Let's dish on the best restaurants in Modesto. If you need a dinner recommendation, quick lunch, or slice of pizza, ask local Chowhounds for the inside scoop.


Krepe Dog truck in Modesto

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

A friend of a friend provided a chow-tip for Modesto's Krepe Dog. He says his fave is the Elote Dog ($7.51) described on the menu as garnished with grilled onion & Corn, topped with Cotija cheese, ...

Lunch in Modesto

by zinfanatic 4 years ago

We are heading to Modesto to march in the Women's March this Saturday, Jan 20. We are a group of about 6 women and would like to go to an authentic Mexican restaurant. The food is the most importan...

Calif DFA to host several Farm Bill listening sessions

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

"Modesto – Feb. 7, 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. DoubleTree Hotel (Napa Room) 1150 Ninth Street Modesto, CA 95354 ...

Modesto, seeking good eats

Professor Salt
by Professor Salt 13 years ago

I'm spending the week in Modesto, CA in advance of the bbq contest this weekend. I'm looking for any suggestions for good local chow, for whatever time of day. Cuisine doesn't matter, I'm open to a...

LA to Modesto- highway 5 and 99- recs???

by running pig 15 years ago

Hi all: I am traveling from LA to Modesto, using highway 5 one way and 99 the other way. Other than Harris Ranch, are there any good lunch places??? THANK YOU! Jennifer

Modesto lunch

by dimsumgirl 8 years ago

I'm going to be in Modesto for a morning meeting and looking for a place for lunch. It's been a couple of years since I was there. Can anyone recommend a good place to have lunch on a Monday?

Carne en su jugo, El Rosal, Modesto

by susancinsf 8 years ago

In the car on the way up to Modesto to run a few errands, hubby and I were both lamenting that, while Merced has some good taquerias and a mariscos place or two, there really isn't a great place fo...

Modesto Korean Kitchen

by Agrippa 12 years ago

Driving around Modesto, I noticed a flyer posted on a random telephone pole advertising Korean food. I was looking for a new place to try for lunch, so Korean sounded good, and I thought I would ...

Ethnic markets in Modesto?

by GroovinGourmet 9 years ago

Specific ethnicity is not important, quality is... I have to prepare an ethnic meal as part of a cultural immersion project. Where should I go?

Coming from Los Angeles - what does Stockton (and environs, Modesto, Lodi, maybe even Sacramento) have that I simply can't get at home?

Mr Taster
by Mr Taster 12 years ago

We're doing a round of pharmacy school tours of the bay area, and we're ending out trip with a visit to University of the Pacific in Stockton. We're having lunch at the university, but we'll be lo...

Traveling CA 99 from Bakersfield to Modesto

by butrfli1227 9 years ago

I'm moving to Modesto from FL next week and we will be CA 99 around dinner time. What are some good places to stop for dinner on that route? Thanks!

Seafood in Modesto ?

kc girl
by kc girl 10 years ago

My friend wants to find a good fish restaruant in Modesto for her birthday tonight. So, you Modestan's out there....is there a good fish restaurant for her day? She heard that Red Lobster had a f...

Dewz In Modesto

by syrahgirl 10 years ago

This past Fri. night we dined at Dewz in downtown Modesto. Wow, what a find! The dining room was full when we walked in, the ambiance is very, very nice. A formal, casual-elegance feel to the p...

Greens Market Modesto

by Agrippa 10 years ago

Greens market, a small gourmet market/deli, opened in downtown Modesto a while back. It is a nice spot for purchasing hard to find gourmet items in Modesto. They carry rancho gordo beans, acme b...

Help! Looking for "Ranch Style" steakhouse anywhere from Oxnard to Modesto for Birthday...

by JKCDN 10 years ago

I am dying to celebrate my birthday at a steakhouse with outdoor seating in a rural setting. A place where cold beer is more popular than cabernet sauvignon. Anything with a view of the countryside...

Croatian food within 100 miles of Modesto?

by dephal 10 years ago

I'm spending this semester living in Croatia, and I know when I return to California I'm going to miss Croatian food very much. Can anyone recommend stores anywhere from Sacramento to Fresno that c...

Chinese Food Rec's from Modesto to Stockton?

by rockawayguy 11 years ago

New to the area, need suggestions for good Chinese Restaurants from Modesto to Stockton. Any Chinese cuisine is fine. Thanks in advance

Need a special occasion dinner place in / around Modesto

by askann 11 years ago

We're not familiar with the offerings there, but need to do something in that part of the world. The food tastes of the guests of honor run on the conservative side. Any suggestions appreciated!

Awesome Espresso & Coffee Modesto

by Agrippa 11 years ago

Check out 'Serrano Social Club' if you want excellent coffee that is on par with blue bottle/ritual. I stumbled upon Serranos while having dinner near by. And what a nice suprise, this place is ...

Any Vietnamese closer to Merced than Modesto or Fresno? Or best in Modesto or Fresno?

by susancinsf 12 years ago

Sigh: the one Vietnamese restaurant that I know of in Merced (The Rice Bowl) appears to be closed. Google "Vietnamese in Merced" and one gets several choices in Modesto. Do any hounds out there kno...