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Taj India, Manchester NH

by tunapet 7 years ago

Went to Taj India last night for dinner and wanted to give you my experience. It was my second trip there, with the first being to try out the lunch buffet, which I enjoyed. I thought the food wa...

Iconic Lunch spot on drive down from Manchester to NYC on 87?

by ZenFoodist 7 years ago

We were thinking we would try to wait to have Italian on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx on our way back to Queens, but I know we're going to want to stop somewhere long before that. Any places that sho...

Speakeasy opening in Manchester

by NHeating 7 years ago

Info about the speakeasy/prohibition themed joint opening on Elm Street in Manchester http://nheatscompany.com/tag/speakeasy/ By the folks that own N'awlins. No opening date just yet, but seems ...

Moving to Amherst, NH: Looking for recs in Amherst, Milford, Bedford, Manchester, Nashua

by emmyru 7 years ago

I know there isn't much on this topic but I am moving to Amherst, NH next week. Looking for any suggestions on great little places to try, grocery stores, farmer's markets, really anything. I will ...

Lunch off I-93: Concord or Manchester

by ConsApi 8 years ago

Next Monday, I expect to be driving down I-93 on my way to Boston and being in Concord or Manchester at lunch time. Any suggestions for a good quick, inexpensive lunch without having to drive too ...

What is your favorite bakery in or around Manchester?

by ImakeBoys 7 years ago

I recently moved to Manchester and haven't yet found my new "go to" shop for pastries, cakes, breads...and I am hoping to find an Italian bakery. I used to work in Woburn, MA and my favorite place ...


by observor 7 years ago

Interested in food specials in southern NH, particularly Manchester and surrounding cities. I know of: BOGO pizzas at 900 Degrees on Tuesdays 25 cent chicken wings from 3-5 daily at British B...

New Indian Restaurant, Manchester NH

by tunapet 8 years ago

Just noticed there is a new Indian Restaurant off a side street on (north) Elm Street. Has anybody been and if so what do you think? Must say I'm happy to see some competition...I love Indian food ...

Banh Mi in Manchester NH

by whs 8 years ago

For those of you jonesing for a banh mi sandwich since Saigon Market closed, Golden Bowl is now preparing them for take-out on Saturday and Sunday. $4.95 for a good sized crusty baguette stuffed w...

Alibaba Supermarket in Manchester NH

by dfrostnh 8 years ago

Has anyone shopped at this new market? I thought I would see a review by now. I miss the good prices and variety of fresh produce and mushrooms at Saigon Asian Market although made it to the remain...

Sushi lunch near Manchester today!

by rizzo0904 8 years ago

Headed to Hooksett...the southern end...and looking for a place for lunch. My 5 year old requested sushi. So where do we go!??!?! We are coming up from Nashua so we can do anything in between...

Lunch near Palace Theater, Manchester NH

by rizzo0904 8 years ago

Headed to Palace Theater next month for a show. Trying to find a lunch place nearby. Inlaws like local, organic, sustainable. So last time I thought, this is easy! We went to Republic. The...

Z Food & Drink's Tom Puskarich cooking at Wild Rover, Manchester NH

by whs 8 years ago

Tom Puskarich, one of Manchester's legendary chefs, is now in the kitchen at Wild Rover. Looking forward to seeing what he does with a spud.

Breakfast between Manchester NH and Warner NH

by rizzo0904 8 years ago

Heading to the Warner Fall Festival after an early football game in Manchester. Need a breakfast spot. Thought about Robie's but wanted to know if there is anything else interesting along the way.

A Caribbean Affair: Manchester NH Closed?

by bewley 8 years ago

I read a recent article in the Union Leader that a European style coffee shop serving soups, salads, wraps, etc., has replaces A Caribbean Affair. Does anyone know anything about this or if they re...

New Indian place in Manchester NH

by whs 8 years ago

Has anybody tried the new Indian restaurant off Elm Street behind LeMay Jewelers and across the street from the Breezeway?

Manchester NH recs

by ML PAVACT 8 years ago

I am going to a convention in September in Manchester NH. Any place I should try to get to??? Thanks

Finesse Patisserie - croissants and macarons come to Manchester NH

by whs 8 years ago

In the summer, the Northern New England board usually devolves into a search for the best lobster roll in Maine, but I thought I'd give a shout out to a great addition to Elm Street. After shoppin...