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Recipes from "Always Hungry" by Dr David Ludwig

by jen kalb 1 year ago

Im going to start a recipe thread here for folks that are following the new Always Hungry diet program. http://drdavi...


mcraig11 commented 1 day ago

Dialysis and Diabetic

by jacquelyncoffey 5 years ago

I, too, am happy to see this board, as my husband is a dialysis patient, and also diabetic. He loves good food, so I ...


marymichele commented 1 month ago

Diabetic, Low Potassium Diet suggestions

by Diane in Bexley 8 years ago

A member of our family, who has diabetes, has just been diagnosed with diabetic kidney disease and now also has to li...

mcf commented 2 months ago

Seeking low-carb protein bar recipe, grain/gluten OK

by Howard_2 2 months ago

I'm looking for a recipe for a low-carb protein bar that will keep its shape. I don't care if it has grain or gluten...


Howard_2 commented 2 months ago

low carb breading for deep or pan frying?

by zackly 3 years ago

If you were going to make a breaded cutlet or a piece of fish to deep fry or pan fry what would you use in place of t...


dshouse42 commented 3 months ago

Help with defrosted Ground Turkey for chili recipe

by OliveYou2 4 months ago

I bought two 1lb. pkgs of Foster Farms Organic ground turkey and froze them both in the original packaging. Yesterday...


OliveYou2 commented 4 months ago

The Single Best Reduced Carb/Lower-Fat Cookbook for Die-Hard Foodies

by tangolaw 5 months ago

I am at an elevated risk of diabetes and need to reduce my carb intake. That said, I'm an inveterate foodie and will...


sandylc commented 5 months ago

Q. What do you get after 25 years of a glutinous diet and alcohol abuse?

by jrvedivici 1 year ago

A. Apparently Diabetes !!! (***Disclaimer, I got the call from the Dr's office, apparently my A1C came in very ...


betscgee commented 5 months ago

Low Carb Cereals: Do they exist?

by TerryG 3 years ago

Keep looking for them. They seem to pile sugar and honey on just about every one that looks good/ interesting. Stic...


likalaruku commented 6 months ago

Brown rice is low carb?

by Wendy Lai 14 years ago

I'm trying to eat that popoular low carb high protein diet. I LOVE carbs, and I don't believe in extreme so I'm not ...


Bonnie159 commented 6 months ago

Cheese Whisps "Crackers"-low carb

by zackly 8 months ago

I try to avoid carbs when possible. Cocktail hour is difficult because I love salty snacks. I discovered these recent...

mcf commented 8 months ago

Weight Watchers Foodies: Marching Forward--Earn all the FitPoints March 2016

by The Dairy Queen 12 months ago

Let's leave the doldrums of winter behind (as best we can) and turn towards spring. So much easier to get activity in...


Oboegal commented 8 months ago

Weight Watchers Foodies: MAY-be this is the month, May 2016

by LulusMom 10 months ago

Apologies for the lazy, corny title. Time for suggestions, tips, commiseration on the journey through delicious weigh...

LulusMom commented 9 months ago

Weight Watchers Foodies: Spring! Bring it on! April 2016

by The Dairy Queen 11 months ago

Whoa, April already? (Thank you GraceW for the reminder!) Eaten anything delicious lately? Tried anything new that...

LulusMom commented 10 months ago

low carb, low salt for kidney disease

by lkmuller 2 years ago

My husband was just diagnosed with a kidney disease and his doctor wants him to eat a low carb diet with very little ...

mcf commented 11 months ago

What's for Low-Carb Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? #5

by biondanonima 2 years ago

Well, it took 7 months, but we finally hit 400+ posts on the old thread, so I thought I'd start a new one! How's lif...

mcf commented 12 months ago

carba nada noodle question

by Teddybear 2 years ago

Has anyone ever had a bad reaction after eating carba nada noodles? I don't mean in terms of blood glucose (although...

mcf commented 1 year ago

Anyone Trying the New Diet from the Book Always Hungry

by delys77 1 year ago

Hey there My husband and I have recently read the book "Always Hungry?" by Dr. David Ludwig and we are thinking of...

delys77 commented 1 year ago

Millennials are obsessed with Whole 30, the ‘cultish’ fad diet taking over Instagram and Pinterest

by ennuisans 1 year ago

Ok the millenials part of the headline is just dumb, but it's not a bad article. I've cut carbs for about 2 months an...

Nikki NYC commented 1 year ago

Accompaniment to Pizza and Salad?

by Smores 1 year ago

My in-laws are hosting an informal (post church service) Christmas Eve dinner of pizza and salad. Any suggestions...

hotoynoodle commented 1 year ago