A Boozy Mango Margarita Sorbet That’s Better Than the Cocktail

Summer is truly just around the corner, which means one thing is certain: Ice cream weather is upon us. And while you could settle down with a mere pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream, there’s one...

Tacolicious serving up batch MARGARITAS to go (Marina, SF)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Tacolicious has come to our rescue in the time of Covid-19, opening up the Marina location RIGHT NOW just in time for lunch cocktails. It's offering family taco kits, $39, to serve six with taco...

How Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant highlights quality Tequila in its margaritas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

" . . . Bermejo creates his greatest alcoholic fresco, the Tommy’s Margarita, by using pure agave nectar and fresh-squeezed lime juice to highlight, not hide, his high-quality Tequilas. Restrained ...

Mexican w/bar in Vallejo?

by kperry 2 years ago

Is there a good Mexican restaurant in/near Vallejo with a full liquor license? We miss having a good Mexican spot where we could have a margarita on the rocks with some good chicken mole or carnita...

Puesto Concord Grand Opening Party, Nov 13 (free)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

"Puesto is opening in Concord! Celebrate the grand opening with award-winning tacos (complete with house made blue corn tortillas, crispy melted cheese, and scratch salsas) and perfect margaritas!...

Decent chow + frozen margaritas in Port Chester?

by Bryant Frazer 3 years ago

HALP! We've been dining regularly for many years at Coyote Flaco in Port Chester, NY with an old vegetarian friend who adores frozen margaritas. (Not just their frozen margaritas in particular, but...

Egg white in a margarita - that's just wrong.

by greenstate 11 years ago

I decided to give Sensing at the Fairmont Battery Wharf, another try and went there for cocktails. I ordered one of their specialty margaritas and began to drink. It was unlike any other margarit...

Best Place for Margaritas in SF

by JENNYBEEAY 4 years ago

I need input on where to take a friend who loves good margaritas. Is Tommy's in the running? We also want to have dinner at this place so food is a consideration too. Thanks for some recommendat...

Allergic Reaction to Margaritas

by lesacollett 12 years ago

I have experienced no food/drug allergies my entire life. However, over the past year or so, every time I have a Margarita at a particular Mexican Restaurant, I have an allergic reaction. My brea...

Santa Fe Margaritas made w/ FRESH lime juice

by suhicks 15 years ago

I'm headed to Santa Fe this week. This will be my 3rd visit. My only disapointment in the past has been in being served margaritas made from a bottled mix. One bartender told me it was a locally...

Fermented alternative to tequila for margaritas?

by georgempavlov 13 years ago

Anyone know of a fermented (rather than distilled) alternative to tequila for use in margaritas? A friend of mine has a restaurant - and a beer/wine license - but cannot sell spirits. I've heard ...

Margarita - Blanco or Reposado

by AlbertaHound 13 years ago

I wonder what you folks recommend for making a nice premium margarita at home - reposado or blanco. Before you say just use a cheap mixto, I do want to use a 100% agave. I like to use fresh lim...

Mexican App Suggestions for Party

by zainab 6 years ago

Hello, Would love some direction on which apps to serve for a cocktail party from 6:30 onwards. No end time has been given but am assuming about 4 hours or so. I am going to have it catered from a ...

Chicken Mole at Velvet Margarita Cantina in Hollywood

lil mikey
by lil mikey 6 years ago

Chips come with warm refried beans, a chipotle-style salsa, and a pico de gallo style salsa. So there's a lot going on to start. The menu is broad including a vegetarian section. But the slee...

Silver Tequila for Margaritas?

by rowjo 13 years ago

My gourmet cooking group is doing a Bobby Flay dinner next weekend. I am in charge of the "Mesa Grill Margaritas". Recipe is very basic: 2 oz. silver tequila 1 oz. orange liqueur, such as Coi...

Big Batch Margarita Help - selecting tequila (Cazadores vs Hornitos vs Kirkland)

The Oracle
by The Oracle 6 years ago

I've narrowed it down to the following tequilas, but I'm not a tequila drinker and have zero reference point: Cazadores Reposado - 100% agave (1L for $22.99) Hornitos Reposado - 100% agave (1L ...

PC Black Label Margarita Mix

by Crepes Suzette 6 years ago

It's proving hard to find. Please let me know if and where you spot it. I'm not referring to the cans of margarita "mocktail". The Margarita Mix is in a bottle and is usually found in the soft drin...

Mexico: The Cookbook (Margarita Arronte) - is the book as bad as people claim?

by LiamF 7 years ago

I've been very, very tempted by this book. However, there have been massively negative reviews of it by people I respect, and it all points to another 'Phaidon cookbook mess': David Sterling (au...

Mexican and Good Margaritas In LA

by LItransplant 7 years ago

Hi all, I'm heading to CA for Christmas and would like some recommendations for Mexican joints that have great food and stellar margaritas -- places that are a manageable drive from LAX. I made ...

Decent Mexican & Margaritas in Sit Down near Imperial Beach? Other area recs?

by Vel 7 years ago

We're staying in Imperial Beach near the Pier in a couple of weeks; we figure we'll head into town a few times for fun and eats, but wondering if there are any places in IB where we can get respect...