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Get organized. Give your best meal planning tips, and find out how other Chowhounds organize their meals from recipe planning to grocery shopping.

How To Meal Prep On a Budget

Tired of circling the Whole Foods hot bar on your lunch break? More importantly, isn’t your wallet tired? There’s only one way to solve this first world problem and it’s made up of two words: meal prep...

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What to serve with king crab legs

by superluckycat 6 years ago

We are having a small dinner party with King crab legs. What would you serve as side dishes? It has to be simple but elegant or something made mostly ahead since we have a small space and dealing w...

Weight Watchers Foodies... the holidays are upon us

by debbypo 6 years ago

Hi... I don't really get the new Beta site and was trying to reach out to Roxlet who has been initiating this thread without success. I need support and want to share with other home cooks and fo...

help with planning meal for veg/gluten free dinner party

by poochiechow 6 years ago

hi all - i'm in charge of planning a dinner for 8-9 people for a party in honor of a dear friend. she's really into food and will eat anything, but half the guests are vegetarian and one is glu...

Ideas for All Meals-No Freezer or Microwave

by Ms.Hangry 6 years ago

I am going to college soon and I need to opt out of the meal plan due to a tomato/grapefruit allergy (and also the meal plan is pricey)! For those who opt out of the meal plan, they receive a large...

ISO entree ideas for a dinner party

by BEmama 6 years ago

First dinner party of the year yet am fresh out of ideas - lol. Can't serve seafood or dairy nor can I grill, but am open to pretty much anything else. TIA!

Help, 15-20 for Christmas dinner, 1 oven, no help!

by lesleyu 6 years ago

I have one oven...and guest count of 18-20. Many whom come for Christmas dinner after visiting other relatives. I have a mixed bag of guests. Some are foodies...like good quality elegant dinner, ra...

COTM JANUARY 2016: ANNOUNCEMENT [The Zuni Cafe Cookbook]

by herby 6 years ago

The voting is over and there were no last minute surprises but a long steady way up and up to the win - condratulations go to THE ZUNI CAFE COOKBOOK: A COMPENDIUM of RECIPES & COOKING LESSONS from ...

Good resources for everyday menu planning/dish pairings?

by scoyart 6 years ago

To preface: I'm a home cook with a pretty wide skill set, but due to health constraints and having two toddlers, I tend to make a lot of one-pot meals or roasts with salad, etc. And so when I do w...

Help with ideas please

by Allenkii 6 years ago

I am expecting in early – mid January and since we don’t really have family locally, I am a bit worried about those first couple months and trying to get as prepared as possible. I am looking to m...

Christmas Food Review

by AvanthikaReddy 6 years ago

Hi All, How are you doing Foodies ?? Hope you had a Great Christmas this year .. By the way how was you celebrations ended up ? What are the Food preparations that are carried out in yo...

Renal Insufficiency

by jpr54_1 7 years ago

I am not seeking medical advice just recipes and cookbook suggestions. After visiting the Doctor this week, I was told that I needed to change my eating habits. Unfortunately, a referral to a d...

Please Help Me!! 12 People for a week!!!

by caiatransplant 6 years ago

Hi All. Although I love the holidays, my hips are without cartilage (double hip replacement coming up) and my back is, per my doc, "a train wreck." Although I tried to get out of Thanksgiving thi...

Low & Slow: Can Turkey Breast & Sirloin Tip Roast Share Oven?

by sheshechic 6 years ago

I have a whole turkey breast with breast bone and a sirloin tip roast tied into a round shape to cook for Christmas. Can they roast together using the Fourunder process or should I cook separately?

Dinner ideas - help please

by Boychucker 6 years ago

My husband and I like to eat little bites for dinner. Smoked salmon, pickled and raw vegetables, hummus, cheese, small salads and relishes, olives, that kind of thing. We are low carb, no pasta, ri...


by herby 6 years ago

Nominations are now closed. Twenty four books were nominated for January 2016 COTM and the following two have moved to the voting round: The Zuni Cafe Cookbook by Judy Rodgers. This book was COT...

Advice re pork loin / sauce-glaze (?)

by atomicpurple 6 years ago

Hi. I'm not a cook! I can handle simple recipes. I found a recipe for a pork loin (and I have a big one), that I intend to cover with cherries and bacon ( http://www.realsimple.com/food-recipes/b...

What to cook for a new beau Christmas eve...and oven won't be fixed in time

by rayrayray 6 years ago

Hi Friends, Long story short...waiting for a part for my oven but range still works. New beau is coming for Christmas eve and I am cooking. Want to make something elegant but not fussy. Due to hi...

Braised beef short ribs - a pork alternative?

by Village Idiot 6 years ago

I'm going to visit some friends for the Christmas weekend and I have a braised beef short ribs is marsala sauce recipe that they requested, but the one roommate says she doesn't eat beef. Is there ...

Cooking for a new Date

by LookingBusy 6 years ago

Hi folks! I have been on a couple dates with this new guy. We got in to a discussion about cooking. He thinks that because I am born and bred Canadian I can't be as good a cook as he is. So I...

Planning End of Hanukkah Party

by herby 6 years ago

We will be eight (six adults and two kids) on Sunday starting at 4pm and maybe another 2-4 people will stop by. I do not have large enough table to sit everyone and plan for people to sit around t...

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