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Sambal: Everything You Need to Know

The only thing I truly love more than food itself are the condiments associated with it. My interest in food and food writing, a thinly veiled ploy to get closer to them. All of them. As proof, I once...

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Pesto with Mortar and Pestle ... who knew?!

by ipsedixit 11 years ago

When I make pesto, I usually borrow a food processor and blend away. Last night I used manual labor -- lots and lots of manual labor -- to make pesto. The difference was stunning. It was...

Mortar & Pestle Recs?

by kaleokahu 11 years ago

In my ongoing effort to de-tech my life, I've decided to replace my electric spice mill with a mortar and pestle. I'm interested in hearing from other CHs as to what they use, including size, shap...

Flat Mortar AND Flat Pestle?

by scott123 11 years ago

I'm in the process of researching mortar and pestles, preferably mortar and pestles that can make short work of garlic and ginger in relatively large quantities (about 2 heads of garlic and about h...

My Mortar and Pestle Went on Strike!

by MamaCrunch 11 years ago

I recently bought a large granite mortar and pestle to add to my collection so I could make pesto. The other two are just too small and I was tired of using the baby food maker since we don't have...

MORTAR AND PESTLE - Question on base material

by chonk 11 years ago

Hi guys/girls, My girlfriend just returned from Cambodia with a large mortar and pestle which she was told was sandstone. To me it doesn't look like sandstone at all - if anything it looks like b...

Uses for this unusual mortar & pestle?

by notjessica 11 years ago

My boyfriend moved out of the country this weekend. He'll be back in a few months but he gave me all his kitchen appliances & utensils before he left. One of the items, which from what he told me w...

Wade Ceramics mortar and pestles for best price?

by isabel23 12 years ago

I'm looking for either the Wade Ceramics Milton Brook mortar and pestle (http://www.cookware.com/Wade-Ceramics-MMP1-00-WCM1108.html) or the Wade Ceramics American Masala mortar and pestle (http://w...

Searching for Mexican mortar & pestle

by Linda from Toronto 19 years ago

Hello, Montreal Chowhounds! I'm going to be visiting your lovely city soon. I was wondering if you might know of a Latin American food store that sells molcajete & tejolote (Mexican mortar & pes...

mortar and pestle [moved from LA]

by dizme28 12 years ago

hi, i just wanted to share something i found in the store today. i've been looking for granite mortar and pestle for awhile, since my exboyfriend suggested granite, and he's a geology professor, ...

MSP - Thai Cooking Supplies (incl. Mortar & Pestle)

by Inasuitcase 12 years ago

More help needed...I LOVE this board:-) My boyfriend's b'day is in early August. He's expressed a desire for a GRANITE mortar & pestle set (I read it's best to buy a mixed set of wood & granite...

Mortar and Pestle

by Oldyote 12 years ago

I recently posted a question but realize now that I used the wrong terms by saying mortis and pestle instead of mortar and pestle. Thank you to everyone who responded regardless of my incorrect po...

Thai Mortar and Pestle

by sourmango 13 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy an 8" Thai Mortar and Pestle in Chinatown? I've been to the Thai Supermarket on Mosco but I can't recall if they have them in stock there. Here's a picture of...

Thai Clay Mortar with Wooden Pestle

by jlyonzee 13 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy one of these in the bay area ? I know I can get one online but I don't want to wait. I have tried New May Wah in the Richmond district but they only have the granit...

12/8/08 Great Mortar and Pestle; Marshall's

by opinionatedchef 13 years ago

I usually use a coffee grinder for spices but when I only want to grind a little bit, nothing beats a mortar and pestle. Ever since I stupidly passed up one at Home Goods a few years ago, I have be...

Mortar and pestle techique question

by cookingwithcharlie 13 years ago

I have a mortar and pestle (marble). Reshi teas makes some wonderful powdered teas that you can put in a half liter bottle cold water, shake up and you have a great tasting ice tea. It is milled to...

Mortar and Pestle

by acd123 14 years ago

I bought a marble mortar and pestle last week in Toronto's Chinatown. It was $11.99. I''ve used it few times. I've noticed that there is now a fine white dust coming off the pestle and the botto...

What to make with a mortar and pestle

by sweetpickles 14 years ago

I got this lovely new kitchen device from the boyfriend yesterday, and I'd like to make something tonight that showcases my new ability to fresh grind spices. Any suggestions?

marble mortar and wood pestle

by pesto 14 years ago

Does anyone know where I can purchase a marble mortar and wood pestle? I would like it to be fairly large for use in making pesto. It seems that most sets are of like material. Thanks for your help.

request for help with my mortar and pestle quest

by Missy P. 17 years ago

So. It's time to buy a piece of kitchen equipment I've been denying myself for too long. Please help. I want a large mortar and pestle which I can use for a lot of different things. The proble...

looking for Mortar and Pestle

by Finnegan 14 years ago

Okay you've convinced me to make my own Thai soup, but where can I get a real mortar and pestle...the thai style made from rough granite, not the uselessly smooth marble or wood ones. Already check...