Let's dish on the best restaurants in Modesto. If you need a dinner recommendation, quick lunch, or slice of pizza, ask local Chowhounds for the inside scoop.

Lunch in Modesto

by zinfanatic 3 days ago

We are heading to Modesto to march in the Women's March this Saturday, Jan 20. We are a group of about 6 women and wo...


zinfanatic commented 2 days ago

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Calif DFA to host several Farm Bill listening sessions

by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

"Modesto – Feb. 7, 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. DoubleTree Hotel (Napa Room) 1150 N...

Modesto, seeking good eats

by Professor Salt 9 years ago

I'm spending the week in Modesto, CA in advance of the bbq contest this weekend. I'm looking for any suggestions for ...


loveyournoms commented 2 years ago

LA to Modesto- highway 5 and 99- recs???

by running pig 11 years ago

Hi all: I am traveling from LA to Modesto, using highway 5 one way and 99 the other way. Other than Harris Ranch, ...


Wxwax commented 3 years ago

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Modesto lunch

by dimsumgirl 4 years ago

I'm going to be in Modesto for a morning meeting and looking for a place for lunch. It's been a couple of years sinc...

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Carne en su jugo, El Rosal, Modesto

by susancinsf 5 years ago

In the car on the way up to Modesto to run a few errands, hubby and I were both lamenting that, while Merced has some...

Modesto Korean Kitchen

by Agrippa 8 years ago

Driving around Modesto, I noticed a flyer posted on a random telephone pole advertising Korean food. I was looking ...


Ronbo36 commented 5 years ago

Ethnic markets in Modesto?

by GroovinGourmet 5 years ago

Specific ethnicity is not important, quality is... I have to prepare an ethnic meal as part of a cultural immersio...

Agrippa commented 5 years ago

Traveling CA 99 from Bakersfield to Modesto

by butrfli1227 6 years ago

I'm moving to Modesto from FL next week and we will be CA 99 around dinner time. What are some good places to stop f...

susancinsf commented 6 years ago

Seafood in Modesto ?

by kc girl 6 years ago

My friend wants to find a good fish restaruant in Modesto for her birthday tonight. So, you Modestan's out there.......

kc girl commented 6 years ago

Dewz In Modesto

by syrahgirl 7 years ago

This past Fri. night we dined at Dewz in downtown Modesto. Wow, what a find! The dining room was full when we walk...


SparklingSugar commented 6 years ago

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Greens Market Modesto

by Agrippa 6 years ago

Greens market, a small gourmet market/deli, opened in downtown Modesto a while back. It is a nice spot for purchasi...

Help! Looking for "Ranch Style" steakhouse anywhere from Oxnard to Modesto for Birthday...

by JKCDN 7 years ago

I am dying to celebrate my birthday at a steakhouse with outdoor seating in a rural setting. A place where cold beer ...

glbtrtr commented 6 years ago

Croatian food within 100 miles of Modesto?

by dephal 7 years ago

I'm spending this semester living in Croatia, and I know when I return to California I'm going to miss Croatian food ...


dephal commented 7 years ago

Chinese Food Rec's from Modesto to Stockton?

by rockawayguy 7 years ago

New to the area, need suggestions for good Chinese Restaurants from Modesto to Stockton. Any Chinese cuisine is fine....


ricepad commented 7 years ago

Need a special occasion dinner place in / around Modesto

by askann 7 years ago

We're not familiar with the offerings there, but need to do something in that part of the world. The food tastes of t...

EastBayShortcake commented 7 years ago

Awesome Espresso & Coffee Modesto

by Agrippa 7 years ago

Check out 'Serrano Social Club' if you want excellent coffee that is on par with blue bottle/ritual. I stumbled upo...

Agrippa commented 7 years ago

Any Vietnamese closer to Merced than Modesto or Fresno? Or best in Modesto or Fresno?

by susancinsf 8 years ago

Sigh: the one Vietnamese restaurant that I know of in Merced (The Rice Bowl) appears to be closed. Google "Vietnamese...


hdo0903 commented 8 years ago

Hanna's Kuchenhouse Bakery, Modesto

by susancinsf 8 years ago

SF Chowhound Windy had tipped me off to Hanna's, which she had discovered on a trip to Yosemite, and suggested it mig...

toodie jane commented 8 years ago