A Boozy Mango Margarita Sorbet That’s Better Than the Cocktail

Summer is truly just around the corner, which means one thing is certain: Ice cream weather is upon us. And while you could settle down with a mere pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream, there’s one...

Schubert's Bakery has re-opened

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 29 days ago

Across the street neighbor, Green Apple Books, broke the news that Schubert's Bakery re-opened on Wednesday. https://www.facebook.com/Green.Apple.Books.and.Music/posts/3107476182606587 Alwa...

CENA (Supper): Just to Keep You Going While You Sleep

by cristina 10 months ago

Cena (supper) in Mexico is a mixed bag. For an ordinary cena at home, it's a tiny meal: a cup of hot chocolate or hot milk, a pan dulce (sweet bread), or a quick taco made with what's left over fr...

What's with the dry, woody patches in ataulfo mangoes?

by netherlight 2 years ago

Hi! I love mangoes! They're my favorite fruit easily. However, I've found that like 50% of Ataulfos I get have this dry, striped, woody stuff. It occurs most often near the core, but it can appear ...

Any use for mango pits?

by kermit 10 years ago

I love mangoes and consider it such a shame that there's always some fruit left on the pit despite my best efforts to remove all of it. Have any folks found a use to cook with mango pits to flavor ...

CA mangoes in season

by araminty 3 years ago

I literally gasped when I walked into the new Whole Foods in Santa Clara... It's mango season! I know most of you are already switched on to the wonders of local mangoes, but I just posted this...

Indian mangos are here

by Prav 2 years ago

$33/case, only 200 available are Patel brothers Waltham, they arrived at noon today. Kesar variety. They’ll be sold out soon.

What kind of mango is this?

by Nyleve 4 years ago

The other day I was at Blue Sky Supermarket in Pickering, Ontario and came across a type of mango I've never seen before. They are much larger than the usual green/red kind, more pointed on the en...

Ripening mangos

by kaysheh 2 years ago

I cut open two mangoes and they weren't ripe yet so I wrapped them in cling wrap and put them in the fridge. What's the best way to ripen them as quickly as possible?

Gigantic East Coast Diver Scallops with roe at 'Sunny Supermarket', Finch/Don Mills

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 3 years ago

Heard they have really sweet, juicy and tasty Badami mangoes at Sunny Supermarket, hence made a special trip there. Unfortunately all sold out but got some huge Brazilian Palmer instead. Though ...

Amazingly Delicious 'Thai Mangoes' (Elephant Tusk)

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 3 years ago

So far this Spring/Summer, I have eaten my fair share of mangoes. From Indian Alphonso and Neelam to Mexican Ataulfo and Small kidneys to Israeli and Brazilian Haden. However, the following post...

Alphonso mangos 2017?

by sbug206 3 years ago

Has anyone seen alphonso mangos in Vancouver? I was in Surrey today and went to Fruiticana. You'd think an East Indian grocer based on fruit and in Surrey would have a clue about Alphonso! Nope! Th...

Alphonso mango, available yet?

by 1moreround 3 years ago

Has anyone seen alphonso mangos available in the Gta yet? Much appreciated.

Questions for experienced bakers

by avatar224 3 years ago

New to baking and got the mainstay 3 piece springform pan (8 inch, 9 inch, and 10 inch) set at Walmart. All the pans are 2.5 inch height. The recipe I found (link attached) uses a 3.5 inch height 9...

"Van Gogh" Kent Mangoes @ Fresh Market Produce | Salinas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Kent mangoes imported from Peru are among my favorites of the varieties available to us locally. Large and meaty in relation to the size of the pit, not fibrous, lovely aromatics, and sweet clean f...

Cambodian Mangoes

by nzamo 3 years ago

Hi! From a recent trip to southeast Asia an acquaintance exclaimed that Cambodian mangoes are the best they have ever had. Any chance I can find any in NYC? Looks like a popular kind is Keo ...

Puerto Rican Mangos in NYC Area

by Fritz 3 years ago

has anyone a store that sells puerto rican tommy mangos in midtown or on long island?

Help me use this mango fruit spread I was given

by mrshalf 3 years ago

It's amazingly fragrant and delicious Santa Cruz organic mango fruit spread but I have no idea what to do with it. I'd like an idea for an appetizer for our Christmas dinner. Thinking on the ch...

I love Mangoes, but....

by pescatarian 13 years ago

I just eagerly cut into a ripe mango at my desk. I love mangoes. When they are right, they are sublime. But occasionally they have a weird flavour. Like the one I just cut into. Not appetizing...

CA Keitt Mango

by greentea123 3 years ago

Has anyone seen Keitt Mango from CA (not Mexico) in the Boston area?

Maya Mangos from Isreal

T Long
by T Long 4 years ago

Picked up a pricey mango today from Price Chopper on a whim. Web site says its the sweetest mango from Israel. How does it compare to the Alphonsos often discussed here?