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Anyone Remember The Black Whale in MdR?

by torta basilica 13 years ago

We were so bummed when it closed - loved those King Crab omelettes, Bloody Marys & much more on their menu. Is there...


kraftytu commented 21 days ago

Curtis Stone 12 inch multipan and 12 inch grill pan

by blustery 23 days ago

I purchased the Curtis Stone 12 inch multipan and 12 inch grill pan (cast aluminum with dura pan nonstick coating) as...


blustery commented 22 days ago

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Hot and pungent garlic

by sasidhar79 22 days ago

where can I find some very hot and pungent garlic in Los Angeles?

BYOB, what's the law? (LA restaurant question.)

by PeterL 6 years ago

I am posting here because there is a discussion at a different web site regarding the legality of bringing your own b...


daveykavey commented 24 days ago

What are the best pate de fruits currently available in Los Angeles?

by JudiAU 1 month ago

Can anyone recommend a particularly fine source for a an assortment of pate de fruit flavors? I"m close to Beverly Hi...


maccrogenoff commented 27 days ago

Dining with kids in Silver Lake

by sgilliga 1 month ago

Hi all, I am traveling with my family (including 2 kids ages 5 and 8) to Silver Lake in February. I'm wondering if an...


MadManNYC commented 28 days ago

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Why did Saito Sushi close? Is he still around?

by medicine 28 days ago

I just returned to Los Angeles on a trip after being away for years. Why did Saito Sushi close and is he ok? As a sus...

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Zov's @ John Wayne Airport | Orange County

by Melanie Wong 30 days ago

Arriving early for my departure from SNA in October 2017, I had a chance to wander around the food vendors inside sec...

Business Dinner In/Near Thousand Oaks?

by kaleokahu 1 month ago

Hi, I'm entertaining a European client after business meetings in TO next week. I need suggestions for a nice, convi...


gdodgerfan commented 1 month ago

What markets still sell Paradise Tropical Tea?

by rockhead 4 years ago

I used to buy Paradise Tropical Tea at Ralph's but they no longer carry it. I checked Vons/Pavillions and Albertson's...


promoteshows commented 1 month ago

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Chinese Food in South Bay, LA

by lizberg310 1 month ago

HI - We live in Manhattan Beach and looking for the nearest good Chinese food. We have been to Ding Tai Fung, Any id...

Where Do You Buy Your Pasta and What Do You Buy?

by roger simon 16 years ago

Reading Irene Viribila's rave of Angelini Osteria in last Sunday's LAT (with which I agreed--I know some here do not)...

emily commented 1 month ago

Missing CC Brown's Hot Fudge Sundae: Any substitute?

by Paps 13 years ago

Always loved the hot fudge sundaes at CC Browns. It was served in a chilled metal cup, with thick fudge, and whole a...


tindog13 commented 1 month ago

Best sourdough bread in Los Angeles?

by kermit 10 years ago

The discussion on French bread got me thinking about good sourdough bread in LA. Any good recommendations? I can't sp...


silsurf commented 1 month ago

Current Status of Surfas?

by dtm323 2 months ago

What is happening with Surfas? Where can I buy the kinds of ingredients I used to buy there?

Mattapoisett in LA commented 1 month ago

First Visit to Dana Point - Restaurant/Bar Suggestions Please

by Attknee 2 months ago

Hello Everyone, we are making a four night stay in Dana Point this April. Already thinking about where to eat. Ther...

Midlife commented 1 month ago

Who remembers La Barbera's pizza in West L.A.?

by jerry200 10 years ago

Back in the 70's, I used to frequent a nice Italian restaurant called La Barbera's. It was on the north side of Wilsh...


Hoganzswing commented 1 month ago

101 noodle express

by Discokill 3 years ago

Is there a consensus on which location in sgv is the best? Heading there for lunch today. Thanks!

My_Annoying_Opinions commented 1 month ago

Chinese Groceries in Los Angeles

by dtm323 2 months ago

I live in Torrance. Can someone point me at the nearest Chinese grocery store? Every time I search online, I end up g...


acgold7 commented 2 months ago