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Does any bakery in L.A. have Gorilla or Monkey Bread?

by zeroone 11 years ago

I live in Hollywood. Is there any bakery in the Hollywood area that has Gorilla bread or monkey bread? this look...


Mizzle_ commented 27 days ago

Pickle Bills

by malibumike 13 years ago

Does anybody remember a place called Pickle Bills on Pico Blvd. around 30th? in santa monica. Probably closed in the ...


Jenny23524 commented 28 days ago

Need Good Chinese Restaurant in Valley and one on Westside/Beverly Hills

by kssunshine100 2 months ago

Have not found Chinese Restaurants that match NYC/Long Island standards. Anyone in L.A. know one in the Valley or on...


acgold7 commented 28 days ago

A Croissant from The Bakery Formerly Known as "The Buttery"

by foodiemahoodie 7 years ago

Best croissaint - by far - that I've ever had in L.A. was at The Buttery - which was on Main in the Ocean Park area o...


cakesrgood4me commented 1 month ago

Aloha Poke Co?

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

With the national news about Chicago-based Aloha Poke Co, I'm just wondering if the food is any good. Opinions? http...


ferret commented 1 month ago

Patient food at UCLA Med Center

by dtm323 7 months ago

Have you been a patient at RRUCLA? Which menu selections are particularly good? I'm facing the horror of a 2 gram sod...

The Dairy Queen

The Dairy Queen commented 1 month ago

Straus Organic Chocolate Milk

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

A month ago I tasted Straus Family Creamery's new organic whole chocolate milk. I actually walked past the sample tab...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 1 month ago

Non-sushi Japanese restaurants in OC?

by d370x 1 month ago

My parents decided they want to try Japanese food, but something other than sushi. Any good Japanese restaurants in O...


teriyakichi commented 1 month ago

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Pappys Seafood in San Pedro, CA

by myers1935 1 month ago

Have been going down to San Pedro lately and am having lunch at the old 'Papadakis Taverna' now called 'Pappys Seafoo...

Quiet Restaurant on LA's Westside?

by IcemanLA 5 months ago

Hi, We're looking for a quiet restaurant for dinner, open to any type of cuisine, but hopefully something in the $...


myers1935 commented 1 month ago

Pioneer Bakery on Rose

by SusieGirl7 12 years ago

When did the Pioneer Bakery on Rose close? I remember it being open this summer. I loved that place - the cheap "us...


forzalazio commented 1 month ago

Where Can I Find Cheese Fondue In Los Angeles?

by stellsss 1 month ago

I am having a craving for cheese fondue. Like what they have at the melting pot. Where can i Find it?? not too far fr...


HeyImBack commented 1 month ago

Best pork buns in LA area?

by sarahbeths 3 months ago

I have favorite dumpling places (DTF, Dumpling House) and favorite noodle places (101 Noodle Express) , but I'm not s...


sarahbeths commented 1 month ago

Help find small batch Armenian string cheese, SFV or SGV, Ca.

by msmarm 2 months ago

Having checked with a half-dozen small local cheesemongers carrying artisanal cheeses, no one can suggest how to find...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 1 month ago

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Goya Menu @ Habuya Okinawan Dining in Tustin

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

In April, a friend and I had a terrific evening at Habuya Okinawan Dining in Tustin. He loves bitter melon (goya) and...

Memories of the Windsor Restaurant!

by josephnl 10 years ago

I was just thinking about the old Windsor Restaurant downtown that as I recall was sort of tucked in behind the old A...


chuckmerken commented 2 months ago

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Pinsa in LA?

by ordermark 2 months ago

Visiting Santa Monica this week. Anywhere to get good pinsa?

Liver in LA!

by isaacengelberg 2 months ago

What are some of your favorite restaurants to eat liver in LA? Of all types -- deli-style chopped liver, patés, Chine...


lyndia commented 2 months ago

Recommended steakhouse in OC?

by luckviii 2 months ago

Hi Everyone, I need your help in finding a steakhouse to celebrate my wife's birthday. Looking for thick traditio...


acgold7 commented 2 months ago

old health food stores

by petradish 14 years ago

lbqt's post below mentioning health food stores, as well as the source restaurant mention, got me thinking about old-...


Trevor_Ravencroft commented 2 months ago