This Fiery 15-Minute Thai Curry Stir-Fry Is All We Want to Eat for Dinner

If you're looking for an easy dinner that's full of flavor, this Thai curry stir fry recipe (kua kling) from Jitlada is just the thing. It's super spicy, comes together in 15 minutes, and welcomes any...

Dried Lemon Grass

by 3MTA3 1 year ago

Is dried lemon grass worth buying, or making to be stored? Or does it lose its punch?

Substitution for lemongrass??

by im_nomad 13 years ago

I want to make a thai truffle recipe i found this weekend..but there is not one piece of lemongrass to be found ANYWHERE in my area in any shape or form. Is there anything i can substitute for thi...

Yet Another Twist on Cranberry Sauce

by Kaymoz 4 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Just thought I would share a recipe I am trying out today. A piece of lemongrass was kicking around on the kitchen counter, so time for it to participate in our Tday...

Lemongrass Plant

by sharkfin 5 years ago

Does anyone know where I can purchase a lemongrass plant. I know I can try to grow from a stalk but I would like a plant. Thanks.

What type of frozen lemongrass is best?

by santamonica811 4 years ago

Was out in the far-off Asian market, and needed to stock up on lemongrass. Bought a bunch of fresh ones, of course. But also saw it stocked in frozen foods, which would be wonderful to have on ha...


by Chrissyo29 5 years ago

Hi all. Was using lemon grass today and have few extra stocks. What I need to know is can it be frozen?


by dtrainor 6 years ago

I got some fresh lemongrass from my CSA a few weeks ago but went on vacation before I could use it. Now it's all dried out. What can I do with it?

What to cook with a bounty of Asian herbs

by MmeFleiss 6 years ago

I got a great variety of Asian herbs to plant a few weeks ago that I bought on a whim, but now that they're growing like crazy I've realized that the few dishes I had in mind are not going to be en...

Fresh VS Frozen Lemongrass

by RealMenJulienne 8 years ago

Is there a big difference in quality? I've just started getting into cooking Vietnamese food and I bought a big sheet of the frozen because I don't use it very quickly and I don't want it to spoil....

Substitute for lemongrass

by Clarissa 14 years ago

I remember posting this question a while back, but a search didn't turn anything up. So here I am once again, about to make a recipe that calls for lemongrass but I have none. I have the dried st...

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