New Haven

With the help of the Chowhound community, find the best pizza, food trucks, lox, Italian fare, and more in New Haven.

9 Pizza Styles to Know & How to Make Them at Home

Pizza generally means one thing—in that everyone understands what you're talking about when you say the word—and yet, the particular type of pizza one thinks of can vary widely, especially if we're...

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Help finding great food trucks that will travel to New Havenfor a party

by slmf 6 years ago

We are throwing a party, and we would love some suggestions for food trucks that have great food, and amazing customer service. They also need to be willing to travel to New Haven, CT. We are not p...

New Haven Choice

by jdgall 6 years ago

Meeting friends in New Haven for dinner. Trying to decide between Tarry Lodge and Harvest. Have heard some negatives re Tarry Lodge. Looking for opinions from Hounds. Thanks

New Haven Acorn-Fed Pig Roast by Caseus's Jason Sobocinski and journalist Jack Hitt

by InstituteLibrary 6 years ago

On September 27, 2015, enjoy an acorn-fed pig, hickory-smoked for 24 hours, and special vegetarian sides by Caseus's Jason Sobocinski. Local craft beer available from Black Hog Brewing Co. Third an...

Saturday breakfast/brunch spots near 95, then lobster roll on Cape

by fillie 6 years ago

Hi, My husband and I are driving from Philly out to the Cape this Saturday for vacation. We're going to be driving through CT up to the Cape, estimating that we'll get to New Haven by 10am and wil...

Chinese menus in Southwest Connecticut (Fairfield County, New Haven County)

by hanron 8 years ago

We moved to Fairfield County (initially Stamford and now Westport) from Shanghai in the summer of 2011. Over the last two years, there were many transitions to life here, but the most difficult wa...

The best of Connecticut?

by lobsterkiller 7 years ago

I would like some information on the BEST of the best food (could be markets, restaurants, stands, trucks, drinks, breweries/wineries, artisan food, whatever) in Connecticut. Places that are worth ...

Is Pepe's white clam pizza made with whole belly clams?

by madeliner 6 years ago

Was thinking of trying it and am curious to know and do you pay extra for mozz? How is the red clam pizza? I am going tomorrow and am just wondering. tia!

The passing of a legend!

by chefstu 6 years ago

Bentara closes it's doors after 20 years, Saturday, July 4. Say what you will, but Bentara was a landmark restaurant, first Malaysian in Ct. maybe the N.E.. First Restaurant in 9th Square, New Hav...

Interesting articel about Frank Pepe's

by SteveSCT 6 years ago

I came across this article, which is a long interview with Gary Bimonte (Frank's grandson and local TV ad mainstay) about the family's expansion plans for Frank Pepe's: http://www.eater.com/2015...

CT food finds 2014: our year in review

by kattyeyes 7 years ago

I found lots of new deliciousness this year. How about you? I thought it might be fun to compile and invite others to add on. ASIAN RESTAURANT, Middletown or "The Parrot" as we like to call it, ...

Wozniaks/Ziolo's - Grand Avenue, New Haven, CT - CLOSED!

by newhavener 6 years ago

Stopped by this afternoon for some lunch, and the store was completely empty. Drycleaner next door said they were "closed forever." I know the building was for sale; did they lose their lease? W...

raw food restaurant - NEW HAVEN, CT

by djzullo 6 years ago

Greetings folks... we are relocating to the new haven, Ct area. I know the food scene is rather diverse. I was wondering if anyone had a feel for the raw food (hopefully organic) options. I...

Foodie driving through CT....what are some MUST try's ??

by ItsMee 9 years ago

I want to take drive from NYC through Greenwich, Stamford, Bridgeport, New Haven & Norwalk. I am very eager to try foods that are unique to Conneticut's local cuisine. I prefer hole- in- wall pl...

Pepe's New Haven, Yale Graduation Weekend

by DGresh 6 years ago

Kiddo is graduating, and we have restaurant reservations for Saturday and Monday nights, but thought that it might be nice to get take out for Sunday and sit around the room and drink lots of wine ...

Carmen Anthony's Waterbury & New Haven Closed

by JayCT 6 years ago

I just read that Carmen Anthony's Steak Houses in New Haven and Waterbury have closed. Their Woodbury fish house however, remains open. I will say I was surprised that Waterbury closed since it i...

Oak Haven Table & Bar (New Haven)

by westie 6 years ago

My wife and I arrived in New Haven on a chilly Thursday evening at around 6PM and circled the immediate area once before locating a parking space less than a ½ block away. On entering we were surpr...

Tarry Lodge in New Haven

by DGresh 7 years ago

Just saw this; hope to try it out on one of my visits to the city. http://yaledailynews.com/blog/2014/10/31/tarry-lodge-enters-new-haven-pizza-scene/

Graham flour in CT New Haven/Fairfield counties

by javaandjazz 7 years ago

I'm looking for graham flour in New Haven/Fairfield counties or the lower Naugatuck Valley. I've been looking in Ocean State Job Lot for Bob's Red Mill brand but haven't fouund any. Stop & Shop use...

Other Good Pizza In New Haven

by willscarlett 8 years ago

Whenever I have to go up to Boston, I like stopping in New Haven to have some of their yummy pizza. So far, I've had Frank Pepe's, Bar, Modern and Sally's. In terms of my preferences, I'd probably ...

Grimaldi's in New Haven? Wooster Street Has Nothing to Fear

by shoes 7 years ago

We let curiosity get the better of us last night and ordered a pie from Grimaldi's, newly opened next to Katz's deli near the Woodbridge-New Haven line. Wooster Street has nothing to worry about...