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by Tapas52 10 years ago

I bumped into an old friend the other day who also is a "foodie' and he told me about Taqueria Madrigal‎ "Taco Truck" in Lakewood, NJ who has the Best Tacos around....only on Fri/Sat/Sun they par...

Chiante Italian Restaurant CLOSED rt 9 Lakewood

by Tapas52 9 years ago

http://chiantiristorantenj.com/ I was surprised to see this long time well known Lakewood restaurant across from Kimble Hospital empty with a for sale sign out front today when I passed...sad.


by marissaj 9 years ago

Instead of making the yearly Pesach stock up trip to either Rockland Kosher or someplace in Brooklyn, we are thinking of going to Lakewood in search of cheaper Pesach necessities... What is the sel...


by singingfoodie 10 years ago

`Best places to eat in Lakewood? I'm talking everything - burgers, pizza, ice cream, Shabbos take-out ...

Looking for a nice kosher restaurant near Lakewood, NJ

by songcycle 10 years ago

I am from Chicago and am going to Lakewood, NJ for my nephews wedding. I am going out on a first date with a nice woman I met on a Jewish dating site. I would appreciate any recommendations in that...

Lakewood, Toms River recommendation relaxed moderate $

by fishfroggy 10 years ago

Any recommendations for a relaxed moderarte price restaurant in Lakewood, Toms River area for dinner? Any cuisine. Thanks Have a happy and healthy

Natural and health food stores near Lakewood NJ?

by surellabaer 10 years ago

My niece has a child who is allergic to soy and nuts and is having a really hard time finding markets that sell kosher natural foods like a Whole Foods would. Are there any stores like that around...

looking for good BBQ near Lakewood, NJ

by notesandbeats 10 years ago

I am looking for a place with good BBQ near lakewood, NJ that can accomodate 15 people. Any ideas?

Reserve Steakhouse in Lakewood, NJ

by larry321 10 years ago

Has anyone been? I'm wondering whether the food/ambience justify the astronomical prices. www.thereservesteakhouse.com

Kosher for Passover on Chol Hamoed in Atlantic City/Lakewood

by dfsny613 11 years ago

Thurs night of chol hamoed pesach we may go to Atlantic City. On the drive down from NYC it looks like a short detour will get us to Lakewood. Does anyone know of any kosher restaurants, supermar...

Chianti Ristorante Lakewood NJ Any opinions?

by patsea2 11 years ago

Has anyone been recently?

Lakewood NJ?

by Jonathan 19 years ago

I will be taking my aunt to dinner to celebrate her retirement. Big event, small group, there will only be four of us. We'd prefer quality food and a friendly, interesting place to spend some to th...

deal or lakewood

by mr moose 15 years ago

we (wife, my one year old and I) are going to spend a few days at Point Plessent Beach NJ. We are looking for good casual (not pizza or fast food options) in either Deal or Lakewood

Lakewood Blue Claws stadium food

by LNG212 12 years ago

Is there anything really good for sale inside the stadium? Is there anything even passable? We've been told that one cannot bring outside food into the stadium. Are there any good beer selecti...

Take-out/ corporate catering near Brick or Lakewood, NJ

by lillotis 13 years ago

Please help- having a meeting with 6 people next week and I need to order trays or sandwiches.

Thanksgiving Dinner in Lakewood, N.J.

by stevorino 12 years ago

I'm trying this one more time -- since I've, much to my distress, have received no responses up to this point. My family has given me the unenviable task of trying to come up with a restaurant in...

"On the Grill" - Lakewood, N.J.

by stevorino 12 years ago

Was looking for a nice reasonably priced place in Lakewood to take the family for Thanksgiving dinner and someone had mentioned On the Grill. Anyone have an opinion? Do you know if they do turkey...

Nice meat restaurant in Lakewood

by stevorino 12 years ago

Was looking for a nice fleishag restaurant in Lakewood, N.J. but had a feeling there were mostly pizza and falafel places and delis - true?

Anyone been to The Pomegranate Grill in Lakewood, NJ

by alielle 13 years ago

I went to this restaurant once after the owner reopened it. It used to be Heimish Pizza which had great gyros and pre-made foods. It was pretty good, but service was a little bit crazy (probably ...