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LA's 'Cafe Gratitude' and Other Restaurants Offering Steep Meatless Monday Deals

Meatless Monday deals and offerings across the country show no signs of slowing. From the rollout of meatless options, like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat, at national fast food and fast casual...

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Italian in West L.A. or the South Bay . . .

by jeff sutton 19 years ago

Hey, I'm always looking for casual but good Italian restuarants in West Los Angeles or the South Bay. I'm not looking for expense account places, just neighborhood places that have good food, p...

Need authentic Asian restaurant recommendations in LA.

by Mary 19 years ago

I am traveling to LA the week of Feb. 20-26,2000 from New York. Need recommendations for Japanese, Chinese and Korean restaurants. The real thing, please, not touristy. Thanks.

buying sashimi

by john k 19 years ago

There are so many raw fish eaters here, so I figured, despite the fact that you're mostly non-Japanese (or entirely), you all probably know about fresh fish. My mom's been buying her sashimi at M...

Los Angeles Board on the move

by Tom Armitage 19 years ago

Thanks to newcomers like Jenji, John K., Pepper, Ethan, and Mal, the Los Angeles board has been getting a lot more high quality posts than previously. Yeah for the Los Angeles board. Hope the tre...

Cayo and Pasadena Restaurants in General

by Tom Armitage 19 years ago

Maybe it was because I was exhausted from a trying week at work and wanted to be at home, rather than eating out with a friend. Maybe I was just in a funk. But, after having dinner at Cayo in Pas...

A good meal in the Valley

by Rob Vinson 19 years ago

Is there any good food in the San Fernando Valley? Particularly the West Valley.

Hidden Treasure in Marina Del Rey

by Bob 19 years ago

I had the most affordable and wonderful lunch today at Blue Parrot Gear and Grill at 590 Washington Blvd (310) 577 5080. I ordered the 2 taco combo, I chose ahi and salmon. It came with choice...

Please help me find a good, cozy bar...fast!

by Jeff Shore 19 years ago

My company is having a party. We need to find a nice, not-so-trendy bar. We want a place that is not too trendy (read: expensive!) but still has a character of its own (read: please, not "Yankee ...

ayurvedic Indian dining

by Kate 19 years ago

Can anyone recommend a great Indian place that focuses on the healing powers of food?

Indian Restaurants

by Bruce 19 years ago

Where is the best Indian restaurant in the Los Angeles area for both food and ambience?

Up and Down at Javan

by Dave Feldman 19 years ago

Perhaps we had bad luck, but our party of five, all ordering different dishes, had a mixed experience at arguably the most heralded Iranian in Los Angeles. In particular, almost all of the appetiz...

Taqueria El Tapatia in Woodland Hills

by Dave Feldman 19 years ago

I've always been fond of those in-between Mexican places that aren't quite restaurants but offer seating areas that stands don't provide. A friend of mine was saddened when one of her favorite Val...

Starving in the Valley

by Rob Vinson 19 years ago

J Gold, Nice rip-How about some suggestions on SF Valley eateries

Butcher in LA??

by Jack 20 years ago

I'm looking for the LA equivalent of Florence Meat Market in New York--a small, old world shop where a friendly guy sells high quality dry-aged beef at a fair price.

Mo' Place in Culver City CA

by Larry 20 years ago

Go to Mo' Place, order the Catfish Po' Boy with potato salad, add the Louisiana hot sauce to the bun and the potato salad and thank me later. If you go, try the creole omelette and the chicken ...

Great Grease in Ocean Park

by Bob Barnett 19 years ago

Thomas's Coffee Shop-in Albertson's shopping center at Lincoln and Ocean Park Bl. 6am-9pm Great breakfasts (they burn the hash browns), and fabulous Chinese food/dirt cheap. Been eating there 23 ye...

LAX Cuisine

by david hochman 19 years ago

Aside from Encounter, are there any good food options at LAX? I'm particularly interested in places that prepare take-out food, to carry on the plane.

Anaheim: Best Thai Restaurant

by Adhir 19 years ago

Will be in town for a conference and looking to get a sample of the best restaurants in the area...Any suggestions?? thanks

Need address for Soot Bull Jeep

by Mary 19 years ago

This is my last day in LA. Have tried some of the recommended restaurants...great meals, will report when I get back to New York. Would like to eat at Soot Bull Jeep this evening, but can't find ...

Gloria's Mexican-American Food

by rayna 19 years ago

Help! My favorite pupusa stand in LA has mysteriously disappeared. Gloria's was a pinkish purple stand on the unlikely corner of Stoner and Mississippi on the Westside. She had a sideline of Sal...

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