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South African Meat Pies

by ishmael 10 years ago

My friend just rreturned from South Africa and can't stop raving about the almost ubiquitous pie shops. He said they ...


dianawild commented 1 month ago

Sides to go with Tourtiere??

by saintp 3 years ago

Hello...I make a tourtiere (French Canadian meat pie) once a year for my Dad's birthday. I always seem to have troub...


Marthabeaver commented 2 months ago

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Chicken Borek (Tavuklu Borek)

Chicken Pot Pie vs Chicken Pie

by kpaumer 7 years ago

My friends and I were watching the Barefoot Contessa, and she made a Lobster Pot Pie, I started the argument by sayin...

DonShirer commented 4 months ago

The Best Tourtiere in Montreal

by finefoodie55 5 months ago

I used to pick up my Tourtiere's at La Binerie on Mont Royal, but I need a change, can you point me in the right dire...


OliverB commented 4 months ago

South African/ British style meat Pies in Sarasota

by ezpiez 6 years ago

We have a new Pie Shop in Sarasota specialising in meat pies in a "puff" pastry pocket. A great easy and quick meal...


johnsizer commented 5 months ago

Shepherd's Pie - With or Without Pastry

by Emmalilly 7 months ago

Settle an argument for me. Growing up Shepherd's Pie was beef mince (ground hamburger for the American's) with gravy...


Foxeyblue commented 7 months ago

Help with a recipe from Chef Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Kitchen: Cajun Meat Pies

by avidfan 4 years ago

I would love suggestions and advice. I'm supposed to make Paul Prudhomme's Cajun Meat Pies with Hot Meat filling f...


WINDELLA commented 7 months ago

Quebecois Tourtiere or First Nations meat pie??

by HulkGreen 3 years ago

Had a real great meat pie a few years back when visiting the Mohawk reservation near Montreal, Quebec. It was fairly ...


JeanneMNY commented 1 year ago

Why Aren’t Americans Into Meat Pies?

by stevewi 1 year ago

This was posted on this afternoon: A totally ...


acgold7 commented 1 year ago

Bakers? Lard for meat pie crust, Cornish Pasty

by zackly 3 years ago

I want to make for a British friend a "proper Cornish Pasty". The recipes online are pretty straightforward and rigid...


kariin commented 1 year ago

SGV Chinese takeout - no dumplings, buns, noodles, meat pies

by ristretto 1 year ago

Seems like these get all the attention these days, but I'm looking for biandang,便當 - pork chop over rice, 3-item comb...

Mr. Roboto commented 1 year ago

ISO meat pies

by non sequitur 4 years ago

The local bakery in highland village (East Scarborough) went under in the past year, and I've lost my source for meat...

non sequitur commented 1 year ago

Meat pie recipe?

by AmandaRG 2 years ago

I'm hosting a Sweeney Todd themed dinner and I of course need to make a meat pie. I however, have never baked a meat...


AmandaRG commented 2 years ago

Harrison MI (north of Clare): PASTIES!

by coney with everything 3 years ago

We went camping last weekend in Wilson State Park, in the town (really IN the town) of Harrison. A lesser light of Mi...

rainsux commented 2 years ago

Did You Go to the Meat Pies Competition in 2013? 2014 Edition Tomorrow!

by opinionatedchef 3 years ago

The annual Dundee Meat Pies Competition is tomorrow, at K.O. Pies in the Chastown Navy Yard.Did anyone go last year? ...

opinionatedchef commented 3 years ago

3 Great Chinese Meat Pies in Los Angeles

by SilverlakeGirl 3 years ago

Another List:

jessejames commented 3 years ago

Tourtiere, a Quebec specialty - Meat Pie (recipe)

by morebubbles 10 years ago

All this talk about ground pork and about chicken stock got me to bring out my favorite tourtiere recipe, for which I...

iL Divo commented 3 years ago