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Toyko and Kyoto in October

by rwilley13 5 years ago

I'll be working / vacationing in Japan for 10 days this October, spending roughly half my time Tokyo and the rest in Kyoto and Osaka. I have a few high end places that I am (expecting to) dine a...

Novelties in Tokyo/Kyoto

by Jane_Frame 5 years ago

My husband and I are taking our 11 year old to Tokyo in August (hot and humid, I know). I've been reading tons of great suggestions about ramen, sushi, etc -- you guys are great. Now I'm looking fo...

Tokyo/Kyoto/Kobe Dinner Itinerary

by BSR84 5 years ago

Would love everyone's thoughts on what I've booked so far, and still have two dinner in Tokyo available. Thanks in advance! Friday Sushi Tokami Saturday Sushi Yoshitake Sunday Wakkoqu (...

Japan Travel Tips

by ra0001 5 years ago

I'm planning a food-centric visit to Japan for next summer. Kyoto is high on my radar. Any tips on Kyoto? Any other can't-miss cities?

Tokyo/Kyoto Itinerary Review

by LJN11 5 years ago

I'm going to Tokyo/Kyoto for the first time in the Fall, but I've already started mapping out where I want to eat. Below is the list I've narrowed down to. Is there any type of food I have to much ...

How to get a reservation at Kikunoi?

by iheartfood149 5 years ago

I am going to Kyoto this summer and wanted to experience one kaiseki meal. I was told Kikunoi was the place to go but I am having difficulties getting a reservation. I am staying in a ryokan and no...

Another japanese restaurant itinerary

by Fanous 5 years ago

I'm traveling to Japan on the 24th of june for 1 month. I have so far been able to book 29 restaurants and wanted to have some feedback. I havent been able to book kawamura nor matsukawa unfortunat...

Trip to Japan in August

by JosefK 6 years ago

Hi! I will go to Japan for the first time in August with my wife and I am in big need of some help. We will arrive in the morning of Wednesday August 3rd and leave on Monday the 15th. The plan is...

Looking for Restaurant Recommendations in Tokyo/Kyoto

by Anuta77 5 years ago

Our first trip to Japan is fast approaching, we are arriving to Tokyo the night of Monday, May 23rd. Spending the first 3 days in Tokyo, then one night in Hakone, then onto Kyoto for 4 nights and...

Trip report Tokyo & Kyoto

by jigri 6 years ago

Hope this is helpful, esp to first timers such as myself that relied heavily on the regulars to shed light on the where and how of eating in Japan. Quick takeaways: Hotel concierges seem essent...

Tokyo & Kyoto Trip

by littlewazz 6 years ago

Hi everyone. This is my first post here after reading so many great suggestions from you chow hounders. This is our second trip to Japan (went to Kyoto/Osaka last time) but it was a very rushed tri...

New year's eve in Kyoto

by Izcariel 6 years ago

Hi guys My gf and I will be spending our Xmas holidays in Japan, and turns out we will be in Kyoto on Dec31st. I want her to try a high end Kaiseki restaurant, but I need some recomendations firs...

No-go Reservation List

by _emilie_ 6 years ago

Hi guys. There has been a lot of discussion here on the Japan board recently about difficult reservations, places not encouraging foreigners/tourists, concierges, resy services, queuing up, introdu...

Kaiseki in Kyoto and Nara - budget limited

by Anomay 6 years ago

Hi, we are going to Kyoto and Nara this Spring. Though we will love to try Kaiseki, we don't have the budget for fancy meals. From our research, less expensive ones can be good introduction for...

Brief Kyoto + Tokyo Foodie Cherry Blossom Trip

by lalalyon 6 years ago

Hi All! My husband and I just booked a spontaneous trip 2 weeks out to see the cherry blossoms in Kyoto and Tokyo. It's a short trip, so we need to make every meal count! 2 dinners, 1 lunch in Kyot...

Another Japan Itinerary Post - Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe

by BSR84 6 years ago

Heading to Japan in August. 2 Americans that are basically going for the food and culture. We are adventurous sushi eaters, so anything goes. We have 5 nights in Tokyo, 2 in Kyoto and 1 in Kobe ...

Tokyo, Kiroro, Kyoto good eats high and low?

by lritchie 6 years ago

My Husband, my very adventurous 12 year old eater daughter ( has eaten at Mark Veyrat) and myself are going on a trip to Japan. We want to try a variety of restaurants. I would like to go to one...

Japan trip report in Autumn 2015 (outside Tokyo)

by Bu Pun Su 6 years ago

The tale of two Kitcho(s). Kitcho has been identical to refined kaiseki restaurants in Japan. After a wonderful meal at Arashiyama a couple of years ago, I was curious to visit another ‘serious...

1 dinner in Tokyo. 1 dinner in Osaka. 1 dinner in Kyoto.

by cincodemayo1 6 years ago

I've been researching nicer/fine dining restaurants in Japan and I'm becoming overwhelmed. So many good ones to choose from. If you could only pick 1 restaurant to eat dinner at in Tokyo, 1 in ...

Mizai - One of the most respectable restaurants in Japan and consistently ranked at the top by Kyoto's tabelog

by Bu Pun Su 6 years ago

Mizai was one of “my dream” restaurants to dine at in Japan and thankfully it became a reality in early October last year. Believe it or not, I scheduled our trip to Japan around this restaurant. G...