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Dinner options in Lancaster *City*

by Fjordstone 5 years ago

I see a lot of advice about dining in Lancaster County, but I'm looking for some advice for the city itself. My husband and I have tickets to a concert in a small club right in the middle of the ci...

Lunch/Brunch going NYC to Lancaster

by meinNYC 5 years ago

Planning a trip from NYC to Lancaster,PA going via 276 to 76 etc. Need a midpoint for lunch that is open on a Sunday. I'm guessing Reading or Easton or Blandon. Nothing fancy, just a sandwich or eg...

Lancaster Area Buffet - best quality

by jracpa 5 years ago

We are thinking of taking a drive out to the Lancaster area this week, for your usual tour through the various towns. We like to eat at one of the all you can eat restaurants, generally hitting ei...

Ma(i)son in Lancaster -- another outstanding experience

by CindyJ 5 years ago

It's been awhile since the last time I dined at Ma(i)son, but I was there last night with a group of friends and it was truly wonderful. There were eight in our group and, except for my husband an...

Meat Market / Butcher in Lancaster (or in a reasonable radius of the Main Line area)

by dreamer54 6 years ago

Does anyone have input on a good meat Market / butcher in Lancaster (I've pretty much given up looking on the Main Line). I'm talking about the old fashioned kind that grinds cuts of meat for you ...

Date Week 2013 Lancaster/Harrisburg

by centralpadiner 7 years ago

Rather than start a new thread for each of the places we are dining this week, I figured I'd just do them all in one thread and add to it as I go through the week. We had a big meal at home with...

Places to eat in Lancaster Co., Pa.

by buckytom 6 years ago

We make several trips a year down to Lancaster, Pa., aka Amish Country. It's an area that's supposed to be a wonderful place to eat simple, fresh, and local foodstuffs, but since it's become such a...

Vegan-friendly Lancaster?

by noya 6 years ago

Our family will be making a return trip to Lancaster next month, staying at Eden Resort. We plan to visit Dutch Wonderland, The Choo Choo Barn, Hands on House, Landis Valley, and Cherry Crest. Last...

Lancaster BYOB suggestions

by Forsythiarose 6 years ago

A friend and I will be in downtown Lancaster, PA in a couple of weeks. We are looking for BYOBs for Friday and Saturday night dinners. We are open to any and all styles of food when done really we...

lancaster buffets: best of the bunch

by nummynummy 6 years ago

i know there are a few down threads on lancaster eats, but i really just want recent advice specifically on the amish buffets. it pains me to limit our choices thusly, but for a variety of reasons ...

Restaurants in Lancaster

by Jessiet 6 years ago

Can anyone recommend some good places to eat in Lancaster City or Lancaster County? There are quite a few restaurants that have opened in the last few years, but I would like some specific recomme...

Grapenut ice cream in Lancaster area????

by PearlRabbit 11 years ago

I have lived in Lancaster for over 10 years, and I still can't find any Grapenut ice cream. I grew up in Chambersburg and there are several ice cream places that make it (Igloo, Kenny's). But her...

Mother's Day in Lancaster

by spyturtle008 9 years ago

I'm looking for a Mother's Day brunch option in Lancaster or nearby. My partner and I are both vegetarians, but the in-laws are not. (Of course there are normally plenty of veg options at brunch ...

Lancaster Central Market

Worldwide Diner
by Worldwide Diner 6 years ago

What is good to eat there? I'm thinking about having lunch there on Saturday (driving up from DC) and would like to know what the locals think are the best foods.

Laban does Lancaster

by sal_acid 6 years ago


Central Market in Lancaster

by sal_acid 6 years ago

When is a good time to go? We were there yesterday and it was a zoo. No parking to be had.

Fine Dining in or near Lancaster- Dinner Recs?

by AlexEsq 6 years ago

It is my 50th Bday, celebrating w/ my sister and my 18yo niece. We all enjoy fine dining, they are less adventurous than me and enjoy typical American cuisine, so, no, unfortunately, no ethnic food...

Lancaster Doouble Tree -- fast, inexpensive

by PattiCakes 6 years ago

I'm going to a 4 day quilting retreat at the Lancaster Double Tree (Willow Road) this weekend. Since I want to spend as much time as I can sewing, and save as much money as I can for fabric purcha...

Help fill in the blanks....Lancaster

by rizzo0904 6 years ago

Planning a short trip to Lancaster this summer. Please help fill in the blanks and/or critique my current thoughts.... Day 1 will be at Strasburg RR. Planning on lunch at Christinas Cafe. For...