Making Matzo Ball Soup for Passover with the Wise Sons Deli Guys

Learn to make perfect matzo ball soup from the duo behind Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen—just the thing for Passover. (And right up there with other staples like tender brisket and that modern marvel...

Shopping for passover?

by mamajew 13 years ago

I seem to have this issue every year... I never know where is best to go to get all my passover goods. Last year what with the run on matzo on the west coast I got all thrown off and ended up havin...

Celebrating Passover 2021: March 27-April 4...

by gutreactions 11 months ago

How will it be different than it was last year? My family zoomed it last time. Will you be preparing traditional specialties at home, or will you order take-out? Where do you like to shop for the b...

Matzo Meal Substitute For Matzo Balls?

by animatrixie 8 years ago

Hey all! I live in a country that doesn't have matzo available in any form, but I'd like to make something getting as close to matzo balls as possible (I don't keep kosher, I'd just like to make s...

Passover planning

by sciencediet 2 years ago

So, how is everyone handling Passover this year (aside from the Zoom seder, which in our case will be brief)? I realized that one side effect of everyone having individual seders is that we are eac...

Help with matzoh "crack"!

by michaylarose 5 years ago

I'm looking for a great recipe/instructions for toffe and chocolate matzoh "crack" - I had it at a Passover gathering recently and would love to make it myself!

Toasted Matzah

by DebTheShabbatChef 5 years ago

My husband's mother came from Europe, and she used to dampen matzah, then toast it over the stove flame - so that the middle was slightly moist, but the outside was re-crisped. He remembers this b...

Matzah prices

by MartyB 5 years ago

My daughter just informed me that a friend saw that Moishe's, a typically low priced store in Flatbush was selling BROKEN Charedim shmurah matzah for $65 for two pounds. Is that the type of prices ...

Kosher food shops in Quebec City?

by tinpanalley 5 years ago

Does anyone happen to know if there are any kosher shops in Quebec City? I've been searching for matsoh meal or crackers.

Do matzoh balls freeze?

by somervilleoldtimer 6 years ago

I just made a LOT of chicken soup and a LOT of matzoh balls, mid-Passover. I'm not sure we'll finish them all. I would be happy to have the soup in the freezer, but what will happen if I include ...

Passover foods in Seattle

by GraceW 6 years ago

I am hoping to find some Passover foods in Seattle--especially good gefilte fish and possibly also the typical (although somewhat less than necessary) candy fruit slices. This is probably asking to...

Where can I buy Charedim Shmura Matzah in NYC area?

by uncle moishy 6 years ago

I've been buying it every year in Brooklyn at Glatt Mart on Avenue M. But this year Glatt Mart isn't carrying it. I Googled to get the bakery's phone number -- no answer. The Google sear...

What brand of thin shmurah matzah tastes most like Charedim

by MartyB 6 years ago

It looks like this question needs to be answered since Charedim obviously cannot meet the demand, so if you have tried Charedim and also tried others let us know if any other brand comes close. Ple...

Where can I buy Chareidim Shmurah Matzah?

by mr.meir 6 years ago

I cannot find Chareidim Shmurah Matzah anywhere. I always bought it directly from their bakery, but this year they said they are not selling to the general public. Please let me know if you know of...

Gefilte Fish substitution

by meinNYC 6 years ago

Usually use matzoh meal to bind when making for Passover. Have no matzoh meal and would like to use bread crumbs.Would that work? Thought to grind my own on a grater or should I buy some matzoh mea...

Holyland Matzo - where to find in NYC?

by qwerty1 7 years ago

I know it's very late to be asking, but does anyone know where I can find Holyland Matzo in Manhattan (or Brooklyn)? Trader Joe's used to carry it, but from speaking to a TJ employee none of the TJ...

Best size pot for matzah balls?

by roz 7 years ago

Friends: I'm going to be cooking matzah balls for a Seder tomorrow, using the traditional recipe from the Manischewitz matzah meal can The recipe calls for 1/2 cup of matzah meal, and in the pa...

Favorite Matzah Farfel Kugel Recipes

by mamaleh 11 years ago

I was just going through my cooking notes, and found some recipes for matzah farfel kugels. I usually make a standard mushroom celery one, and last year I made a really easy one with applesauce an...

Chareidim shmurah matzo

by KosherKing 7 years ago

Posting the annual question: is it still the best? Where to buy it?

Best Shmurah Matzah brands

by DevorahL 7 years ago

What are the best (thin, crispy, not burnt or stale tasting) brands of Shmurah matzah? I've always had Shatzer, which I like, but I'd rather know of a few good ones so I can get the best of what's ...

Storing matzoh crack for 2 weeks: freeze or not?

by TorontoJo 7 years ago

Has anyone ever tried freezing matzoh crack? Am I better off just keeping it in a tight container in my very chilly garage for 2 weeks? I'm not serving it until the 28th.

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