Las Vegas

Las Vegas and its suburbs have some of the top restaurants in the country. Find out where Chowhounds love to eat in between playing slots and drinking cocktails.

The Best Buffets in Las Vegas

Looking for the best buffets in Las Vegas? We asked local experts for their advice. If it’s been a few years (or decades) since you’ve been to Las Vegas, the word “buffet” may evoke images of sad-looking...

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Bachelorette - Nice, affordable restaurants in Vegas for a group of 7 that offers a fun experience

by emaliesmith03 10 months ago

I am planning my best friend's bachelorette party in Vegas for 7 girls, and I want to do one nice dinner where everyone can get all fancy and dressed up. I have been pushing for Tao, because that's...

Quick Las Vegas Thoughts

by Dave Feldman 11 months ago

Am in the midst of a trip to Las Vegas, which is less foodcentric than most of my LV visits. Still, a few highlights so far: Lamaii, the newest offering from Bank Atchawaran, is every bit as wo...

Joel Rubuchon in Vegas

by ksackste 1 year ago

My husband and I will be visiting Vegas in January, and I was considering a dinner at Joel Rubuchon. I am allergic to seafood, and in looking at the menu online (I'm not sure if it's just a sample ...

Proportions for Cool Hand Cuke Mocktail?

by hippopotame 1 year ago

We have guests requesting copycat 'Cool Hand Cuke' mocktail from The Henry in Vegas. The menu lists ingredients as Dry (brand) cucumber soda, ginger-lemongrass syrup, and lime. I have all of these ...


by jefpen2 1 year ago

Where are some interesting places on the strip or downtown that are being really creative with this?

50th Birthday Dinner - Group of 12 on or near strip?

by busterfood 1 year ago

A group of us are heading to Las Vegas for my husband's 50th birthday. We are looking for good food and fun. Group can be somewhat loud (not obnoxious but loud). No food preference and no $$ restri...

In search of a private venue...

by zook 2 years ago

I am looking for a venue to host a dinner for approximately 60 people of all ages and tastes. Ideally it would be on the strip or nearby as most guests will be from out of town. Cost is not a con...

Restaurant worker shortage? Is anyone really surprised?

by ChefMikeinBurlington 2 years ago

Is anyone in the business even remotely surprised there is a worker shortage?? Finally, the decades of minimum wage suppression, shitty hours, no health benefits and shitty wages has finally come h...

The Crack Shack | Costa Mesa - Orange County

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

In April I had a chance to join some friends to check out the newish Crack Shack in Costa Mesa.

Le Cirque or Picasso?

by Ukramer 1 year ago

I am planning a trip to Vegas in January. I would like one very nice meal with my husband and am trying to decide between Le Cirque and Picasso. Both seem to get quite good reviews. I also looked a...

Las Vegas Options

by marquisem 1 year ago

I'll be in Las Vegas for three nights (Sunday-Tuesday) for a conference and I'd like to have at least one BIG dinner. I've been to Bouchon and e by Jose Andres. I'm considering Twist, L' Atelier ...

Long composite trip report

by zook 1 year ago

We had three quick trips back to Las Vegas over the course of the past two months which gave us an opportunity to try some new restaurants as well as visit some old favorites. We returned to Thera...


by chrisdds98 4 years ago

I got back from my trip to vegas last week. As always had excellent meals at le cirque and twist and had plenty of secret pizza since I was staying in the cosmo. My fiance found a travelzoo for a...

Friday best seafood buffet recommendations?

by Michelle 1 year ago

Looking for a great seafood buffet in Las Vegas. Wide variety of seafood a plus - shrimp, crab, mussels, oysters, maybe lobster? We don't drink, so alcohol is not a consideration. Thank you!

Do Good Breakfast Tacos Exist in Vegas????

by julesrules4food 8 years ago

As a fairly recent transplant from Austin, Tx. we are missing our daily fix of cheap, great, tasty breakfast tacos. Nothing fancy, bacon and egg our standard. We've tried local places like Roberto...

Mario Batali’s Las Vegas restaurants are closing

by Njchicaa 1 year ago

News came out yesterday. Apparently the Sands company which owns The Venetian and The Palazzo decided to terminate their relationship with Batali and Bastianich. Carnevino, B&B Ristorante, and Otto...

Farm to Table/Organic Dining Las Vegas?

by colleenma 1 year ago

Need help finding organic, or Farm to Table restaurants in Las Vegas for next week (June 13-17). I will be staying at Golden Nugget on Fremont St. for a Convention, no car but I could Uber if too ...

Best burrito (authentic) in Las Vegas/El Pastor on the spit

by mookied39 2 years ago

Where is the best (in your opinion) burrito in vegas. Love an authentic pastor/asada or a combo. The only real must is a great hot sauce/salsa in house. So recommend me your favorite, please and...

What is a good supermarket or grocery store in the Las Vegas area?

by Will0329 12 years ago

I'm thinking about moving to Las Vegas. While reaserching everything Las Vegas has to offer I haven't found a grocery store as good as in Los Angeles. I'm looking for a store like Howes,Gelsons ...

Lotus of Siam - Second Location

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

"We finally got our location! It’s not too far from our original one. The address is 620 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119. We will be open by Nov 1! We are happy to announce that this is our seco...