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New York's Michelin-Starred Restaurants Are Announced for 2020

The 2020 Michelin results are out in the city that (arguably) spends more time and energy both eating and arguing about food and restaurants. While Japan may boast three of the world's top four Michelin...

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If I had any doubts about Aquavit deserving a Michelin star before...

by sgordon 8 years ago

...those doubts are gone. Dinner last night was fantastic. When Marcus Jernmark took over the kitchen, there was understandably some doubt. He was young to be taking the lead role in such an ins...

SF Michelin Stars 2012

by deepfry7 8 years ago

The full list isn't out for another couple of hours, but congrats to Chef David Kinch and his chef de cuisine, John Paul Carmona, for garnering their 3rd Michelin star. Unfortunately I have yet to...

dress code for michelin star restaurants

by candles471 9 years ago

Hi, we are heading to Alkimia, Arzak and Akelarre. As boyfriend hates wearing suit, will we fit in if he wears shirt and normal jeans? Thanks.

Great value Michelin Starred restaurant in London- suggestions here

by Winkypedia 9 years ago

I love trying Michelin starrred restaurants and be my own judge. But recently I also develop an interesting in finding good value Michelin Starred restaurants without breaking the bank. I thought I...

When do the Michelin stars come out?

by DownUnder 9 years ago

For Paris 2011 it must be soon. Strangely just about all other places are revealed, but not Paris which I would have thought would be the first. Will Le Cinq get it's third again?

3-Michelin Star Chef Santi Santamaria died of heart attack at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

by M_Gomez 9 years ago

I was just reading about this in this morning's Today newspaper. It happened during a gourmet summit. Oh dear, I wonder what's going to happen to Santi Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands now. It's all...

NYC Michelin Stars 2011

by peter j 9 years ago

Eater just published the new Michelin Star Rankings for 2011 (N denotes a new ranking): THREE STARS Daniel Jean Georges Le Bernardin Masa Per Se TWO STARS Alto Chef Table at Brookl...

Michelin Stars Are Out

by chicgail 9 years ago

What do you think? Three stars The following restaurants earned three stars for having exceptional cuisine and being worth the visit: * Alinea * L20 Two stars: * Avenues...

Stockholm & Michelin stars

by jdc 9 years ago

Does anyone out there know which Stockholm restaurant was the first to be a star by Michelin and when?

SF Michelin Stars 2011

by fm1963 9 years ago

From Eater ("N" denotes a newly starred restaurant): THREE STARS (exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey) The French Laundry The Restaurant at Meadowood (N) TWO STARS (excellent cui...

NYC 2011 Michelin Star Predictions?

by ramenbound 9 years ago

The list is out in two days. Not much time for predictions but I figure it's always entertaining (and I'm surprised no one's posted about this). Any predictions for additions/subtractions or ne...

NYC Michelin Stars 2011 -- moved to Food Media and News

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 9 years ago

We've moved this thread to our Food Media and News board. It can be found here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/738737

Michelin star or high end dining in Singapore, money is no object...

by exbauer 9 years ago

I am going to be in Singapore for 3 days impressing some clients. The clients are really foodies and I am looking for the best of the best of Singapore. Michelin star, high end, best of the best ...

Best Food and Value - 1 Michelin Star

Moshi Moshi
by Moshi Moshi 9 years ago

I will be in Paris next week and wish to dine at a 1 star (perhaps 2 stars if not too pricey) restaurant during lunch that screams "bang for your euro". Which 1 star restaurants are the current ch...

Hong Kong please !! Kindly review 3 French Michelin star restaurant in HK

by Robynaga 10 years ago

I have an opportunity to visit HK and decided to joy my experience with some michelin star restaurant. I have 3 in minds so please kindly review in term of foods and price for Caprice, L'Atelier an...

Chicago Michelin Star Restaurants Prediction

by mountsac 10 years ago

While we wait (with extreme excitement!) for Chicago's Michelin Red Guide, I think it'd be fun to have the Chicago foodies make our own predictions first. Here's my 2 cents: *** Alinea ...

How far in advance does one need to reserve at Michelin starred restaurants and casual restaurants in Paris?

by ManhattanLawyer 10 years ago

Hello, My husband and I are contemplating taking a slightly last-minute vacation to France and we'd be in Paris the last week in June. Would all the top restaurants already be booked at this poin...

Most modern of the high end (2/3 Michelin stars) in London?

by themkook 10 years ago

Hey - I am on somewhat of an unusual quest. Essentially I am looking to book dinner for a small group of friends and colleagues (4-6 people) at a fantastically good restaurant. So I am curious ...

Anniversary Lunch & Dinner at ("Better Value") Michelin Stars Restaurants in Paris?

by luvylux 10 years ago

We plan to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary for 5 days in Paris, and plan to dine at least one lunch and one dinner at a 1 -3 Michelin stars rated restaurants. We have narrowed down our choic...

UK Michelin Stars 2010

by DollyDagger 10 years ago

For those who haven't already seen them, the UK Michelin Stars were announced today. Here's the full list: http://servicesv2.webmichelin.com/frontnews/servlet/GetElement?elementCode=56905 And...

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