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Whole Foods Mochi Ice Cream?

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Last weekend I noticed the self-serve freezer case for mochi ice cream at the Laguna Beach Whole Foods. According to ...


chefdara commented 1 year ago

Osaka-ya (snow cones, ice cream, manju, mochi), Sacramento - anyone?

by hhc 9 years ago

I read about Osaka-Ya from a poster on the SF Bay Area board. Made fresh daily for 43yrs. Anyone else have experien...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 2 years ago

Make pseudo-mochi with rice flour+starch?

by TavisC 3 years ago

I love mochi. But, I'm a poor college student, and none of the grocery stores near me carry sweet rice. They do howev...


jirehP. commented 3 years ago

Where to buy Lotte Mochi Ice Cream?

by MorningLattes 3 years ago

I've been desperately trying to find Lotte Mochi ice cream, has anyone seen them sold anywhere? They used to have t...


MorningLattes commented 3 years ago

Butter mochi

by Monica 6 years ago

I discovered a dessert called butter mochi recently while browsing my favorite food blog and i want to try making it ...


chefhound commented 3 years ago

Mochi Deaths Increasing in Japan

by Pookipichu 4 years ago I had no idea one of my favorite foods is so ...


Chemicalkinetics commented 4 years ago

Mochi at Yuen Hop (Oakland Chinatown)

by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

At last week's chowdown at Nido in Oakland (, we were treated to an extra des...


K K commented 4 years ago

Mochi in Edmonton

by Suzie4399 5 years ago

Hello all, I just got back from a wonderful 2 weeks in Maui, where I fell in love with mochi. I found some at T&T, b...


tom8olvr commented 4 years ago

Do you Mochi??

by PotatoHouse 4 years ago

I have been perusing Mochi recipes and images for a few months now and I think I am (almost) ready to give them a try...


jibberjabberwocky commented 4 years ago

Hanaka: Fresh Mochi at the Ft. Greene Brooklyn Flea (Saturdays only)

by kathryn 4 years ago

Looks amazing, anybody here tried these yet? I haven't seen strawberry-adzuki mochi sin...


Pookipichu commented 4 years ago

mochi rice cakes

by rschenk 4 years ago

my daughter came home with Mochi frozen rice cakes Shirakiku brand there are 12 cakes in the package. My question is ...


BigSal commented 4 years ago

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Where to find Moffles/Mochi-Waffles in Toronto

by mango_madness 4 years ago

Where can I find mochi-waffles also known as rice cake waffles? I only found one place called Cafe Princess by Yonge/...

Good Mochi in Toronto?

by eco_bach 4 years ago

While in San Francisco last week my girlfriend and I experienced some amazing fresh strawberry Mochi at Benykyodo in ...


lilaki commented 4 years ago

Frozen Mochi

by van 12 years ago

Bought frozen mochi from the japanese grocery store. Not sure what to do with it. Any suggestions?


icecreammochi commented 4 years ago

Mochi ice cream in tokyo

by Monkert 4 years ago

I am going to be in Tokyo in a few weeks and am looking for mochi ice cream (like lotte's yukimi daifuku but perhaps ...


Monkert commented 4 years ago

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Any shop specialize in Japanese Mochi in Vancouver at all ?

by intelguy 4 years ago

I don't come across any so far.

Yomogi Mochi?

by DanGow 5 years ago

Hi there, fellow chowists! Can anyone point me in the direction of the lovely Japanese treat mochi & mugwort (yomogi...


DanGow commented 5 years ago

Mochi au gratin at Shokudo

by allyincali1 5 years ago

I loved the mochi au gratin at Shokudo when we visited Hawaii. I've looked and looked online for a similar recipe to ...


BleuBird commented 5 years ago

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Mochi au gratin at Shokudo

by allyincali1 5 years ago

I loved the mochi au gratin at Shokudo when we visited Hawaii. I've looked and looked online for a similar recipe to ...

Mochi for beginners?

by adventuresinbaking 5 years ago

Hi! I'm surprising my boyfriend with some Japanese snacks for his birthday in a few weeks. I'm working on red bean pa...


adventuresinbaking commented 5 years ago

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