These Foods May Help Expecting Mothers Induce Labor

After nine long months of pregnancy, you just want that baby out. As someone who's never given birth, I can only speculate, but I imagine carrying life in your mid-section for 40 weeks is not the most...

Other Great Haribo Products?

by Jr_Epicure 6 years ago

I am a huge fan of Haribo Gold Bears, more specifically the German Goldbären, and I would love to hear about some Haribo products that are unique, delicious, and fruitgum/gummy related. Also, do an...

Ideas for using specialty salts?

by IrisAnn 5 years ago

I just got back from Iceland, and brought home rhubarb salt and licorice salt. Now what? I'm looking for ways to not drown out their subtle flavor, and/or to maximize what they've got going on.

Y & S Licorice Pipes

by paulcol 11 years ago

Anyone know where I can find them. I bought the cigars at Bulk Burn, but I can't find the pipes. Candy Mountain doesn't have them. Are they still made? Thanks

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