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Gin: Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray and Beefeater?

by Faune 10 years ago

I would appreciate it if someone could give me recommendations*, contrasts and comparisons (e.g. tasting notes) regar...

tim irvine

tim irvine commented 1 day ago

Closer to a Corpse Reviver

by Joepalooka 16 days ago

this recipe has some similarities to the ingredients in a Corpse Reviver, still I'd prefer an actual Corpse Reviver o...

The Chowhound Team

The Chowhound Team commented 16 days ago

The Perfect Martini

by eatapotamusNola 9 months ago

1. Scrub the entire inside and rim of the glass with an unpeeled lemon to smear the lemon oil on the glass (being ver...


stevewi commented 7 months ago

"In and out" - discarding the vermouth when making a martini?

by BobB 8 years ago

I was in a bar in London recently (in a decent restaurant on Charlotte St) and ordered a Hendricks martini. The barm...


USNCPORET commented 9 months ago

Best martini and dinner at the bar in the village

by kathrynanne 10 months ago

Hello! I’m looking for a place with a great dry gin martini in the Village, or possibly Soho. I’ll be dining solo and...


sgordon commented 10 months ago

ANSI Standard for dry martinis

by stevewi 1 year ago

See: http://www.niso.org/apps/group_public/download.php/6140/K100.1-1974%20-%20American%20National%20Standard%20Sa...


Josh commented 1 year ago

Martini pairings and garnishes

by tim irvine 1 year ago

We recently had a bottle of Botanist and used our usual Dolin dry. The result was a little too soft, almost not a ma...


Sablehart commented 1 year ago

St. George Terroir

by tim irvine 2 years ago

Anyone tried this? If so, anyone been brave/crazy enough to try it in a martini? It is very good, IMHO, but you can...


TVHilton commented 1 year ago

Martini Time

by munchkin1 2 years ago

Fellow Chowsters: What are the best snacks to serve with traditional gin-vermouth-olives martinis? Thanks and Cheers!


munchkin1 commented 2 years ago

Best Pairing for a Gin Martini.

by escondido123 7 years ago

I mentioned to someone that I had a yen for a gin martini and a wonderful nibble. I say a crunchy clam cake, my husb...


munchkin1 commented 2 years ago

What's the Deal with Dirty (and Extra Dirty) Martinis?

by invinotheresverde 8 years ago

Could someone please explain the allure of gin/vodka mixed with olive brine? I love olives, and all things salty, bu...


Alessandra_A commented 2 years ago

Best Gin Martinis?

by Dennis 15 years ago

Hello, I am a recent convert to gin martinis. Before my conversion, my cocktail of choice while dining out was a ...


multiverser commented 2 years ago

lillet rouge and the manhattan

by Soybomb 9 years ago

Martini purists beware, this posting isn't for you. I've come to really favor lillet blanc in my martinis. Paired...

tim irvine

tim irvine commented 2 years ago

Searching for Olive juice (brine?) for Dirty Martinis

by oscar1 10 years ago

I've been searching for a quality brand of olive juice for Dirty martinis. Williams-Sonoma used to sell a good brand...


EvergreenDan commented 3 years ago

The meaning of "up"

by BobB 3 years ago

Being a native Bostonian, I've always used the term "up" when referring to drinks to mean without ice, i.e. straight ...


Ryuthrowsstuff commented 3 years ago

Exorbitant cocktail pricing?

by josephnl 3 years ago

We recently had a very nice dinner at the new Oak Grill at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach. This is a very pretty ...


Bookwich commented 3 years ago

Martinis, which Vermouth?

by kenb 11 years ago

I've been reading the posts about gins and I'm jonesing for a martini. But the gin is only part of the mix. The Vermo...


smk54 commented 3 years ago

Vermouth in a gin martini

by josephnl 3 years ago

I make myself a Gin martini pretty much every night. Bombay Sapphire is my most frequently used gin, but I also enjoy...


josephnl commented 3 years ago

Dark Crystal Martini (moved from Ontario board)

by TheDewster 7 years ago

I once had a Martini at The Keg in ThunderBay called A Dark Crystal does anyone know how to make one? whats in it?


TheDewster commented 3 years ago

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