Late-Night Dining

Things heat up after 10 p.m. Share your suggestions for the best places to find late-night meals, whether it's pizza or cheese fries or great local restaurants that stay open till the early morning, and get ideas for where to eat late in any city.

The Ultimate Guide to Vegas Dining at CES 2020

Gambling, smoking, and drinking? Rebellious Sin City acts, for sure, but mere peanuts next to housing 3,000+ calories during a single meal. It's no secret that Las Vegas, entertainment capital of the...

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La Jolla Late Night

by Janet 18 years ago

So I'm going there for a one-day meeting but flying in the night before due to plane schedules....I'm staying at the Hyatt....any suggestions for a late night dinner alone besides the hotel? (I'll ...

Late night dining after The Lion King

by Sharon from Nevada 18 years ago

Need suggestions for late night dining after the evening performance. Nothing fancy (will be broke). Needs to be close by the theatre.

inexpensive late-night eateries below 50th St.

by cin7 18 years ago

Any recommendations on late-night (past 11pm) eateries below 50th St.? thanks.

Need late-night restaurant in San fernando valley

by Mamta 18 years ago

Can someone suggest any decent restaurants open past 1:00 a.m. in the San Fernando Valley?

Late night chow in Tribeca?

by Carri Degenhardt 18 years ago

Well, I moved down and totally love it. Thanks to you chowhounds, I have spent hours chowing in the best establishments! My girlfriend is coming into town tomorrow night around 10 pm though an...

Irving St. late night vegetarian food?

by Samo 18 years ago

Am I likely to find a good restaurant serving vegetarian food on Irving between, say, 8th and 30th Avenues? Even better would be such a restaurant open to eleven at night or later.

Late Night Chow, near LAX if possible.

by Sweet Willie 18 years ago

Hello LA Chowhounds. This is Sweet Willie from Chicago. I have an unexpected layover in LA tomorrow night. (get in at 10pm, depart 6:40am the next day. Who needs sleep when visiting a great cho...

Late night eats in the west side

by Zach 18 years ago

Where can I get asian food (thai, chinese, indian, japanese, vietnamese) late night (past 11) in the westwood, west la, bev hills area? gracias, Zach

fun late night desert in Park Slope

by NotAaron 18 years ago

It's a week night. You and your friends had a lovely night out at some bar on Fifth Avenue in the Slope - say at Ginger's Bar, and now you have that strange late night sweet tooth. Well, you were...

Late Night

by James 18 years ago

Can any of you recommend a great place for dinner near Constitution Hall open late (will seat me at 10:30) on a Wednesday or Thursday night? Thanks!

Late Night Snack @ Silver

by Melanie Wong 18 years ago

Tonight after 11pm I stopped at Silver in San Francisco Chinatown for a bowl of jook after a wine tasting. I hadn’t been here since it reopened a couple years ago. The pork shreds and thousand-ye...

Buzzy's closing and late night dining

by Joki 18 years ago

So I read today that Buzzy's at MGH closed it doors. Now admittedly, Buzzy's food hasn't been anything to talk about for a long time now but it has been a part of the late night scene in Boston fo...

Late night fare in Baltimore - suggestions?

by batman 18 years ago

I am attending the Baltimore opera Saturday night and I am looking for suggestions on places in Baltimore to grab a late night bite(after 11pm).

unusual finds for latenight chowchicks

by sffoodie 18 years ago

I am coming to visit my sis in NYC next week and want to find some hip late night finds on the order of florent,?ethnic please help with your favorite digs

late night ABQ

by nic 18 years ago

I will be arriving at 10:30 on Wednesday evening. Is there any place in ABQ we can eat at that time? I'm craving Los Cuates and will certainly get back there at one time or another, but I would l...

late night delivery

by blueskies17 18 years ago

does anyone know of any places that deliver late nites like after1 am or deliver 24 hours. Somewhere between 40th and 80th on the west side, any cuisine is ok.

late night food

by keith k 20 years ago

just got back from jazzfest last week, and my time down there reminded me of an old problem: where to dine late at night? typically my and mine are out listening to something until 1 or 2 or late...

Late night eateries around 42 St. - Rock Center

by Jen Doll 19 years ago

Anyone know of any great late night eateries around the nabe of 42nd St. to Rockefeller Center? thanks!

late night eating

by michi 19 years ago

I'm new to this board so forgive me if this subject has been broached before. I've been trying to compile a list of restaurants open late (midnight to 3am). I'm a student so that urge to eat usua...

Late night haute cuisine

by Drumlin 19 years ago

I want to try Daniel while in town next month. The only reservation I can get on a Saturday night is for 10:00 p.m.(the restaurant hours are 5-11). In NY I often eat that late or later, but have...

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