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Sumika in Los Altos - Get a reservation NOW

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 13 years ago

Thanks to alice's post that it had opened, http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/332392 William and I had a very pleasant and highly delicious dinner at Sumika on Thursday night. Open just a wee...

Chef Chiu's (Los Altos)

by FattyDumplin 7 years ago

Gave this place another shot, since we live basically next door. What a pleasant surprise... We got the Peking Duck 3-ways, and it was fantastic. Fragrant, crisp skin with only the slightest bit...

"Dittmer's has reopened! [Los Altos]

by ChowFun_derek 7 years ago

After a fire and a new location and build out..Dittmer's sausages etc has finally reopened!

Sudam Korean Cuisine, Los Altos

by mdg 7 years ago

Sudam opened in the same space that Spicy Leaves had in the Village Court mall in Los Altos, on the southwest corner of El Camino and San Antonio. They've done a very nice renovation to make the fo...

Bone in chuck roast in Mountain View/Sunnyvale/Palo Alto/Los Altos?

by Rinshin 7 years ago

Where can I find bone in chuck roast in MV, Svl, PA, or Los Altos areas? I used to be able to purchase at even Safeway, but no longer. Most of the meat sold is boneless. Please help?

Go Go Gyro - Los Altos

by mdg 9 years ago

There have been some changes in the food at Village Court, the shopping center at the southwest corner of El Camino and San Antonio in Los Altos. Go Go Gyro is a new and welcome addition. The me...

Organic Restaurants for Dine-In / Take Out, in Los Altos, Palo Alto, Mountain View?

by minipermo 9 years ago

Hi! We’re relatively new to living in Los Altos. We’ve been looking for organic restaurants for dining in or take-out, but found only a handful near us so far. We’re interested in restaurants ...

Downtown Los Altos Italian restaurants?

by eatzalot 9 years ago

Backround: Downtown Los Altos in recent decades has a high restaurant mortality rate. (Quip heard in downtown Los Altos: Downtown Mountain View is for restaurants; downtown Los Altos for groomin...

Awesome bakery between Sunnyvale and Los Altos??

by Juniper 10 years ago

You Bay Area Hounds have been very helpful thus far and I hope that I may lean on your expertise once again. We have been invited to a BBQ at a friends' place in Los Altos and we have been assig...

Spicy Noodles (Ramen) @ Muracci’s in Los Altos

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 years ago

Last weekend I braved a return to Muracci’s to try the ramen. This time we had a reservation and didn’t have to wait or getting pushed out of line for a table. Luckily, the place seems to have se...

Spicy Leaves - Sri Lankan/Indian in Los Altos

by mdg 11 years ago

Spicy Leaves opened last month in Los Altos. They advertise as an Indian restaurant, but the chef is from Sri Lanka and the menu has several Sri Lankan dishes that we focused on for our first visit...

Peony Restaurant in Los Altos now offering Vietnamese Sandwiches

by Concetta 10 years ago

This place is mostly a Chinese restaurant, but has a limited Vietnamese menu. I was happening by today and noticed a sign in the window advertising Vietnamese sandwiches! I got the bbq pork and it ...

Zitune - Great Moroccan in Los Altos!

by mdg 13 years ago

It's been years since Jocco's closed and left downtown Los Altos bereft of any really good restaurants. At long last, the drought is over. Zitune has opened at 325 Main St. near Second St. with a v...

Los Altos: Esther's German Bakery - May 16th - Beer, grilled sausages and live music

by rworange 11 years ago

On May 16th Esther's is celebrating both a late May Day and the first anniversary of their cafe. From 10 am to five pm there will be 'sausages on the grill' and the live music. This was my firs...

Los Altos lunch/dinner with sweaty teenagers!

by deniseredeker 11 years ago

The family and I will be in Los Altos for a soccer tournament this weekend and am looking for lunch and/or dinner spots with good food (type doesn't matter, we love everything!), but that I can bri...

Pies at Whole Foods in Los Altos

by katya 11 years ago

Here's my Yelp experience sampling divine pie at the Whole Foods in Los Altos (I assume there would be similar offerings at Whole Foods in the East Bay.) "Did you know there's a FREE PIE AISLE a...

Los Altos: Dia de los muertos at Estrellita

by rworange 11 years ago

This was such a festive, colorful and lovely restaurant to have dinner for the Day of the Dead. Pink, purple and white papel picado skeletons criss-crossed the ceiling. There was a table with m...

Los Altos report: Esther's, Donut du Jour, Cravery

by Claudette 11 years ago

This was our nosh trail on the way to the Los Altos Arts Festival: Esther's German Bakery & Cafe was adorable: pretty wall colors, display cases, curtains, lampshades, cute kids' play area, and ...

Los Altos - Breakfast and lunch at Esther's German Bakery?

by rworange 11 years ago

Nancy Berry mentioned in a long thread on another topic that Esther's opened a bakery/cafe. From what I've read elsewhere they also have cakes. Good for Esther's. They have unsucessfully tr...

Ristorante L'Acquolina - Los Altos

by mdg 12 years ago

When going to Zitune a few nights ago, we saw that the building on Main at First that has housed a succession of unsatisfactory Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants is now going to become Ristorante ...