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This President’s Day, Raise a Glass from The Original Presidential Winery: Jefferson Vineyards

Many Americans blessed (or afflicted) with wine obsession can summarize the cause of their wine fever in one simple phrase: time spent in France. OG Founding Father Thomas Jefferson was no exception...

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by Waco_Fellow 1 year ago

We'll be driving from NYC to Delfest in Cumberland MD, taking I-81 to I-68. I'm looking for ideas of where to eat lunch along this route. Also breakfast and dinner spots in Cumberland or in Frost...

Authentic Chinese in Howard County

by BalmerBoy 1 year ago

What are the good authentic Chinese restaurants in Howard County, MD? I want to celebrate Chinese New Year's tomorrow. Thanks!

Near Burke, VA please help

by rcburli 1 year ago

Will be staying a few days in Burke, VA with a group. We will not have cars. Short of taking a taxi to Alexandria or Washington, is there anything near there for dinners?

ISO Beef Ribs

by tubman 1 year ago

Any restaurants in the DMV (preferably Montgomery County) that feature them? Something I can pick up and eat with my hands if possible, but a braised short rib entree will suffice. TIA.

What's good in Rock Hall and Chestertown these days

by curioussheridan 1 year ago

We're looking for a couple of lunch and dinner places that focus on good food, whether seafood or not. Any ideas? As usual, I'll report back on anything interesting

Recommendations for Rock Hall, MD area

by debsteve 16 years ago

We're staying in Rock Hall this weekend for the first time. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks.

Coffee bean sellers

by tinpanalley 1 year ago

I'm trying to find coffee bean and accessory sellers in the Silver Spring, Maryland or DC areas that sell sealed bag brands of imported coffees like Miscela d'Oro. I'm specifically looking for that...

Weekday Brunch

by mrsphud 1 year ago

Friends are coming in for a hill day and a quick visit with us. They will be staying in Arlington, but we live in Gaithersburg. Where might we go for a nice relaxing Wednesday afternoon brunch?

DC/NOVA restaurant with outdoor patio for corporate event

by waherne 1 year ago

Hello All, My company wants to host a happy hour get together in Northern Virginia (or maybe DC) and we were thinking a place with open seating outside would be great. A patio with bar type sea...

Snuffy's, Scotch Plains

by HillJ 12 years ago

At the risk of dating myself, I haven't heard anyone on these board (especially Jersey folk) discuss Snuffy's in Scotch Plains. Feeling rather nostalgic these days, I remember the original "shack"...

Grilled Oyster Co near the Cathedral - Report

by Steve 1 year ago

This place looks new, and I was intrigued by their abundant Happy Hour offering and prices. They also have a location in Potomac, MD. I first went for a couple of fresh local oysters for $1 api...

Early Breakfasts in Arlington, VA?

by sophiejj 2 years ago

I need to get out of the house first thing in the morning and although I cooked for a living for many years, I much prefer to have my egg white omelettes made for me, and diet sodas poured while I ...

Cajun Kates Wilmington

by Ardenlady 1 year ago

Sorry to rain on a parade but the quality control at this place needs a "heads up". Jambalaya: said to be Shrimp, chicken, and sausage had ONE shrimp yesterday, very little chicken and was mostly ...

Washington DC near Convention Center (Shaw, Logan Circle), 2017?

by kagi 1 year ago

So, what's up in that neighborhood lately? I'll be there for two lunches and at least one dinner. I'll be with conventioneers, so the criteria are probably 1) nothing too fancy (too bad, I do wan...

Springfield, VA area spots

by FoodDude2 2 years ago

I recently moved from Arlington to Springfield and thought I would provide some updated reviews of local spots we have tried since moving in a few weeks ago. Golden Hong Kong Chinese---located n...

Locally-Made Frozen Chinese Dumplings in MD/DC

by SnackyOnassis 1 year ago

Is there a resource in the area (preferably in MD) for good, locally produced frozen Chinese dumplings? There is a restaurant here in San Francisco (Kingdom of Dumpling) that has its own, separ...

Box Hill Pizza crab cakes

by Barbarella 2 years ago

I know it is a secret recipe but I would love to know how they make those glorious crab cakes. I am in NJ and not looking to make them anywhere but at home. Any idea? Can't figure it out.

Zynodoa in Staunton, VA - Report

by Steve 1 year ago

Zynodoa in downtown Staunton is a casually elegant spot for upscale Virginia cuisine. Think wooden table tops, an amuse bouche, an option of a prix fixe menu, and a wine list. neither jeans nor a...

Cocktail Pairings

by hadedabird 1 year ago

So it is the beginning of November and tomorrow we are heading out for 4 days in our RV, Friday will be 78 dropping to 50 and the rest of the weekend will be cool. The following are meals we hav...

Living the dream where Gablers used to be...

by SuzyV341 1 year ago

I moved into a home that was built where Gablers Crab Shack used to be. I'd love to pay homage to this nostalgic place by framing some photos or newspaper clippings of it. Does anyone have pictures?