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New York's Michelin-Starred Restaurants Are Announced for 2020

The 2020 Michelin results are out in the city that (arguably) spends more time and energy both eating and arguing about food and restaurants. While Japan may boast three of the world's top four Michelin...

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Chicago Michelin Star Restaurants Prediction

by mountsac 10 years ago

While we wait (with extreme excitement!) for Chicago's Michelin Red Guide, I think it'd be fun to have the Chicago foodies make our own predictions first. Here's my 2 cents: *** Alinea ...

How far in advance does one need to reserve at Michelin starred restaurants and casual restaurants in Paris?

by ManhattanLawyer 10 years ago

Hello, My husband and I are contemplating taking a slightly last-minute vacation to France and we'd be in Paris the last week in June. Would all the top restaurants already be booked at this poin...

Most modern of the high end (2/3 Michelin stars) in London?

by themkook 10 years ago

Hey - I am on somewhat of an unusual quest. Essentially I am looking to book dinner for a small group of friends and colleagues (4-6 people) at a fantastically good restaurant. So I am curious ...

Anniversary Lunch & Dinner at ("Better Value") Michelin Stars Restaurants in Paris?

by luvylux 10 years ago

We plan to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary for 5 days in Paris, and plan to dine at least one lunch and one dinner at a 1 -3 Michelin stars rated restaurants. We have narrowed down our choic...

UK Michelin Stars 2010

by DollyDagger 10 years ago

For those who haven't already seen them, the UK Michelin Stars were announced today. Here's the full list: http://servicesv2.webmichelin.com/frontnews/servlet/GetElement?elementCode=56905 And...

Advice on Paris Michelin starred dining requested

by hesaid_nola 10 years ago

I am taking my wife to Paris in late January for her 30th b'day. We are foodies from New Orleans, and she loves fine dining. I'd like to give her one night in an absolute world-class Parisian re...

Oakland: Coe-me (Commis) – very deserving of its Michelin star

by rworange 11 years ago

Great staff. Great atmosphere. Great food. The staff is warm, the restaurant is convivial and personal, the food is the tops in its category. The majority of people who like California cuisine s...

Recommendation for Sunday Lunch in Paris (Michelin starred)

by Caroline72 11 years ago

HI Spending a weekend in Paris. I have booked Le Cinq for lunch on Saturday, but I'm looking for suggestions for Sunday lunch. I'd like a michelin starred restaurant, that hopefully has a set...

Three Michelin stars for Daniel.

by Withnail42 11 years ago

Just released is the new michelin guide for New York. Daniel has finally won it's third star.

Michelin Star Restaurant Phx

by petee330 11 years ago

I'm a foodie who is going to be visiting my hometown Phoenix in October. As a bonding experience, my father has agreed to take me to ANY restaurant in the city. I have never been to a Michelin star...

3 Michelin Stars Schedule in Aug 2009 - Paris

by hong_kong_foodie 11 years ago

I contacted most if not all of the three Michelin star restaurants in Paris, and here are their schedules for July and August 2009: L'Arpège, Guy Savoy, Le Cinq, and Bristol are all open Ledoye...

Michael Mina, 2 Michelin Stars, WTF?

by foodoffury 11 years ago

As a Vegas resident I have already gotten used to the idea that Michelin Stars represent depth of wine list above all other things. Tonight's meal for three underscored this with a certainty. At...

LA Michelin Starred Restaurants ('09 Guide) just released ...

by a213b 12 years ago

Listed Below (3 rosettes, 2 rosettes,1 rosette ... I left off Bib Gourmand and other notable restaurants) * * * None * * Melisse Providence Urasawa Spago * Asanebo Bastide Cut Din...

LA Michelin Starred Restaurants ('09 Guide) just released ...

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 12 years ago

We've moved a thread on this topic to the Food Media and News board at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/566243

Went to La Botte - night before the michelin star comes out

by Jerome 12 years ago

Wanted to go to la botte before the guide comes out and the star's in and it gets harder to get in. Service as always was impeccable. From the greetings - not sure if stefano really remembered m...

Typical 'Western' Michelin Star meal in Tokyo

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 12 years ago

I noticed most postings on this board by fellow chowhounders have been centred on Japanese cuisine, be it sushi, Kaiseki, contemporary Japanese etc. With my memory still relatively fresh from my la...

03/08 Cortez Well Deserves Its One Michelin Star

by opinionatedchef 12 years ago

We had a really wonderful evening here on the 2nd night of our' fab. Cal. foodie vaca.' We also learned that evening that the owners (the talented Bay Bread consortium) have sold Cortez to a loya...

Most 'Under-rated' Michelin Star Restaurants

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 12 years ago

One of the most pleasurable feeling pertaining to fine dining was being able to pick out those under-rated star establishments that are on the verge of 'multiple-stardom'. In a way, it is an achiev...

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