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3 Easy Mustards to Perk Up Post-St. Patrick's Day Corned Beef Sandwiches

While you might not think about making homemade mustard, it's incredibly easy—and versatile, too. Keep a tin of dry mustard powder in your pantry and you can make these mustard recipes (and invent your...

Who Uses Tomato Mustard?

by kaleokahu 1 month ago

.. or adds mustard to tomato-based sauces? This strikes me as a little counterintuitive, but a little Googling shows it's a thing. I see many references to hand-me-down recipes that combine the...

Mustard all around-What is your favorite type or do you make your own.

by 02putt 10 years ago

My husband is a mustard fanatic. Luckily we live in the city that is the top dry mustard producer in the world dating back to 1867. We even have a Mustardfest! You name it we got it. I picked u...

why is my mustard bitter?

by zorgclyde 15 years ago

I tried making some mustard from the yellow mustard powder I got at the Indian grocery today by mixing it with cold water, vinegar, and some salt. However, it was bitter beyond belief - comparable ...

Mustard as Condiment for Fried Fish

by dazzler1365 12 years ago

Hi There, I am wondering about Mustard use as a condiment in fried fish. Is this something that originated in the Soul Food Era, or is it something people have done all over the world for many...

This Ain't Cutting the Mustard

by Secret_Ingredient 3 years ago

In zipcodes 90028, 90038, 90004, 90049 and some more, I cannot find a JAR of mustard on supermarket shelves. I can find plastic, cone shaped containers that make getting the last 3 to 4 ounces of m...

Pommery mustard substitute?

by Missy P. 18 years ago

Howdy, general topics 'hounds. I'm making a French beef stew that calls for Pommery mustard, but I am unable to find any. Pommery mustard, made by/in Meaux, is the french whole-grain mustard that...

Mustard oil - is it safe eat and cook with?

by suepea 9 years ago

My husband bought some mustard oil online through Amazon (an Indian product, Laxmi brand) for a recipe; as he was searching he noticed some descriptions saying "recommended for external use only" s...

Marinade Of The Month and Mustard Of The Month.

by nuraman00 8 years ago

In 2010, I had the Bacon Of The Month Club (13 packs of bacon). In 2012, I had the Salsa Of The Month Club (2 bottles per month, 6 months), and Jerky Of The Month Club (2 packs per month, 3 mont...

bon appetit archive recipe

by Brenda Dunlop 11 years ago

This mustard crusted pork roast recipe was fabulous and I've lost it. Does anyone have it, the magazine was from the 80's I think, much appreciated if anyone has it.

Making homemade mustard

by steviejohanna 3 years ago

I have my grandmothers homemade sweet mustard recipe that I'd love to make. Many of the recipes and videos I've seen do not include eggs and I have never attempted homemade mustard before. The firs...

Honey Mustard Sauce similar to KFC?

by javaandjazz 14 years ago

I don't know about anyone else on here but I love KFC's honey mustard sauce. I purchased a brand, I think called Franks at the grocery store and it was just awful. Do any of you know of honey musta...

Is Dijon mustard vegan?

by lisavf 12 years ago

The ingredients listed on the jar are: water, mustard seeds, vinegar, citric acid, sulphur dioxide (preservative). The reason I'm asking is, I am making a side dish of asparagus with hazelnuts and...

World's Best Mustard? Please stake your claim.

by yankeefan 14 years ago

I am officially addicted, ADDICTED to mustard of all types. It changes with time in which I am enthralled with, but lately I have been putting Grey Poupon and Tabasco-infused mustard on literally ...

Mustard Oil

by rob133 14 years ago

Does anyone have a view on the use of Mustard oil in Indian cooking. I recently got a bottle because a number of recipes I have call for it, however I know that there is a fair bit of negative publ...

Replacing mustard?

by maslovma 12 years ago

I have a cocktail meatball recipe that calls for Dijon mustard in the sauce. My husband HATES mustard (I know he probably won't even taste it) and wouldn't eat the meatballs if he knew it was in t...

ISO a store with a good selection of mustards

by devilham 4 years ago

Looking for a retail outlet, preferably close to roslindale, that has a decent selection of mustards to browse and purchase, thought s?

French Style, Hot Mustard in Toronto

by Northern Light 4 years ago

Hi all; I've been on a kick lately to find the kind of mustard I've enjoyed when visiting France. A kind of hot mustard I can't seem to find here; I don't mean the brand but the style. Its...

How do you get condiments found while traveling abroad stateside?

by youdoofus 4 years ago

I traveled to Romania this last summer and had some of their wonderful food, influding a mustard made by Knorr called "Mustar Calsic" Ive contacted Knorr directly and they dont sell it in the USA. ...

Dietz & Watson Chipotle Mustard--Where to Buy/ Has this been Discontinued?

by NShewmaker 5 years ago

Hey Everyone, So, I found this in my Jewel Osco (Chicago) deli about six months ago and have never been able to find it since. I checked online and the only place it seems to be for sale online ...

Homemade Mustard - process or not ?

by chowmel 12 years ago

I'll be attempting homemade mustard for holiday gifts. Plenty of recipes, seems easy enough. Most of what I read says store mustard in the fridge, while quite a few say it is shelf stable. Then a f...