A Chocolate Snacking Cake with a Secret Ingredient

If you dig simple, moist chocolate cakes with only a handful of ingredients and an unadulterated, deeply chocolate-y flavor, have I got a treat for you. My recipe for chocolate snacking cake not only...

New Best Foods Mayonnaise - is it my imagination?

by aurora50 13 years ago

So I'm sitting here, eating my turkey sandwich at lunch, and I notice - the Best Foods doesn't taste quite right. Then I remember - I used the new squeeze bottle my sister just got at the store to...

Has Hellman's Mayo really changed?

by nofunlatte 5 years ago

I haven't purchased any for a couple of years (since I started making my own), but I'd always liked it in the past. This Slate article discusses how many users have detected both taste and texture ...

Kirkland mayonnaise

by kcshawman 7 months ago

Since it has been discontinued we are looking for another mayo. Niether of us like Hellmans. Heard Best Foods may have made Kirland brand.

More on the subject of Duke’s Mayonnaise

tim irvine
by tim irvine 8 months ago

I noted recently that Duke’s had new ownership. If they should drift from their recipe, I am ok with making my own mayonnaise, but I like the convenience of a big jar and find Duke’s very good. I...

Store Mayonaise

by nance6 3 years ago

has anyone else noticed that store mayo (hellmans) has no taste at all anymore... thinking they tried to make less fat.... used to be great on sandwiches... guess I'll try making my own.... thinkin...

Kewpie Taste Truck in San Francisco thru June 26

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 months ago

"Everything could use a little Kewpie, and to prove it we’re taking our products on the road in our new Taste Truck! Find us in and around San Francisco from now until June 26th and don’t forget to...

Mayo Fail

by Joshive 9 months ago

I made TWO batches of mayo that failed. i use half a lemon.. pinch of salt and pepper... one egg.. squeeze of mustard and 1 cup avocado oil... i poured the oil very slowly into the blender as it ...

Weird Mayo/Food Question

by breadchick 11 months ago

A family member does this on a regular basis, and I've seen it and it makes me skeeve out: he takes food (grilled chicken, sausages, etc.) and opens the mayo jar and dips the food in there. It leav...

Duke's Mayonnaise discovered...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

We were travelling thru Virginia recently and picked up a couple of jars of Duke's Mayo. We had heard a lot about it, but never tried. It is a southern product out of South Carolina with a 100 year...

Hellmans Original vs Hellmans Olive Oil Version

by Bashful3 5 years ago

I really wanted to love the new mayo in town. Bought a jar; tried it out spread on a meat sandwich--very nice. I am known for my egg salad and chicken salad. Knew I would taste the differ...

I need your experteses in cheeses - grilled cheese help please

by PeanutButterJelloTime 3 years ago

Make no bones about it, I am English and we are not the experts in grilled cheese. What I need to know is: for the outside of the bread, do I use butter or mayo?

Help! My Mayonaisse didn't set up!

by veggie_lover 9 years ago

My homemade mayo did not set up properly. Is there anything I can do to fix this. I've already used what I think is the maximum olive oil. My eggs were room temperature. Anyone have any though...

Does anyone else find this combo more than a little repulsive? Mayo + White Rice

by ipsedixit 7 years ago

Co-worker was eating this at lunch. Squirt bottle of Hellman's and a big bowl of what looked like converted white rice. Squirt, mix, repeat, then eat. I don't know about you, but just the ...

Dear god why can't I make mayo in my food processor?

by yobofofas 9 years ago

Ok, I'm going insane. Why can't I do this? I add two egg yolks, a teaspoon of mustard. Turn on the food processor, slowly pour in the oil (i've tried mind-numbingly slow to slow stream, and ever...

Is mayonaise *really* dangerous if left out?

by Howard-2 18 years ago

With summer approaching, we're sure to start hearing those warnings about the dangers of leaving potato salad (et al) out, because (allegedly) the mayo in those salads can easily go bad--presumably...

Wasabi Mayo, my best buddy!

Will Owen
by Will Owen 10 years ago

After finding this stuff essential for the perfect salmonburger, and for the quickest, easiest and yummiest devilled eggs, last night I pulled another trick I'd been thinking about, and damned if i...

Would you eat lime mayonnaise?

by iheartcooking 6 years ago

I've seen a few brands make mayo with lime juice, and I'm intrigued. Would you eat it? And if so, on what? Seems yummy.

Make cheap mayo better?

by mikelovin 3 years ago

Was just wondering if anyone knows what are the ingredients or prep that makes the difference between a cheap mayo and a good tasty mayo? Homemade mayo is the best! But I like for example Kraft ...