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Mojo Magic: The Best Cuban Pork (& Cubano Sandwiches) You'll Ever Eat

A great Cubano depends on great pork, and this Cuban pork recipe is just as perfect on its own as it is stuffed into a classic Cuban sandwich. Summer is still with us, but autumn will soon be in the...

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Good Cookies In Miami????

by Miami Movie Guy 18 years ago

Any leads for really good bakeries in Miami/Dade that make "old school" oatmeal cookies???

Dim Sum in Miami Area???

by Bob Shapiro 18 years ago

I am wondering if any Chinese places in Miami or the outlying cities offer up Dim Sum on Sunday or Saturday for brunch. I Los Angeles we have "China Town", but it haven't found such an area here in...

Miami: Joe Allen's?

by Dawne and Larry Hall 18 years ago

In late March we will be in Miami for a one-night layover (so it's gotta count) before heading to Key West. We will be staying in the general area of Ocean Drive: any suggestions for dinner within ...

Miami to Key West - road suggestions

by W Dennis 18 years ago

we are planning a drive from Miami to Key West, with a few days to be spent in KW - does anyone have suggestions for good place on the road to/from Miami or in the lower Keys? Road food, haute cui...

Cheap GOOD Italian food in Miami. .. HELP!

by Denise 18 years ago

Fellow Chowhounds, A good friend (and my partner in pizza inspection) told me that Italianni's in Kendall has closed. .. I know they are a chain owned by TGI Friday's, but they had Italian food s...

Miami Beach Restaurant Recommendations?

by Dena 20 years ago

My husband and I are going to Miami Beach for Thanksgiving and I'm looking for restaurant recommendations. I've looked through these postings and found a few, so I know for sure we'll be heading t...

Help! A Miami Virgin Needs Excellent Reccomendation for New Years!

by julia 19 years ago

L.A. girl heads east for a SoBe New Year's! Can you help a dedicated chowhound dine well? We'll be in South Beach for 4 days, including New Year's Eve. We were hoping for great Cuban, some high e...

Peking Duck

by Ron Bockman 19 years ago

Do we have a Peking Duck restaurant in Southeast Florida? Thanks, Ron rbockman@yahoo.com

restaurant review in Miami Beach

by Terry A. Glancy 19 years ago

Has anyone on this forum tried the restaurant Wish on MB?

Miami Vice

by julia 19 years ago

I just want to say how much I love the chowhound board. When cravings strike, or I need honest advice, I zip right over. Sometimes I can't resist putting my silly two cents in. But now I'm off ...

miami sushi

by frank 19 years ago

Any ideas for the best Sushi in the Miami Beach area? I'm going in September and have no clue. Also is the resataurant Chow still open? Thanks, Frank

Miami eats

by pam 19 years ago

I am going to a wedding in Miami in late October; will be staying downtown (Miami River Inn) am looking for an excellent lunch place. I have only one meal there so I want it to be exceptional, woul...

forget miami, the best cheeseburger in SoFla is in ft. lauderdale!

by brandee 19 years ago

if you are in the mood for a huge juicy cheeseburger with all the fixin's in the world, go to cheeburger cheeburger on las olas boulvard in downtown ft. lauderdale. tons of choices, great fries (ge...

Latin American in Miami

by Deborah Pastor 20 years ago

I will be in Miami and would like to go to some Latin American places (not Cuban, I already have my favorites there!). I like fish, if that helps. Deborah

Miami Eats

by ivanstoler 20 years ago

Just got back from Miami. Some real changes, Joes stone Crabs keeps getting larger but NOT better. Fish was frozen, prices have increased tremendously. it's not worth the wait. And, I was told t...

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