What Is the Difference Between Limes and Key Limes?

If you've ever asked yourself (or the internet) What is the difference between regular limes and Key limes? it's as likely to have been in frustration as in mere curiosity. We’ve all been there before...

Kaffir Lime tree

by edub 7 months ago

Does anyone know of any Asian markets or other places in the DMV where I can buy one? I’m also trying to recall which market I was in in Virginia around this time two years ago, where they had a gr...

Where to get great citrus fruit in Minneapolis?

by soccermom13 10 months ago

I read an article on mail-ordering great citrus from California and Florida. I was tempted to order, but the shipping charges were steep and I hate to add more carbon to the environment. Wha...

Kaffir lime tree

by winniemakinnie 1 year ago

http://www.floraexotica.ca/Fruit-Citrus.htm I live in Niagara just past hamilton and this is where I ordered my Kaffir lime tree. Perry is great for getting your plant to you. I just did an etrans...

Key Lime Pie by The Perfect Crumb Bakery (Monterey & Salinas)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Yesterday was opening day for the farmers market at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. I dropped by to pick up some fresh fruits. But also got distracted by The Perfect Crumb Bakery's booth and the ...

Price of Limes in Maui

by MaryCath 1 year ago

I want to be making Mai Tais in Maui and I am curious about the price of limes near Lahaina. I can use pineapple juice but my favorite recipe calls for limes. Can anyone tell me the price and best ...

Finger Limes

by ibew292 2 years ago

Anyone seen them for sale in the Twin Cities? Thanks in advance.

Describe the Taste of Limes

almond tree
by almond tree 9 years ago

Fresh limes are not commonly available where I live. In fact, I saw them at the market the other day for only the second time in 21 years! I bought a bagful, and used some of them to make a Lime G...

Toronto - where to find Rangpur limes or orange limes?

by ilinda 3 years ago

Just got back from a vacation where I had a delicious drink of guaro - sugar and orange limes - apparently also called orange limes. Anyone know where to get them in Toronto?

What to do with whole kaffir limes?

by vonshu 8 years ago

My kaffir limes from my tree are finally ripe and falling off. What should i do with all of these delicacies? I have like five now in my fridge just waiting to be used. I know I can use the zest an...

Key Lime pie

by Jeffreymweisinger 5 years ago

Does anyone have a good recipe for Key Lime pie for a beginner?

Dissolving white pith from citrus, and separating individual vesicles

by outRIAAge 5 years ago

It took me several hours of searching to find this, even though I started with the correct terms. Turns out the answer is so obvious I should have just thought a little more. The white connective p...

Kaffir lime - freeze dried and growing

by Mars10 5 years ago

Greetings All, I enjoy SouthEast Asian cuisines, and finally found a peaceful relationship with lemongrass meaning I've learned to grow it and preserve it for later use. I still have difficulty ...

Bitter Citrus Juices - What to do?

by alegramarcel 5 years ago

I had this stroke of genius... I was juicing some extra kale to take a as kale shots (I had to use it up before it got wilted). And I happened to have a LOT of citrus on hand... so I thought "I'll ...

Why Limes>Lemons in Mexico and SE Asia?

by opinionatedchef 6 years ago

As I was slurping my spicy Tom Yum seafood soup , spritzed with lime juice, my mind popped this question. I understand that it's highly possible that I am asking one of those "why is there Air?" qu...

How to use up limoncello?

by karinl 6 years ago

Our friends brought over bottles of artisanal limoncello and limecello. They were so strong that no one could drink very much. What are things we could do with these liquors? All the recipes I find...

I'm Looking to Buy a Manual Citrus Juicer

by elapp1126 6 years ago

I have an oxo hand sqeezer, but I'm looking to upgrade, I'd appreciate any recommendations. I'll be using this primarily for lemons/limes, occasionally oranges for cocktails. Thanks!

Rose's Lime Marmalade

Pat Hammond
by Pat Hammond 15 years ago

I have a jar of Rose's lime marmalade and wonder what to do with it. (Love lime, but can't quite imagine it on toast or biscuits.) It's lovely to look at, and that's all I've been doing with it, ...

Lime Olive Oil - What to do?

by jenhen2 12 years ago

My aunt sent me a bottle of artisinal California olive oil infused with lime. I made a salad dressing with it today, and I have to say, it's pretty weird. It has a strong lime flavor, but absolutel...

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