Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme swept the nation with its gooey, sugary donuts. Join the Chowhound discussion about the chain, from favorite flavors to openings and closings and Krispy Kreme in the news.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Get the Pumpkin Spice Treatment, But Not for Long

It's one day after Labor Day and we continue to shudder at the prospect of pumpkin spice-flavored everything. With a high temperature of 85 degrees here in New York City, the last thing we're thinking...

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Krispy Kreme doughnuts--is it true they use lard?

by xyz 18 years ago

Hello. I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts but was recently told that they use lard. Is that true?

Wazzup wid dis Krispy Kreme Luv? (Seattle)

by De Loaf 17 years ago

I believe this has been talked about before, but I just had my first KK doughnut up at an apparently new store on Aurora. I've got an admitted prejudice (though not without some justification) aga...

Krispy Kreme - Now that we've had a chance, lets debate

by luke 17 years ago

Though the lines were (are) still long, finally got a Krispy Kreme yesterday. Now I am not a huge doughnut guy, but they are damn good. The one I had (glazed with chocolate frosting on top) was n...

Krispy Kreme surprise - excellent coffee.

by groaker 17 years ago

Having lived a number of years in the South, and having developed while there a fondness for Krispy Kreme doughnuts (not "donuts"), I was delighted when a friend invited me to attend the press open...

Krispy Kreme, McRib and Trio

by estufarian 17 years ago

Another long weekend. What to do? Haven’t been to Chicago for a year and have run out of beaver (long story, but can only find beaver meat in Chicago). So, let’s go – and where to eat? Charlie Trot...

Krispy Kreme Update

by jody 17 years ago

According to the Improper Bostonian "To celebrate the much anticipated opening of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in Medford Jun 24, the Oak Bar is offering an espresso martini, served with a glazed Krispy ...

Krispy Kreme in RI

by fatboy 18 years ago

I saw a news article and found out that they they will be opening a mobile KK site on Pontiac Ave in Cranston next week. They will be starting the construction of the permanent facility at about th...

Krispy Kreme update?

by Dax 18 years ago

has anyone been out there lately? Is the mobile unit still open? Is there a posted opening for the "real" store? thanks, Dax

krispy kreme

by diski 18 years ago

Ok I finally had one late sunday afternoon at the mobile shop set up in Medford.... yes they are good! I was a loser that waited an hour for a donut... please someone get me a life!

My Birthday (Krispy Kreme, Taqueria la Oaxaquena, Cafe des Architectes)

by Mike G 18 years ago

Breakfast: It must be really depressing to work for Dunkin' Donuts these days. I mean, it's one thing to work for Buick and know that Porsche exists, but at least a Porsche isn't 50 cents just lik...

Krispy Kreme Update

by Maura 18 years ago

In case you didn't read the Boston Herald this morning, Krispy Kreme has temporarily opened a mobile truck in the lot adjacent to the Wellington parking garage. I don't know the exact spot though....

Krispy Kremes

by Jcesar 18 years ago

are we ever going to get KKDs in boston? i wish that the iron fist of dunkin do-nots will never release us from its grasp...maybe we should start a petition to send to the KKD people...

Krispy Kreme coming to a supermarket near you!

by Artie 18 years ago

While shopping today at Treasure Island on N. Broadway I noticed a brand new Krispy Kreme display with a note attached that they would be available starting Wed Oct 16. I stopped in my tracks, as d...

Krispy Kreme coming to a supermarket near you!

by Artie 18 years ago

Shopping today at Treasure Island on N Broadway,I noticed a new Krispy Kreme donut display right by the cafe area with a note attached that they would be available starting Wed Oct 16th. I stopped ...

krispy kreme: i don't get it

by basil 19 years ago

finally made it to the much ballyhooed kk here in seattle, and i must say...they were the WORST donuts i have ever experienced! i have a reasonable sweettooth, but the sugar level was about 6 time...

Krispy Kreme South Loop News Flash

by joel 18 years ago

An inside information newsleak just received from the CBOE, (it's them shouting not me): "THE FIRST KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUT AND COFFEE SHOP IN CHICAGO WILL OFFICIALLY OPEN AT 175 WEST JACKSON (CORN...

Krispy Kreme and Donuts

by Scott 20 years ago

We all heard that Krispy Kreme Donuts is coming to Issaquah in June. Are there any other stellar lil donut places around till then?

Krispy Kreme in the Castro

by derek 18 years ago

I have heard that "K-K" maybe moving into the old Noahs Bagel site on Castro and Market (old Bank of America building) does anyone know if there exists a kernal of truth to this?

Krispy Kreme in North Seattle

by Retro 18 years ago

Latest buzz on KK's first Seattle in-city location --- developer Pacific Centers has filed preliminary plans with the DCLU for a Krispy Kreme/Jack in the Box pair at Aurora & 125th, near Lowe's. T...

When are there no lines at Maple Grove's Krispy Kreme?

by Todd 18 years ago

Maple Grove's Krispy Kreme is a week old. I've driven there twice only to find the place filled. Is there a time of day when crowds are low?