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How To Meal Prep On a Budget

Tired of circling the Whole Foods hot bar on your lunch break? More importantly, isn’t your wallet tired? There’s only one way to solve this first world problem and it’s made up of two words: meal prep...

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Whole beef tenderloin

by roastedchestnuts 5 years ago

I have a whole beef tenderloin and I'm looking for suggestions on what to do with it. I am having a party for about 20-30 people and want to make the most of the beef tenderloin. On top of that, ...

Roasted Chicken Dinner

by divadi62 5 years ago

I will be serving a very casual dinner with friends and would love to serve cold roasted chicken. There will be a cheese platter with olives, dried cherries, and some walnuts scattered on the plate...

Need meeting food ideas

by RGC1982 11 years ago

I usually have lots of ideas, but this time, I am drawing a blank. A small group from the church is going to gather at my house at 7:00 PM on a weeknight, and I think I should have some food for t...

Lasagna for 15 ppl

by Estelle1967 5 years ago

Good day, Im starting my own catering company and i have to make beef mince lasagna for 15 ppl with a french salad and 15 mini hamburger rolls but im not sure how much lasagna must i make and how m...

Appetizers to serve with Asian lamb and coconut rice

by highlyunlikely 5 years ago

I am thinking of making these Asian lamb chops with coconut rice for a dinner party, but am at a loss as to what appetizers and desserts to serve. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! h...

What is your "go to" meal when there is too much month left at the end of the paycheque - past or present

by caseygirl 9 years ago

Food prices are rising - I don't know anyone who hasn't been hit these past few years trying to do more with less. I'm from a family of six children - very limited income.. I am most in awe of ...

Do I need plates and flatware for cheese course at a wedding?

by bertichoux 5 years ago

I'm planning a 4 course wedding menu. Salad, main, cheese, dessert. Each table would receive a cheese platter with a cheese knife. The debate is whether the dinner plates and utensils used for t...

What to serve with bun rieu

by knifeandforcum 5 years ago

Good Morning! I'm cooking my boyfriend's favorite dish, bun rieu, but I'm at a loss as to what to serve it with. Any suggestions for pairings, including appetizers, sides, cocktails, wines, etc...

Am I going to burn my house down?

by dukegirl 14 years ago

I have a 6 lb. roaster chicken I want to cook for dinner tonight, which will take a couple of hours to cook, which means putting it in the oven by about 3:00. But, I have to go get my daughter at ...

Young families

by buckeyemel 5 years ago

Any other parents of young children around? I'm a wife and mother of a three year old and one year old. I also have a demanding career as the director of a residential program for adolescents. I...

Four burners, microwave, blender and oven running at the same time!

by jbchowhound 5 years ago

Out of necessity to save time, money and eat healthy, after detailed research, trial and error and learning from restaurant chefs, I have a developed a technique to make five delicious gourmet qual...

Feedback on dinner party menu

by riotouspink 5 years ago

I'm hosting a dinner party with my boyfriend for 5-6 people and I'm looking for feedback/suggestions on my menu. This is the first non-holiday party menu I'm planning and I'm unsure what to cook wh...

31 crockpot freezer meals for back-to-school

by MidwesternerTT 5 years ago

I know there are some home cooks with young families who've posted here and thought you might appreciate a few new crockpot ideas. The author notes in the comments that she thaws overnight in the r...

ISO inspiration for "Bowls" meals

by CindyJ 5 years ago

In another thread (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/1020023), a poster mentioned that (s)he is "doing "bowls" now because they are so easy to do and because, to me, they taste so good." I love the...

Help! Need suggestions for Caprese salad and????

by Dogdaze 5 years ago

My vegetarian friend has offered to make us a caprese salad for lunch tomorrow and asked me to bring something to go with it. Her family owns a commercial bakery so bringing bread is not usually a...

Pulled pork and what other entree?

by zackly 5 years ago

I'm going to make pulled pork in my Kamado grill for a small (6 people)dinner party I'm having Saturday night. I want to serve another entrée but I'm drawing a blank. Something other than pork and ...

Before the Fast

by gorgeliot 5 years ago

I'm looking for menu ideas for saturday afternoon meal before the fast . Nothing too spicy , obviously.

Need inspiration for vegetarian, company-worthy dinner

by gourmanda 5 years ago

I am at a loss. I do not want to serve any land-based animal dishes and the water-based animals that I like to eat are too expensive to entertain a group. If it were winter I would do something a...

Offering alternative meals to children - yay or nay

by pumpkinspice 5 years ago

My baby is only 7 months but we have started solids. So far she likes everything so it has been super fun watching her try new foods. This has got me thinking what kind of parent will I be when we...

Birthday Party planning - help needed with the menu

The Oracle
by The Oracle 5 years ago

It's an early evening party (4p-8p) - expecting around 30 people (no kids). I'd like to make everything the week ahead and freeze and then thaw/reheat - leaving as little work as possible for th...

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