Tex-Mex in Lewisville/Coppel/Carrollton area

by LewisvilleHounder 8 years ago

I have had several requests for Tex Mex places that I do like in this specific area I personally dine at Tipicos on Beltline just past Josey in Carrollton. Titpicos has been my cheap option for ...

Good Pizza in S. Lewisville, Coppell, or N. Carrollton

by LewisvilleHounder 12 years ago

Can anyone give me a good recommendation of a quality place for pizza in the S. Lewisville (Vista Ridge Mall), N. Carrollton (Down to Sandy Lake) and Coppell area? I have a craving every so often ...

chicken fried steak in Carrollton or Lewisville

by mrsmustard 8 years ago

Please help a displaced Texan who is craving a chicken fried steak. In town on business for a couple of days and meeting family in the Lewisville or Carrollton area. Last time, we tried Babes but, ...

Parents night out - dinner suggestions for Highland Village, Lewisville, Grapevine & Denton vicinity

by hungryparent 9 years ago

Finally, my husband and I are joining another couple (also parents of small children) out for a night on the town. We'd like to have a nice, tasty dinner with drinks (perhaps at two different venue...

Lewisville Recommendations?

by LondonLass 9 years ago

I'm visiting Lewisville (near the Vista Ridge Mall) for a few days in July for work. Can anyone recommend some good places to eat in the area? No dietary requirements. Quality is more important tha...

Pizza Suggestions between Las Colinas and Lewisville

by LucyK 10 years ago

We are having a kids party this weekend, and we need to order pizza. Anywhere between Las Colinas and Lewisville will work. We will likely order a few cheese pizzas and a few margarita pizzas.

Dinghy Bar and Grill ??? in Lewisville

by CocoaNut 11 years ago

Any input? Old Charlie's loc, renovated. Cajun influenced menu, opened supposedly by Dee Lincoln's (Del Frisco) brother. Minimal # of reviews on Yelp aren't very kind.

Office Holiday Luncheon in Lewisville - Help?

by COinTX 11 years ago

Alright ChowHounds, I need your help. Every year, we plan a holiday luncheon for our office (15-17 people). We like to use a restaurant that has a separate/private room, either buffet or menu s...

Lewisville lunch

by keykey 14 years ago

I work off of E. Corporate Drive. Any suggestions for lunch hour? I know the mall is nearby... but I'd like something a little more. Any help would be appreciated... I'm not from the area.

Birthday cake - not fancy, just delicious (Lewisville)

by FlowerMoundGirl 12 years ago

The only place I've bought a bday cake since moving here was at Candy Haven for someone's Over The Hill Party.... but I'm not looking for something extravaggant or that pricy, just a simply birthda...


by singlemalt 12 years ago

I was reared in L'ville and left as soon as I possibly could but I have a relative there and visit whenever I can. I will be going up next week and wonder if anyone can enlighten me on the food sit...

Butcher/Meat Market in Lewisville Area

by hbt1290 12 years ago

I'm coming in from Florida for Christmas and get to cook for 12+. I'm looking for a good meat market in the area from Lewisville through Little Elm as far as Carrolton that can be trusted to supp...

L & L Hawaiian Lewisville menu change?

by dentonfoodie 12 years ago

When did they stop doing musubi, katsu, etc?? Burgers and hot dogs now? What gives? My disappointment knows no bounds.

Looking for good Fish & Chips (near Lewisville/Grapevine?)

by FlowerMoundGirl 13 years ago

My mother and I are big Fish & Chips fans, we used to get them when I was a kid back in Cincinnati from a place where they wrapped them in the newspaper and the batter was so crisp and jagged and y...

Soups around Flower Mound/Lewisville/Grapevine

by FlowerMoundGirl 13 years ago

I am having Gastric Bypass surgery this week and am going to be on a liquid progressing to mushy food diet for several weeks. I'm not a big cook, and am used to eating out daily, so I was hoping I ...

Recs on Pizza places in Denton/Lewisville area.

by navfett 13 years ago

Hi there. 1st time poster. Long time lurker. I am in the Denton area and am looking for a good pizza place, getting burned out eating pizza hut, dominos you know the routine. I am looking for s...

[DFW] Best Bakery in Lewisville/Carrollton Area

by LewisvilleHounder 14 years ago

I am looking for a bakery that has tarts, cookies, pies, cakes, turnovers, croissants. I am looking for a good European style bakery but not a chain! So no Celebrity, La Madeline, or Magnolia. A...

Bayou Po-Boy & Deli - Lewisville

by hobbes404 14 years ago

Has anyone been there? I just noticed the sign change. They used to only sell pre-packaged food/meat/crawfish. Their hours aren't incredibly convenient for me, but I'd be willing to go out of my ...

Flower Mound/Lewisville/Grapevine - Looking for non-Starbucks coffee

by Handbot 15 years ago

I'm needing good espresso and a change of surroundings. I like supporting independant coffee shops but there seem to be none here. I'm not one of those anti-corporate Starbucks haters - I enjoy m...

Lewisville Ojeda's?

by Jeff M. 17 years ago

Having moved away from Dallas over ten years ago, I still crave the cheese enchilda dinner at Ojeda's on Maple. I make sure I get there every return trip. We'll be visiting family in Flower Mound...