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LA's 'Cafe Gratitude' and Other Restaurants Offering Steep Meatless Monday Deals

Meatless Monday deals and offerings across the country show no signs of slowing. From the rollout of meatless options, like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat, at national fast food and fast casual...

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Flipped Doughnuts in Dana Point

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 30 days ago

In January, we stopped here after a visit to the Saturday morning farmers market. Flipped Doughnuts has an interesting product mix . . . donuts, espresso drinks, boba tea and Korean fried chicken. ...

XLB @ Lee's Bao Zi in Lake Forest

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 30 days ago

Recommended by Chowhound alum, Professor Salt, I tried the xiao long bao (XLB) at Lee's BaoZi on my January road trip to Orange County. I believe there's been a change of ownership in the past year...

Foix Bakery - when did it disappear?

by DiveFan 15 years ago

The 'best grocery store bread' thread below got me thinking - whatever happened to this bakery? IIRC the bread at the Original Pantry used to come from there; it had a very nice THICK crust that is...

Graduation lunch in Long Beach

by Udagirl12 2 months ago

Good Morning, My son will be graduating from CSULB in a few weeks, and I would like to get suggestions for a restaurant in Long Beach or near by cities for lunch after the ceremony. I do not live ...

Where to buy grass fed beef or farm specific beef in LA?

by whiteonricecouple 10 years ago

We're looking to buy good grass fed beef in LA . Or better yet, we want to visit some local beef farmers in the Southern California area. We know of Frank Fitzptric of 5 Bar beef, but want to find...

Laguna Beach/Aliso Viejo Recs

by norad 1 month ago

Fellow hounds. You’ve never let me down. My niece is getting married at the local country club in November, and I’m In charge of a family dinner November 7. Pretty upscale, around 18 people, and we...

Where can I find Heavenly Hash ice cream

by LeeAnn 14 years ago

When I was a little girl there was a flavor called Heavenly Hash by a company named Sealtest(sp?)If anyone remembers and knows where I can get it ....PLEASE let me know. It was very similar to rock...

Where to buy brisket for smoking

by JeMange 9 years ago

I've recently started dipping my toes in the world of "low and slow" barbecue but am having trouble sourcing the cuts of meat in the appropriate sizes that would be right for cooking this way. M...

Pacifico Striped Bass - Ocean Farmed near Ensenada

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

Last week I was served Pacifico farmed striped bass (aka Lobina) three times. As ceviche at Da Toni, grilled with crispy skin at Fauna and poached and sauced at Origen @ Encuentro, the fish was del...

Baby Vegetables in Los Angeles?

by gijoe04 1 month ago

I am just moved from NYC a month ago for new opening restaurant at Long Beach area. However, I have a no information for buying baby vegetables and some of baby leaves. Share your information ab...

New Year's week in LA

by Holyposole 1 month ago

This year I will be accompanying a friend to the Rose Parade on New Year's Day. I'm planning to get to LA 12/28 and stay through 1/4 or 5. Friends have recommended staying downtown LA, and I am t...

where can i buy granadillas in los angeles?

by Mamibebes0710 6 years ago

Hi!! This is my first post on this board, brought on by my cravings for granadillas. I just got back from 5 weeks in peru, where i had these for breakfast every day. I don't know where to find gr...

Is OROZCOS tacos still open?

by waferthinmint 12 years ago

at Soto and the 10 FWY? Been craving but not sure if hes still making them. I don't want to drive for disappointment.

Post surgery liquid diet

by lemontay 2 months ago

Good afternoon everyone, so as you can read I am currently in post surgery and I’m looking for some new things I could drink I can’t drink anything to think it has to be super watery in order for i...

Mitsuru Café – Great Imagawayaki (Taiyaki), Homemade Mochi And Other Japanese Treats in Little Tokyo

by Lau 6 years ago

**For full post and pics**: https://www.lauhound.com/2013/07/mitsuru-cafe-great-imagawayaki-taiyaki-homemade-mochi-and-other-japanese-treats-in-little-tokyo/ Mitsuru Café is one of three Japanes...

Butterfish: Where to buy in Los Angeles?

by foodfever 2 months ago

Anyone know where I can purchase fresh or frozen Butterfish in LA and surrounding cities? I used to love it as a kid. Thanks!

Sauce on hamburger at Dolores's Drive-in in 60s-80s?

by arlinek 4 years ago

Used to love the Dolores' drive-in in Los Angeles. What WAS that "special sauce" they put on the hamburger - anyone know? All I recall was that it was white and a little chunky - wasn't tarter sa...

To block California soda taxes, companies paid for ‘Black Panther’ tickets, fancy dinners

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

" . . . Monning said the soft drink industry is a formidable adversary. Many colleagues tell him they can’t vote for legislation that would reduce sales because they have a distributor in their dis...

Chinese American food: a legit cuisine on its own?

by dharmathug 4 months ago

This article pricked my interest. "The hyphenated diaspora foods Chinese created are frequently maligned as inauthentic or watered-down, a narrative that Peter Kim, executive director of Brooklyn's...