New Job

New job, new food scene! Ask Chowhounds where to eat when you start at a new office, plus find the closest restaurants and bars to make the most of your new 'hood.

Queen Elizabeth Is Hiring a New Royal Chef

If you've ever wanted to live in Buckingham Palace, here's your chance. There's just one catch. You have to cook for the entire royal family. (No biggie!) That's right, the royal household has announced...

Advice for a pro-kitchen newbie

by iheartcooking 5 years ago

Hi Hounds! I'm delighted to say that I've landed a part time job as a prep cook (with other duties to follow) for a very successful caterer. This may seem small potatoes but after years of retail d...

New job at 48th and Madison

by tanno 7 years ago

This week, I'm starting a new job in a building at 48th and Madison. It's not a neighborhood I know very well at all. Where should I go other than "the downstairs salad place," which seems to be ...

New job in Liberty Village

by stephen 8 years ago

So last week I started a new gig in Liberty Village and was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I took a buddy to lunch at Maizal; it was absolutely some of the best Mexican food I have ever eaten....

New job in Round Rock - What's Good?

by danny_w 8 years ago

I just started a new job in RR and don't know the area very well. I know there are several restaurants (mostly fast food) in the WalMart and Lowes shopping centers, and I went with a friend to Long...

New Job in Financial District... Lunch Spots???

by Andrassebestyen89 8 years ago

Hi All, I've read some threads and blogs about this, but sincerely everything seems pretty awful - I used to work in Murray Hill where lunch options were endless and kicked ass. What are the...

New job 31st & Ninth - tasty lunch and dinner suggestions?

by Stickies 9 years ago

Hello! I've recently started a new job on W 31st btw Eighth & Ninth and I'm looking for tasty fast lunch suggestions w in maybe a 5-10 block radius (prefer something quick and inexpensive, love eth...

My new job is in Times Square. What to eat for lunch? I'm a native NY'er, not a tourist.

by roguepetunia 10 years ago

I'm a native NY'er, not a tourist. I do not willing venture near Times Square. But fate has brought me a new job right smack in Times Square, 43rd and B'way. What am I to do? I won't have ti...


by jonfbrooklyn 10 years ago

I need your help, chowhounders! At the end of this month I will begin working at Webster Avenue and 178th Street. Can anyone recommend any places for lunch? Thank you.

New job leaves me crunched for cooking time. I need time management tips.

by justlauralibrarian 10 years ago

Hi everyone, I recently took a new job that involves a bit of a commute. I went from having lots of time to plan and cook meals to having very little time. I know what I need to do is make bette...

New job in downtown Oakland, looking for lunch places

by stuckinschool 14 years ago

that's right, i managed to unstick myself from the powerful adhesive that is graduate school and went and got myself a "real job". turns out that job is in oakland, a place i know nothing abou...

Need Chinese or Asian lunch rec's near new job in West Berkeley

by vliang 10 years ago

I just started a new job in West Berkeley very close to Berkeley Bowl West. So for the last month I got lunch almost everyday there and have gotten (gasp!) kind of tired of the food there. I know...

New Job, New Area (Murray Hill, 31st and Park), Cheap Lunch Options PLEASE

by Andrassebestyen89 11 years ago

Please provide me with cheap and tasty options. I've been to all the Indian Lunch buffets and LOVE them, and I often to go Murray Hill Deli (34th and Lex) for their huge and delicious sandwiches. N...

new job - new restaurant?

by RosaSharon 11 years ago

Hello Chowhounds, i did some sleuthing but am coming up empty-handed. i just got a new job (after being unexpectedly laid off last month) and would like to celebrate by taking a particularly...

New Job In Chinatown-Where do I eat?

by mch 11 years ago

Just started a new job in chinatown/gallery place. Looking for spots to get a quick lunch for $10 or less. I know about foodtrucks, subway, chopt, california tortilla and potbellys. Looking for bet...

New job in Burbank - where's the food?

by calabasas_trafalgar 12 years ago

Tomorrow I start a new job at Warner Bros in Burbank. I'm unfamiliar with the area. There's an Arnie Morton's in the building but I certainly can't afford that every day. I'm up for most anythin...

I have a new job in Woburn/Burlington area, where do I eat lunch??

by trotliner 11 years ago

I start a new job next Monday at a consulting firm in the Burlington/Woburn area and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for good lunch spots, both for eating in and when I need to orde...

New Job: Solid Lunch Spot Near Route 9 in Worcester

by invinotheresverde 11 years ago

I've never been much of a lunch girl. Where's a decent spot near Route Nine in Worcester/Shrewsbury? Any price, any ethnicity, but lacto/ovo options needed. Thanks!

Starting New Job in Sausalito. Lunch places?

by kobys 11 years ago

I'm starting a new job in Sausalito next week and will be reverse commuting from SF. Really excited about the new job but worried about how I will survive without Kitchenette, Local Mission Eatery...

New Job in Flatiron, need lunch and coffee suggestions

by vvv03 12 years ago

I just started a job across the street from Madison Square Park. Possibly embarassing to admit on Chowhound, but my old midtown go-to for many lunches and morning coffee was Pret a Manger. There ar...

New Job on Varick Street and W. Houston

by sloanecourtney 12 years ago

I"m starting a new job on Monday on Varick Street right off of W. Houston. Any lunch recommendations for take out would be great. I'm looking for the basics (salads, sandwiches etc.), but any recs...