A Rich Mole Poblano Sauce to Amp Up Your Everyday Chicken

If we’ve learned anything over the past few months of quarantine, it’s that cooking at home has served as the most visceral method of travel. Plane tickets to France have been cashed in for a blueberry...

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Chiles for Mole

by Uberhobo 18 years ago

I've been keeping my eyes open for months for the several varieties of dried chiles that I would need to make a good mole, but all I've been able to find is fresh jalapenos and poblanos. Is there ...

Mole paste in a jar (poblano)

by bob 18 years ago

ok, i'm a lazy guy and lousy cook- and i LOVE mole poblano. anybody have a jar of mole paste (brand name) they love that i need to know about?

Atlanta-Smyrna, Cafeteria La Oaxaquena , Tamales con mole

by steve drucker 18 years ago

This morning at Yahoo yellow pages, I set Atlanta as the location, searched "Oaxaqua", "Oaxaqa", "Oaxaqueno", and finally "Oaxaquena". I got one hit. Cafeteria La Oaxaquena at 1669 Spring Road, S...

Pueblan mole in Lockport

by Mugs 18 years ago

When my wife and I last ate at Kualla Restaurant in Lockport over twenty years ago, I didn't care about mole. Now I do. Our supper there tonight was blah except for the pollo en mole, a heap of t...

the joy of mole

by Zorra 18 years ago

I am fortunate to work with a gentleman whose wife occasionally makes enormous quantities of tamales in several varieties and sells them to his coworkers. They are great, and freeze well, so last t...

Atlanta-Norcross. Sylvia's Pastry, Exc. Mole & Flan

by steve drucker 18 years ago

Sylvia's is a husband and wife storefront with a few tables. Plastered across the front window are signs announcing menudo, pozole, tortas, caldos and so forth. It was the signs that drew me in. ...

6 questions about mole

by m'th'su 18 years ago

I just bought nearly a pound of freshly made dry teloluapan mole from my neighborhood carniceria. Does anyone know anything about reconstituting it? How to? Should I use water or chicken broth? In ...

best mole in midtown

by sherry 19 years ago

Whhat is the best place to get mole in midtown? Other parts of Manhattan?

In search of mole...

by Anna 19 years ago

I just got back from a fantastic vacation in Oaxaca where I ate the most flavorful food (various moles--negro, amarillo, verde, etc., and other great treats). Does anyone know of a Mexican restaur...

Good Oaxaqueno Mole

by Firimari 19 years ago

My wife and I are rather new to the city, and are looking for good mexican restaurants, specifically Oaxacan ones. She spent a year in Oaxaca in high school and has gotten me addicted to the food. ...

Best Tamales and Mole Pablano in Seattle?

by Paulette 19 years ago

Ok, I've tried lots of each around here, but I want to know the definitive place for each of these. I like pork tamales best, and I'll go to some lengths to hunt down the top notch king of them or ...

Seattle Best Mole?

by Paulette 20 years ago

Ok. I can't get enough of the stuff lately--mole poblano, that is. And I need some recommendations on the best options in Seattle. I wasn't too crazy about Gallerias on Broadway. Their enchiladas e...

Repost: mole in sf

by jilblu 19 years ago

I posted this earlier, but it seems to have gotten mixed up with the post about ceviche. I have had pretty good mole from Los Jarritos (20th and South Van Ness), and also from Maya, where it is a...

Mole in South Bay

by JPups 19 years ago

My friends and I engaged in an entertaining discussion trying to determine if anyone know of real good mole in the South Bay. We all agreed that the Mole Negro at Diana's is good, but not great. ...

Chicken Mole

by josh L 19 years ago

I've been eating alot of chicken with mole sauce lately and I nominate Castro's Coffee Shop in Clinton Hill as NY's best. The sauce blends nice chocolate flavor w/ spice and zing and tastes like ...

Where to buy freshly-made mole &/or pipian paste?

by gbEvan 20 years ago

I've gotten great mole in bulk at Grand Central Market in Los Angeles, but that's a bit far to go. Any suggestions in NYC?

Where to buy freshly-made mole &/or pipian paste?

by gbEvan 20 years ago

I've gotten great mole in bulk at Grand Central Market in Los Angeles, but that's a bit far to travel before making dinner. Any suggestions in NYC?

Real Mole Sauce

by nmm230 20 years ago

Is there any Mexican restaurant on the northside that serves real mole sauce or that you can recommend for their chicken in mole?

Chicken Mole - Accompaniments?

by Joe Fedorka 20 years ago

Any ideas on what would be the traditional accompaniments for Chicken Mole? Thanks in advance for any input.

Los Pollitos2--No Mole

by M-Crew 20 years ago

went there on sunday and ordered the mole poblano--and was told they ran out. What a disappointment. This place seems nice, but overwhelmed by its customers. Any thoughts?

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