9 Coffee Alternatives to Wean Yourself Off the Beans

If you’re cutting back on coffee or quitting completely, these energizing drinks are great alternatives to try. The new year may (still) have you looking to make some changes in your diet, but some...

Matcha powder

by twodoggie_9z80 3 months ago

My local sources (Mom's, Sprouts) no longer carry the matcha powder that worked for me. Can any of you recommend a good source? Mail order is acceptable.

Matcha Cafe Maiko | Japantown - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

Recently I stopped by Matcha Cafe Maiko for a matcha latte. I'd not been aware that it's a tiny hole-in-the-wall in the Japantown mall for to-go orders only. The line was out the door, but it moves...

Tsujiri Patisserie

by elvisahmed 11 months ago

Folks I got to try this new addition to the dessert offering by Tsujiri. I think this spot is a matcha luvers dream as I came out thoroughly impressed. I tried the pound cake and cream puff on the ...

Breadbelly | Inner Richmond District - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 8 months ago

Open since year-end, Breadbelly was my first pick to catch-up over lunch with a chef friend in April. Trying to avoid the crowds, we dropped in mid-morning only to find every table in the small caf...

Stonemill Matcha, SF Mission - review w/ PICS

by hhc 1 year ago

After eating at Mixt for lunch I went to Stonemill Matcha for dessert. It's a small shop with some seating, but not enough. When I was in line I noticed only 1 table left that I was able to grab ...

Buying Matcha (Green Tea)

by sommrluv 10 years ago

I've discovered that I'm a big fan of Matcha vs. traditional green tea, though I do enjoy the 'regular' green tea from time to time. Even with the higher caffeine content, I can drink matcha later ...

Tsujiri Matcha Soba-Ya - Peerless authentic Matcha Zaru Soba

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 2 years ago

Tsujiri Matcha Soba-Ya Finally!! Some top notched authentic Japanese Zaru-Soba in Toronto! Delightful, refreshing and oh-so delicious!! A 'Must-try' of this 150 years Kyoto tradition! Went to...

Kyoto style iced latte recipe

by SweetObsession 3 years ago

Hi all! Just got back from a trip to Kyoto. I fell in love with their iced matcha lattes. I have never been much of a fan of the ones here because they just taste like sweet milk. I am wondering if...

Wine pairing for matcha + chocolate?

by lazy 3 years ago

I'm making a matcha custard in chocolate cookie crust (dark cookie, similar to Oreos but without the white stuff). I'm also supposed to provide a wine to go with it but I'm stumped! Help?

Azuki Filling for Cupcakes?

by grobson 4 years ago

I'm making a large amount (~120) of cupcakes for a party next week. The plan is for a matcha cake with a red bean filling, topped with a cream cheese icing, however I'm concerned that the azuki pa...

Matcha Green Tea

by WhatsEatingYou 6 years ago

I would like to purchase some Matcha Green Tea, does anyone have a preferred brand that is not a product of Japan. Seems it is also produced in China and Taiwan. I have found a few products onlin...

Matcha Green Tea Powder---what brand? where to buy? what to do with it?

by nissenpa 10 years ago

I have been seeing some awesome pictures on Tastespotting and Foodgawker that require Matcha tea powder. I have never used it but would like to try it out. What does it taste like? Also, where c...

Selecting a good Taiwanese green tea

by blackpointyboots 5 years ago

Does anyone have suggestions for good quality Taiwanese green tea brands (leaf or matcha)? I checked Amazon and there are so many I just couldn't sort it out with the information given. Also not be...

A Trick to Tone Down Sweetness

by opinionatedchef 5 years ago

Ever since my last year's campaign to seriously cut down on my sugar intake, I have become super sensitive to the sugar that I find ubiquitous in our prepared foods, whther they be crackers, caesar...

Gyokuro and matcha?

by PseudoNerd 13 years ago

I read through this thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/303870 The majority of the posters recommended sites for sencha, but I was wondering if anyone could recommend distributers of go...

Favorite Matcha?

by Pei 13 years ago

I've recently developed a love of steamed milk with matcha tea. Does anyone have a favorite brand, either from a more mainstream American store or a Japanese market like Nijiya/Mitsuwa? Is there...

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