Tom's Burgers in Lancaster-- good burgers

by katkoupai 14 years ago

I tried Tom's Burgers in Lancaster today. There happened to be an antique car show going on there. I could barely get into the drive thru, since there were so many people and shiny vintage cars s...

Palmdale/Lancaster/Antelope Valley Eats

Queen Bruin
by Queen Bruin 14 years ago

Hi there, new poster checking in. A quick search of my general location reveals threads bemoaning the general lack of good food in the AV. I thought I would check in and recommend some of my AV gem...

Recs for Gorman/Lancaster area

by Joe MacBu 16 years ago

I'm checking out the poppies in the Antelope Valley tomorrow. Are there any breakfast and lunch places for good and perhaps adventurous eating in the triangular area bounded by Gorman, Lancaster a...

On the Way to Lancaster

by NeverEnough 8 years ago

Is there a great breakfast place on the way to Lancaster from Culver City? Want to get past Sherman Oaks for sure. Going this Saturday, July 20.

lancaster, ca restaurants

by Fetchin Gretchen 16 years ago

Any recommendations for good (I'd even settle for decent) eating on a 4 day business trip in this area- breakfast, lunch, dinner? Won't have time to drive into Pasadena or Burbank. Thanks.

TC Davis BBQ in Lancaster

by reality check 11 years ago

Is TC Davis BBQ in Lancaster still open? I don't get to Lancaster much, but people told me to stop in at TC Davis, because they have very good BBQ. TC Davis BBQ 1010 E Avenue K Lancaster, CA...

Tinitas Salsa - Lancaster

by badseed 15 years ago

I just tried this salsa and it's some of the best store bought salsa I've ever had - it's very addictive. Huell Howser recently did a piece on it. I bought it at Whole Foods but you can also buy ...

Masala Magic - a gem in Lancaster.

by JThur01 11 years ago

Opening last Summer as a market with a take-out counter, Masala Magic only recently added tables for sit down dining. The restaurant specializes in Southern Indian fare. In this regard it offers ...

New in Lancaster - Oaxacan & Persian (Chapulines!, Doogh!)

by JThur01 11 years ago

While I often lament the lack of unique and diverse cuisine in the Antelope Valley, things are looking up. In addition to the wonderful Southern Indian at Masala Magic, recently opened in a small ...

Anyone know where the chef of the former Tina's Ristorante in Lancaster is?

by EaterX69 12 years ago

Tina's, formerly on 15th St West in Lancaster was a jewel in the desert. I realize it's been closed for some time now but someone must know where the culinary talent that was Tina's is working now...

Thank you, Pepe El Toro... I no longer fear Lancaster

Mr Taster
by Mr Taster 12 years ago

Thanks to the good people on this thread who helped guide us to delicious food in the high desert: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/375302 We went to Vasquez Rocks this Sunday and wound up in...

We're off to Lancaster to see the poppies!

by Towens 13 years ago

Where should we eat? Not looking for fine dining. Fun, quirky and good will do. Thanks

Palmdale or Lancaster after 10:00PM?

by Ian F 14 years ago

I'll be looking for dinner this coming Friday night after 10. Anything worthwhile open at that hour?

korean kitchen bbq in lancaster

by microtim 15 years ago

here's an addition to the small set of asian restaurants in the valley. it's called korean kitchen bbq. my family really enjoyed this place. the bbq food (galbi, bulgogi) was fresh and very ta...

Korea Kitchen BBQ Restaurant in Lancaster

by Golfer_70 14 years ago

I just joined Chowhound today. I wish I knew about this site before since I am a big fan of eating out and telling people about my experience in places I've been to for dinning and entertainment. ...

Good grub in Lancaster??

by Will Owen 18 years ago

A bunch of us are going to see a friend's play in Lancaster this weekend, and we'd like to know if there's anyplace interesting to have dinner. I'm under the impression that it's all chain joints u...

Need Lancaster/Palmdale dinner that is at least tolerable

by Lee by the Sea 15 years ago

A sudden need takes us to Lancaster today (and possibly again in a week). Is there anything recommendable or at least tolerable in the vicinity? Well-made red-sauce Italian, say?


by Soccer Guy 15 years ago

Once again, we will be going to windy Lancaster to play in a soccer tournament this weekend. Any recommendations on a good place for a team dinner that's a step up from the usual chains? I've rea...

Zoni's in Lancaster

by Sandra 15 years ago

Hey all, Just wanted to add a review from a new place we went this weekend, Zoni's. It's in west Lancaster and may seem like it would be a good place for folks to stop in for lunch. I had a Fre...

Lancaster or Palmdale

by FAT Traveler 16 years ago

Will be passing through the high desert on the way to Palm Springs and the Lancaster/Palmdale area is just about the right place for dinner. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Not fine dining,...