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Mortar and Pestle Technique

by pizzahunks 15 years ago

Hello Chowhounders, I've been grinding spices in my little mortar and pestle, and with every grinding motion I feel as though my wrist is popping out of its socket or something. I don't imagine ...

mortar and pestle

by diobahn 15 years ago

Is there a different recommended technique for using : lava rock granite wooden ceramic glass ???

How should I use my large mortar and pestle?

by thunderbug84 15 years ago

My best friend got me a large stone mortar and pestle recently. I really love it, but I'd like to learn more ways to use it. Right now I really only use it for mashing garlic and spices. Its very h...

Mortar and pestle

by marcia2 15 years ago

I'd like to buy a mortar and pestle, as every so often I run into recipes that tell me to either grind spices in it or to bash garlic and something into a paste. This tool comes in lots of sizes an...

Looking to buy a small Mexican mortar and pestle

by Benjamin68 15 years ago

The ridges on my current mortar have worn down, and I've never been happy with the marble pestle that accompanies it, which is too slippery. It's been suggested that I get a Mexican mortar, which h...

thai granite mortar/pestle

by kevine 16 years ago

Just got one of these and have a question about maintaining it. Looking online it seems that soap and warm water will do fine but just want to confirm that indeed soap will not hurt it. I have a la...

mortar and pestle

by Chris 17 years ago

I'm looking to buy a mortar and pestle for grinding small quantities of spices, nuts, seeds, etc. Where is a good place to buy one in Manhattan?

mortar and pestle

by Chris 17 years ago

I'm looking to buy a mortar and pestle for grinding small quantities of spices, nuts, seeds, etc. Where is a good place to buy one in Manhattan?

Mortar and Pestle?

by daivd de berkeley 17 years ago

looking for a mortar and pestle of the lava stone variety. there was an old thread, but it only listed a couple of places, and these were in off-hand comments. if there are any recommendations, i...

where to buy big stone mortar and pestle?

by southsloper 17 years ago

You know the big kind used in Mexican cooking? I have one I got years ago in a Thai store in Providence, RI. Trying to find another for a gift. Anyplace in Chinatown? thanks for suggestions!

Question re: Mortar/Pestle at Harvest Time on Lawrence Ave.

by Kenny from Rogers Park 18 years ago

Sorry if this is the dumb question of the year, but.... I recently noticed some mortar/pestle sets at the Harvest Time produce store on Lawrence near Rockwell. Does anyone know what they are made...

source for mexican tortilla press and mortar and pestle

by Dylan 18 years ago

Was just in Mexico and didn't have the energy to lug back the great handmade stone mortar and pestles or a tortilla press. Anyone know of good places to buy said items in LA?

Mortar & Pestles are back!

by gordon wing 18 years ago

an article in today's SJ Mercury discusses the popularity of mortar and pestles in local professional kitchens (and homes). many choices abound - thai, mexican, european versions all have their vi...

Where to purchase a molcajete in Brooklyn

by Lambretta76 18 years ago

Wanted to pick up a molcajete (mexican mortar and pestle) for the summer salsa season and would like to buy locally, preferrably in the Park Slope/Sunset Park latin neighborhoods. Anyone know of wh...

advice on pesto? Mortar & Pestle?

by annab 19 years ago

Have a beautiful crop of Basil in need of using up. Naturally thought pesto. Trouble is my pesto has always been imperfect in past, largely due to means of mixing it. At present I have at my dispos...

molcajete / mortar and pestle

by Dave H 19 years ago

Y'all, Can anyone recommend a store in the Mission (or elsewhere in SF) where I can buy an affordable (i.e., kinda cheap...) good quality, large stone mortar and pestle? I'd rather not buy a che...

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