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Can I replace my KitchenAid bowl?

by sparkling_girl 9 years ago

Hi, i have a KitchenAid classic which came with a 4.5 qt bowl. I am trying to replace the bowl as it's so small. Will a 6 QT bowl fit my machine? Thank you in advance

Stand Mixer for making pasta dough - which one?

by Toronto416 3 years ago

I have become adept at making pasta dough by hand, but would probably make it more often if I had some mechanical help to both speed up the process and make it less messy. Batches of pasta dough c...

KitchenAid 6QT 590watt @Costco $269.99 + $50 rebate last day

by Jillsee 3 years ago

I just ordered one. I figure for that price, plus the $50 rebate, it's a good deal. As far as I can tell it's similar to the KP26M1XC model. Only difference I see is Costco is 590 watts( vs 575w...

KitchenAid Mini 3.5Q or Pro 6Q?

by MmeSylvie 3 years ago

First time poster here seeking advice on stand mixers. I'd like to get a KitchenAid stand mixer and am deliberating between two models. The 3.5 quart Mini is perfect in terms of size, since it'...

KitchenAid MIxer - Do I really need one?

by lulou23 9 years ago

So, I am contemplating putting a KA mixer on my Christmas list. I'm not a huge baker, but I would like to try some breads and the occasional dessert. I need to know what everyone uses their mixe...

Stand mixers

by ReeseLee 4 years ago

Hi everyone, Time to purchase my next stand mixer. Currently, I have the Kitchen Aid Artesian. I previously owned the Kitchen Aid 600. I was thinking of purchasing the Pro-Line series but the r...

Kitchenaid Mixers: Tried and True (K5SS) vs Brand New (Professional 600)

by TyrannosaurusXraySpecs 4 years ago

I have a 20ish yr old kitchenaid K5SS mixer. It's done right by me and has never felt too small, as we are a 2 person household. I've just inherited a newer Kitchenaid Professional 600 mixer, which...

KitchenAid grinder attachment vs. Champion Juicer?

by tubman 4 years ago

I've been treated to a friend's frozen banana "ice cream" which comes out beautifully from his Champion Juicer ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rAb4duG7nQ ). Would the food grinder attachment for...

Hobart KitchenAid K4533

by HolyPig 4 years ago

Hello All, My KitchenAid Classic Plus recently died on me while kneading bread. After doing some research I found that KitchenAids made by Whirlpool and not Hobart (the original maker) don't last ...

Breville vs. Kitchenaid

by SonyBob 6 years ago

Hi All - I was planning on getting my wife for Christmas,a Kitchenaid Artisan or Pro but I'm also intrigued by the Breville BEM800XL. I like the price and it looks like it has some nice features. ...

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer k45 Question

by tatayray 11 years ago

New here... thanks in advance for the advice. I just bought an old used k45 hobart kitchenaid mixer. i was going to repack the grease and when i opened up the planetary housing, the grease looked...

Kitchenaid mixer model KP26M1X bowl won't fit

by trica 4 years ago

I have a 6 qt 575 watt Mixer Model #KP26M1X the bowl will not fit! Seems to be to small Anyone know why??

KitchenAid mixers on sale at Best Buy

by MikeG 4 years ago

I don't know how long these prices are good for (4/2 maybe?), but while looking at some other things on Best Buy's website, I came across these, if anyone's interested: KV25 ("Professional 5 Plu...

Kitchen Aid Pasta Roller

by CDod 4 years ago

The setting knob on the KA pasta roller is very difficult to pull out and turn. Has anyone else had this problem?

Question about Kitchen Aid Mixer

by girlygirl 13 years ago

Is it normal for my Kitchen Aid Mixer to have pools of oil spilling out of it? My husband called Kitchen Aid and the person said it was normal, especially if it's not used often. The person said ...

Kitchenaid Mixer and Dishwasher

by girlonavespa 4 years ago

I am so frustrated with the whisk attachment on my kitchenaid mixer!! The stupid thing is not dishwasher compatible and I can't find a replacement which is. The aluminum oxidizes and leaves grey gr...

Painting a Kitchenaid Mixer?

by DBinNOLA 4 years ago

I did ask this question in an off topic to another post, but thought a new post may get me an answer. I have a question about painting the KA mixers. I just purhased a used mixer for $200 and am h...

Need help! KitchenAid mixers heavy duty watt 325 vs professional 5 watt 350

by SpicyInSeattle 4 years ago

My cousin recently moved out of town and gifted me her professional 5 watt 350 KitchenAid mixer model# ksm50p0b (she only used it once in 6yrs :/ ) I'm lucky enough to already own a heavy duty watt...

Kitchenaid Hobart Mixer help with finding beaters

by robynrex 4 years ago

My fiance found an vintage hobart Kitchenaid k45 at a thrift shop for 50 dollars and no attachments. We thought it was the newer one that was listed on the box but it was the older one. Anyways I a...

kitchenaid mixer repair?

by essvee 4 years ago

Stripped a gear in my beloved Kitchenaid. Anyone know a place that might be able to fix it? Thanking you.