of the places commonly mentioned here, we also had d...


bruce commented 18 years ago


by Mookie 18 years ago

Hi everyone, We're taking our first trip to New Orleans in a couple of weeks and I'm trying to put together our eatin...


Don commented 18 years ago

Is Emeril's good?

by Jeff Shore 18 years ago

Put another way, should my wife and I visit Emeril's on our trip to New Orleans in January? Before posting this m...


Bob W. commented 18 years ago

Romantic Dinner

by Ross 18 years ago

My wife and I will be returning to NO in a few weeks for our first anniversary. We were in town in January 1999 when...


Mike C commented 18 years ago

Rumcoconuts, we await your report!

by Lisa Z 18 years ago

I'm leaving Friday morning - hoping to get some last-minute tips from your trip!


Bob W. commented 18 years ago

Just Back from New Orleans

by AJ Brazzil 18 years ago

Just got back from New Orleans, and again cannot too highly recommend the Riverhouse Cafe at Magazine and State Stre...


Lisa Z commented 18 years ago

Too many restaurants, not enough time!

by rumcoconuts 18 years ago

Hi, after reading Lisa's post below, I think I need the same help. My husband and I will be in town next week from W...


bryan commented 18 years ago

Itinerary help wanted

by Lisa Z 18 years ago

Hi NOLAns, A friend and I are coming down from NYC for 3 days in December. After pouring over this board and talki...


Dave Feldman commented 18 years ago

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Decisions, Decisions

by Helen R 18 years ago

Okay, I need to zero in on reservations and a plan of action for our trip. Any with absolute "must do"? If we eat a...

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

NO Report

by Brad 18 years ago

Just got back from a brief 3 day stint in N.O.L.A. Kelsey's (uptown on Magazine) - always a good meal. The apps ru...

What About Good Hotels?

by AJ Brazzil 18 years ago

Is it okay to talk about other important things, like where are the better hotels? I always like to stay at the Roya...


AJ Brazzil commented 18 years ago

NOLA over Christmas, on a budget.

by JackS 18 years ago

I'm returning from a Caribbean cruise 12/24, to spend four nights in New Orleans. Any suggestions as to where one mi...


marie commented 18 years ago


by allison9090 18 years ago

We have decided this year to spend Thanksgiving holiday in NOLA. Any suggestions as to where we can have a spectacul...


marie commented 18 years ago

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